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  1. DylanWest2004

    When will F2 2020 arrive

    with the game being nearly 2 months old when will the f2 2020 field be updated into f2 2020? any news on it yet?
  2. DylanWest2004

    Safety carrrrrrrr

    in grand prix if the race is set to 25% to 100% you can enable the option to turn on the safety car, as for blue flags that comes under rules and flags which need to be turned on full and atleast on reduced, with rules turned off im pretty sure it’s impossible for a safety car to come out as there won’t be any yellow flags
  3. DylanWest2004

    Safety carrrrrrrr

    its a bit strange sometimes, i heard that it all depends on what happened at round 1 season 1, if you get a sc or vsc either one of them will work or also go into grand prix and try to get one out
  4. Also could be down to the season length as more races in a season = more money and resource points overall and maybe practice length too as teams may not have enough time to complete all programmes?
  5. DylanWest2004

    When the Safety Car is out

    i have only had one vsc when bottas crashed at t1 at bahrain, i have had 3 sc since, one where kmag’s engine blew up infront of me at monaco, one at spa where kimi spun trying to overtake me and took out 4 others and at singapore where norris hit russel and they retired, overall we need more vsc’s
  6. DylanWest2004

    I want my money back

    reset all your button mappings and re apply them manually? or just use your wheels preset and then dont change anything
  7. Just a bit more info on this, try with the SC on, if you see the track map go yellow indicating that the SC or VSC is out there is a high chance this will happen and you will get strange results
  8. DylanWest2004

    2nd Driver

    Yep, i think it is the same on all platforms
  9. DylanWest2004

    2nd Driver

    1. A detailed description of the issue REPORT CODE MXDP-VTRK-CHRC-SMJE in myteam when using the free time to improve my second driver it is only applied for one grand prix weekend, surely this is a bug and should be applied forever as this would make sense, it doesn’t make sense to only be applied for one weekend. as you can see Dorians stats are all increased by +3 but after the australian gp his stats are wiped back down. 2. What version of the game you are using - v1.3 3. Game-mode? my team 4. 10/10 will be replicated just apply a training stat, sim past the next race then the + stat will be removed 5. What troubleshooting have you attempted? Please always try to attempt to fix the issue tried a new career but didn’t fix this issue 6. What peripherals are you are using Thrustmaster TMX 7. Any screenshots or video of the issue? If the video is long, please include a timestamp for when the issue appears.
  10. DylanWest2004

    2nd Driver

    Yes this has happened to me too with alesi, i will do a bug report soon of this to get it to the devs to see if this is supposed to be
  11. Im jumping on to pc for the first time but i just want to know what settings could i possibly run on with these specs: Ryzen 5 1600 af, 5500xt (pre overclocked) and 16gb ddr4 3200 ram i know i can run it but i'm guessing a mix of medium to high? and buying the 5500xt probably wasn’t the best choice at the moment but oh well
  12. As we know that at the start of MyTeam we have to pick a F2 driver from the 2019 season but when the 2020 F2 season is out will they just be added to the driver pool or would we have to make a completely new career? by the time they are added most of us would have been deep into a career by now and it would be annoying to restart. Hopefully codemasters can make it so we don’t have to restart our careers
  13. DylanWest2004

    F1 My Team - F2 Drivers

    My only worry is that we may have to restart our career to use the 2020 drivers, my dream is to have the 2020 lineup added into the game without having to restart my career
  14. DylanWest2004

    F2 in the 2020 game

    Quick question will the same f2 2019 drivers from the 2019 game be the same for the 2020 game or will the drivers be updated for what they were in abu dhabi? e.g. lundgaard in the trident instead of boschung?
  15. DylanWest2004

    [Career] - Safety Car

    @BorislavAndonov yes i had 2 vsc & 1 sc since the latest update, plus you wont get a sc when there are 2-3 laps left. they are only deployed when the game thinks there is a car stopped in an unsafe place so try to get a sc at monaco to see if it works