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  1. As we know that at the start of MyTeam we have to pick a F2 driver from the 2019 season but when the 2020 F2 season is out will they just be added to the driver pool or would we have to make a completely new career? by the time they are added most of us would have been deep into a career by now and it would be annoying to restart. Hopefully codemasters can make it so we don’t have to restart our careers
  2. DylanWest2004

    F1 My Team - F2 Drivers

    My only worry is that we may have to restart our career to use the 2020 drivers, my dream is to have the 2020 lineup added into the game without having to restart my career
  3. DylanWest2004

    F2 in the 2020 game

    Quick question will the same f2 2019 drivers from the 2019 game be the same for the 2020 game or will the drivers be updated for what they were in abu dhabi? e.g. lundgaard in the trident instead of boschung?
  4. DylanWest2004

    [Career] - Safety Car

    @BorislavAndonov yes i had 2 vsc & 1 sc since the latest update, plus you wont get a sc when there are 2-3 laps left. they are only deployed when the game thinks there is a car stopped in an unsafe place so try to get a sc at monaco to see if it works
  5. DylanWest2004

    [Career] - Safety Car

    Stop whining
  6. DylanWest2004

    How did he pass me?

    maybe it was a sort of connection issue with the other guy but then you never know
  7. DylanWest2004

    How did he pass me?

  8. DylanWest2004

    Wheres the SC?

    the sc problem is only found in career from what i have played, plenty of safety cars & VSC’S on quick race even with flashbacks on
  9. DylanWest2004

    Patch Notes for 1.15 – Discussion Thread

    yes i think so
  10. DylanWest2004

    Feedback and ideas for F1 2020

    Not asking for new big things but some little things that would make the game more immersive: National anthems for player & ai drivers (team & driver) player mechanic failures Pit-stop problems (slow pit stops) slowdown lap F2 drivers can transfer into F1 contracts that last a whole season not 4 races bin the interviews or make them more realistic and no stupid questions about irrelevant things Driver moral (goes up & down depending on performance) no story mode better ffb Working SC longer & realistic-ish r&d development (not having williams the best car by the end of the season) Proper livery, suit & helmet edition Obviously i don’t expect all of this to be in F1 2020 but a handful of these suggestions would be nice
  11. DylanWest2004

    Wheel issues

    i run 90% ffb on f1, but it lasts longer on f1 than dr2.0, and when i do go on pc to play Asseto corsa and my wheel has never turned off on pc though, firmware is on v7. TMX also doesn’t come with a fan. ill probably try to find the right ffb for all games, may be a bit of a pain as it takes over an hour for it to randomly turn off sometimes. Appreciate the help 😀
  12. DylanWest2004

    Wheel issues

    nope I'm on xbox
  13. DylanWest2004

    Wheel issues

    Hi, i have had my TMX for a year now and whenever i play for over about an hour my wheel will just randomly disconnect, even when its plugged in properly, drivers e.t.c are all installed. this happens on anything i play. i get no indication of if it’s going to happen, no weird sounds just cuts off and i have to do a mid race save and race later, it eventually comes back to life about 30 mins later, anybody know what my problem is?
  14. DylanWest2004

    A thread for those who like/love F12019

    Thought they patched it in 1.10?
  15. DylanWest2004

    Game is STUPID

    Just tell jeff to shut up, then he won’t bother you