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  1. I just hope that they also add the new drivers to MyTeam this year, pretty sure last year they said they would so it but never did
  2. so on this years game there is a lot less water on the surface for whatever reason compared to last year, very wet conditions literally looks like inter weather with some puddles. and the clouds are not dark enough i dont know if this is a bug waiting to be fixed on the day 1 patch, if not ill create a bug report. if anybody could confirm this it would be great, ill add some photos to show
  3. One thing I want to know is, would it be best to appear offline when i am on the beta?
  4. A detailed description of the issue. Please include any error codes here. whenever i load up MyTeam when using non customisable suits my game will not load and it will either be stuck on Loading or Please Wait, this forces me to use task manager to end the task as using Alt+F4 doesn't actually quit the game. or in other cases the game may decide to crash to desktop without the crash report popup. All customisable suits are working as intended, non customisable gloves and helmets also work normally Platform PC, Steam What version of the game you are using (Shown on
  5. Maybe they’d need some sort of Anti-Cheat to stop this, and also an option to turn on/off crossplay when matchmaking
  6. If F1 2021 is to have Cross platform that would make everything soo much more competitive on online and im all for it, hell even Time Trial would be more closer one thing im interested in is would cross platform work on the 2 player career, if so that would be amazing eitherway it would be great to have cross platform, and if dirt 5 is getting it surely the f1 games will get the same treatment
  7. In MyTeam mode you don’t get set any expectations because it is your team so you can do what ever you want without getting fired as for driver careers I can’t remember there being any expectations in the current game, then again I don’t play my driver career often
  8. Bit random this one but I changed my display name to DylanWest42 a few days ago but its randomly changed back to what it was before? And now i can’t change it again so anything that can be done?
  9. No they should not make a sim version imo, especially if you’re saying the retail price would be £1000 upwards as i doubt they would actually make profit from that, it would just be restricting a whole load of the fanbase as many people would not be able to afford that. and why would they not make the wet racing more realistic and better? i don’t understand why you are so opposed to having better wet conditions? and i also don’t understand why you are opposed to people using T-Cam over the cockpit view?
  10. i was talking about the physics side, like actually using the wet line, going into water to cool the tyres e.t.c. i feel that needs to be implemented properly into the game as personally it could be better, when i play ACC in the wet it feels immersive when i have to go into the puddles to cool the tyres and the f1 games should follow suit imo anyway i use T-Cam purely because i am faster and feel more comfortable using it, and i also have dry and wet setups for all tracks which very much helps in the wet and i don’t typically struggle loads in the wet (at some tracks i do and the transit
  11. I mean no game/ sim has really got realistic wet weather driving yet, and the best atm is probably ACC (yet to actually try out AMS2) so maybe when codies uses the new engine they can hopefully have the best wet weather driving, imo it would bring a fair bit more attention to the game
  12. Just something that may be useful that i have found out is that for me its only the racenet suit that is causing the crash for me ive just tried the racenet livery and it doesn’t crash so the suit is the problem it seems
  13. A detailed description of the issue. Please include any error codes here. -when loading up MyTeam with the 70th anniversary livery, racenet suit and figure of eight gloves the game crashes to desktop without any error codes or an ego dumper report, worked fine before 1.17 but it now doesn’t using this combination, i was able to get into myteam by changing my livery, suit and gloves so there is a workaround platform -PC what version of the game you are using -Version 1.17 Game-mode? -MyTeam we need to be able to make your problem happen internally so we
  14. Hi there, for whatever reason I cannot load up my MyTeam save as whenever i do it just straight up crashes to my desktop without any ego dumper crash report things, so its leading me to believe my save is dead or something? It worked fine before update 1.17 (only just came back to play) so something is wrong Game version is 1.17 ive tried to validate steam files and it does nothing, everything else works other than my MyTeam save i have no idea how this has happened and why, is there any sort of way to get my save back (there probably isn’t)
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