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  1. DylanWest2004

    Ai gain 5000 r&d points?

    So i heard the ai gain 5000 r&d points when they move teams, guessing it’s some sort of bug, @Faya will this get fixed in the next patch? kind of ruins the rate of development as it’s almost impossible to catch up to the ai, renault are the fastest by a mile in my career. for the next game your teammate should gain r&d points too not just the player and the first driver in the team chooses the r&d upgrades, would make the first driver option actually useful
  2. Also doesn’t help that the staff members literally never reply back to you about issues they just move them into 1 discussion, whenever i go into the Dirt forums their staff members usually reply back and say about issues they are working on solving.
  3. DylanWest2004

    Albon to replace Gasly

    Obviously with Albon moving to Red Bull an Gasly going back to Toro Rosso will a patch be brought out that has them switch in game? i mean there are driver transfers in career mode so i don’t see why this wouldn’t happen, just as long as it doesn’t effect current career modes it would be fine
  4. DylanWest2004

    Engine Temps

    Think about 125 degrees is the temp you loose power at under fuelling your car is a good strategy, you will be faster, lighter and have lower temps as you will be using a lower fuel mix using lean mix will cool the engine down quickly try not to over rev too
  5. DylanWest2004

    Top frustration F1 2019: Season 3 no safety car no VSC

    get used to it, probably wont get fixed
  6. DylanWest2004

    Patch Notes for 1.07 – Discussion Thread

    i mean i have had FFB issues on practically every mode, career, online, Time Trial, i go onto Assetto Corsa and its perfect on there
  7. DylanWest2004

    Online rank not saved

    Hi today i was playing ranked online and i gained gold rank but midway through a race my game crashed and my rank didn’t save from the previous races and was put down to silver?
  8. DylanWest2004

    Patch Notes for 1.07 – Discussion Thread

    Is the SC fixed now? probably not
  9. DylanWest2004

    F1 France is a joke again [R2]

    Hi, just want to point out that Time trial at france is still broken, you are still able to corner cut turn 14, the best time on xbox is a 1:27.442, is this ever going to be fixed
  10. DylanWest2004

    Patch Notes for 1.06 – Discussion Thread

    Well Xbox still hasn’t got this patch.... was the same with 1.04
  11. DylanWest2004

    R&D upgrades NOT been applied

    @Faya Just went into season 2 and my ultimate aero upgrade was not applied the next season, This is a complete joke, i have lost 1700 R&D points. This needs to be fixed as soon as because i don’t want this to happen again to me or others, i have saw other people have this issue too.
  12. DylanWest2004

    End off season R&D lost

    Same just happened to me, i lost an ultimate aero upgrade
  13. DylanWest2004

    AI not fighting each other

    @Faya please can you look into this, the ai vs ai battles are bad as they don’t seem as good as what they were in 1.04
  14. DylanWest2004

    Wheel going light (Xbox one)

    yep, i’ve turned my FFB down to 90 everything else is on 25, wheel damping to 0 and understeer enhance off and after about 5 minutes of play the wheel still does this, goes light into the corners and i only have a rumbling effect. on my control panel everything was on default (75%) i played Assetto Corsa for about an hour and it was fine on AC. Also what fan are you talking about, there isn't a fan that i can seem to control, Firmware is at the latest update too
  15. DylanWest2004

    Wheel going light (Xbox one)

    I have only had this problem yesterday at COTA and today at brazil (much worse at COTA) Vibration & Force Feedback Strength - 150 On Track Effects - 30 Rumblestrip Effects - 30 Off Track Effects - 30 Wheel Damping - 5 Maximum Wheel Rotation - 360 Understeer Enhance - Off