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  1. All that ive seen is definitely what i want aswell but I definitely want better driver management: we should be able to select a development plan for our driver that either increases focus better, improves them in other stats because currently focus just seems random, also having an energy or fitness stat would go well with this too F2/ driver academies where you can choose up to 2 drivers not in f1 to develop and get ready for F1, you can put them in fp1 sessions and so on, maybe add a pay driver aspect, or a sim/ development driver that earns resource points. Out of the 2 drivers o
  2. I mean what is the focus stat even based on, ive got drivers like mick who are miles behind but are on 80+ focus, then drivers like Gasly in the 30s and he is consistently winning races for AT. Plus how can you even increase it quicker other than the activities and the facility because it seems like it doesn’t matter about the result
  3. So for my MyTeam career i started off season 1 with about 110-107 difficulty and I would change it depending on the track, usually turned down for op ai tracks, season 2 was pretty similar with the difficulty for the first half and on the second half it was around 105 and below now for season 3 which i am in now the ai had been stupidly quick and impossible to beat with unrealistic cornering speeds and unrealistic acceleration from corners. Just recently ive done Austria and Silverstone and they were the worst experiences ive had in career ever, my car just can’t corner as fast as the ai
  4. I really wish codies would have put out the driver stats for the new F2 drivers just so we know how they stack up compared to the rest, maybe they are hidden in the files somewhere
  5. I thought exactly this, and also goes hand in hand with what i said that nobody tested it because they clearly didn’t even bother doing so
  6. With F2 2021 being out I thought id look at how quick some of the new drivers are and my god codies have made Deledda way too quick, no way should he be getting second in a one shot quali. plus others like Ticktum, Zhou, lundgaard, Shwartzman, Drugovich, and Boschung are too slow and Viscaal, Zendeli, Fittipaldi and Beckman are too fast, a few like Piastri, Daurvala, Armstrong and Aitken need a slight boost. This is clearly a problem and should be fixed because its stupid seeing Deledda in second and I don’t understand how codies have done the same thing that they done before when Ma
  7. In patch 1.12 they said something like they redone the ai code to go slower on outlaps but they must have forgotten to code in them getting out of the way because ever since 1.12 they don’t move
  8. Im interested about the release date of jeddah, ive seen an image saying “Jeddah Circuit November 14th” with Jeddah in the background, so that is leading to a Sunday release, but i have also seen staff saying that there wont be an update this week
  9. Man i hope we get portimao and imola as bonus tracks if they are not on the calendar next year, it’d be a shame to loose them after they have just been made
  10. The proper handling update is coming soon, codies just need to sort the ai out them its ready for release, the new handling is mainly focusing on the low speed cornering as its too quick right now
  11. Plus id like to see F2 driver stats change, not just F1 driver stats so maybe they could bump up some of the F2 drivers that way
  12. I can understand some F2 drivers hardly progressing such as Nissany or samaia, but i do thing the “better” F2 drivers should grow a lot more than what they do, someone like Shwartzman should be about 82 or so rated by the end of S2-S3 imo. Still i think the biggest setback for the overall of F2 drivers is their experience
  13. As far as i can remember it was always 1.07.803111 on pc since the start of the patch, bit strange
  14. This is why i wish they would create a roadmap of updates, it would create a lot less tension between them and the people that want the game
  15. In the title really, in my opinion this is heavily needed as i feel that codies hardly ever publicly come out and tell us anything about the updates leaving us speculating and makes us all shout out for updates to release, but if they simply made a roadmap for all updates there would be a lot less issues with people asking where the new tracks are at for example and it would stop creating messes such as this league racing issue right now
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