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    F2 in the 2020 game

    Quick question will the same f2 2019 drivers from the 2019 game be the same for the 2020 game or will the drivers be updated for what they were in abu dhabi? e.g. lundgaard in the trident instead of boschung?
  2. DylanWest2004

    [Career] - Safety Car

    @BorislavAndonov yes i had 2 vsc & 1 sc since the latest update, plus you wont get a sc when there are 2-3 laps left. they are only deployed when the game thinks there is a car stopped in an unsafe place so try to get a sc at monaco to see if it works
  3. DylanWest2004

    [Career] - Safety Car

    Stop whining
  4. DylanWest2004

    How did he pass me?

    maybe it was a sort of connection issue with the other guy but then you never know
  5. DylanWest2004

    How did he pass me?

  6. DylanWest2004

    Wheres the SC?

    the sc problem is only found in career from what i have played, plenty of safety cars & VSC’S on quick race even with flashbacks on
  7. DylanWest2004

    Patch Notes for 1.15 – Discussion Thread

    yes i think so
  8. DylanWest2004

    Feedback and ideas for F1 2020

    Not asking for new big things but some little things that would make the game more immersive: National anthems for player & ai drivers (team & driver) player mechanic failures Pit-stop problems (slow pit stops) slowdown lap F2 drivers can transfer into F1 contracts that last a whole season not 4 races bin the interviews or make them more realistic and no stupid questions about irrelevant things Driver moral (goes up & down depending on performance) no story mode better ffb Working SC longer & realistic-ish r&d development (not having williams the best car by the end of the season) Proper livery, suit & helmet edition Obviously i don’t expect all of this to be in F1 2020 but a handful of these suggestions would be nice
  9. DylanWest2004

    Wheel issues

    Hi, i have had my TMX for a year now and whenever i play for over about an hour my wheel will just randomly disconnect, even when its plugged in properly, drivers e.t.c are all installed. this happens on anything i play. i get no indication of if it’s going to happen, no weird sounds just cuts off and i have to do a mid race save and race later, it eventually comes back to life about 30 mins later, anybody know what my problem is?
  10. DylanWest2004

    Wheel issues

    i run 90% ffb on f1, but it lasts longer on f1 than dr2.0, and when i do go on pc to play Asseto corsa and my wheel has never turned off on pc though, firmware is on v7. TMX also doesn’t come with a fan. ill probably try to find the right ffb for all games, may be a bit of a pain as it takes over an hour for it to randomly turn off sometimes. Appreciate the help 😀
  11. DylanWest2004

    Wheel issues

    nope I'm on xbox
  12. DylanWest2004

    A thread for those who like/love F12019

    Thought they patched it in 1.10?
  13. DylanWest2004

    Game is STUPID

    Just tell jeff to shut up, then he won’t bother you
  14. DylanWest2004

    A thread for those who like/love F12019

    Just the close, aggressive and fun ai, probably the best ai from a codies f1 game, people say that the ai are too aggressive but i like it, it’s better than the f1 2012 ai that are too cautious. like today i had a 5 way battle for 3rd in my career and lost out by 0.006 seconds to Perez!
  15. DylanWest2004

    Codemasters F1 licence

    Think it’s this year or next year
  16. DylanWest2004

    Fed up— rain and AI in the rain

    ok can you tell me your assists & difficulty level, and how long you have played f1 games for then? i have played with a wheel ever since f1 2017 (have played older games with a controller) race at 105 difficulty with no tc, and only abs on, qualified on pole at Russia then because if the rain finished in p15! (not trying to sound big headed) i mostly win in the rain online too, one big factor that i still need to try is using a dedicated wet setup, usually if there is rain in the race i use a dry setup for qualifying and obviously i have to use the dry setup in the wet for the race, i will try to use a wet setup for the race and see if this is better but i still cant see how you are competitive vs the ai in the wet
  17. DylanWest2004

    1.10+ patch wishes

    Fix Albon’s ai, he’s way too slow, only ever beats me in the rain
  18. DylanWest2004

    From A rank to D in like 4 races...

    Um what about if it is unavoidable, then they should ghost, it’s very unfair when someone spins out, it’s unavoidable and then you get a penalty and then you go down a load of safety ratings. also when someone just doesn’t brake and hits you off you are penalised, rejoin track penalty, breathe penalty, honestly imo they should have regular penalties not strict
  19. DylanWest2004

    Ai gain 5000 r&d points?

    So i heard the ai gain 5000 r&d points when they move teams, guessing it’s some sort of bug, @Faya will this get fixed in the next patch? kind of ruins the rate of development as it’s almost impossible to catch up to the ai, renault are the fastest by a mile in my career. for the next game your teammate should gain r&d points too not just the player and the first driver in the team chooses the r&d upgrades, would make the first driver option actually useful
  20. Also doesn’t help that the staff members literally never reply back to you about issues they just move them into 1 discussion, whenever i go into the Dirt forums their staff members usually reply back and say about issues they are working on solving.
  21. DylanWest2004

    Albon to replace Gasly

    Obviously with Albon moving to Red Bull an Gasly going back to Toro Rosso will a patch be brought out that has them switch in game? i mean there are driver transfers in career mode so i don’t see why this wouldn’t happen, just as long as it doesn’t effect current career modes it would be fine
  22. DylanWest2004

    Engine Temps

    Think about 125 degrees is the temp you loose power at under fuelling your car is a good strategy, you will be faster, lighter and have lower temps as you will be using a lower fuel mix using lean mix will cool the engine down quickly try not to over rev too
  23. get used to it, probably wont get fixed
  24. DylanWest2004

    Patch Notes for 1.07 – Discussion Thread

    i mean i have had FFB issues on practically every mode, career, online, Time Trial, i go onto Assetto Corsa and its perfect on there
  25. DylanWest2004

    Online rank not saved

    Hi today i was playing ranked online and i gained gold rank but midway through a race my game crashed and my rank didn’t save from the previous races and was put down to silver?