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    Track situation for F1 2021

    So i am a bit curious as to what tracks will be in F1 2021, as we know hanoi is gone and china is likely to go too and we will have imola and portimao added to the real life calendar as races 2 and 3 but will the same be replicated in F1 2021? If so they would have to make 3 tracks from scratch (jeddah aswell, and we don’t even have a clue of the track layout yet) id be guessing they will stick to the original calendar and add whatever the tbc slot is. My only worry is that have codies started work on the jeddah track yet? Do they already know of the tbc replacement and are they working on it now? Or will this push the game back to an august/ September release as its pretty late in development to make a new track now right?
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    CM I'm impressed

    Im interested if certain cars are actually slightly better 👀 for all we know the williams may be the fastest
  3. DylanWest2004

    Track situation for F1 2021

    I Don’t know if imola and portimao are lazer scanned in project cars 3 but couldn’t they give codies the scans which would make things much easier if they were to make it right? Obviously they cant just port them over due to different engines but the scans would help a lot
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    Track situation for F1 2021

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    Super new and have some questions

    So ill try my best to answer some of these 1: so i take it that ur doing a mclaren career, so to find your difficulty go to quick race as bottas doing the one shot qualifying and e.g. on 30 ai and do the quali 3 or so times and look at your times relative to Hamilton, if you are quicker by a mile then raise again and vice versa, when you find the perfect ai level you should be within a tenth or two. And as for it being greyed out, you can only change things before the session starts or by changing the session options on the computer before going into fp1 for example. This may help also 2: if you move to manual race starts you will have to hold the clutch in (usually the upshift button) and apply throttle, and obviously when the lights go out you release the clutch and stay on throttle, again practice this in quick race 3: to change tyre allocation you will see “go to race weekend” or “change tyre allocation” and you simply press on the tyre allocation, however there isn’t really any point in changing it imo 4: and as for practice you should only drive in fp1 and fp2 as fp3 uses the race gearbox, you should aim to do all practice programmes to maximise resource points to upgrade your car, for qualifying I usually only do 1 lap in Q1 as i am usually through same for Q2 and i do 2 runs in Q3 (one at the start and one at the end) and as for component they will start to have negative impacts at 50% and you should never really go over 75% as it will literally be a mclaren honda anything else or if i have missed anything just ask
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    F2 2020 in My Team and Carreer Mode

    I just wish they would actually just say something instead of being silent, just say yes or no?
  7. DylanWest2004

    Car performance update last 2.5 month?

    Ferrari, Haas and Alfa slower Racing point quicker Maybe you are just getting quicker yourself by the day 😁
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    Imo I don’t think they will as usually the chassis changes like this happen at spain (normal calendar) which is early on in the season giving them time to do it, and they have had to make f2 aswell do I don’t think they will do anymore livery/chassis changes, i could be wrong tho
  9. DylanWest2004

    Have patches improved ai ?

    Tbh i only notice ai trains at tracks like monaco, hungary or singapore and other than them I rarely notice it and never noticed it much before outside of these tracks. and for me ai trains only happen if misfield runners are on an alternate strategy
  10. DylanWest2004

    F1 2021 Spain New Turn 10 and 11 !!!

    It will definitely be done for release, a pit lane is fair but a layout change should be done for the release
  11. DylanWest2004

    F2 2020 drivers not in MyTeam?

    So we have finally got f2 2020 but the new drivers are not in MyTeam which is a slight bit disappointing imo, unless if that driver stat update from a few days ago was to get ready for these drivers and codies will give us another mail to make them available?
  12. DylanWest2004

    F2 2020 drivers not in MyTeam?

    And of course no communication from the people at codies, nothing. If they would actually talk to us about what is happening then this discussion would end. i just don’t understand why they can’t say if the new f2 drivers are coming to my team or not in the future its the same time and time again they just never communicate to us
  13. DylanWest2004

    F2 2020 drivers not in MyTeam?

    Anything happen?
  14. DylanWest2004

    F2 2020

    And a whole new team and new drivers, however it should still be here by now
  15. DylanWest2004

    When will F2 2020 arrive

    with the game being nearly 2 months old when will the f2 2020 field be updated into f2 2020? any news on it yet?
  16. DylanWest2004

    Stutters in the race [PC]

    Im sorry but it seems as if whatever i do to my graphic settings the issue will still come randomly, what i dont understand is that it only happens once the 5 red lights go out or after using a flashback? its all fine on the formation lap then it has a chance that it will stutter on the start, or i can race normally and use a flashback which causes the stutters to start? Thank you for the help though
  17. mainly after playing for a while (doing practice and qualifying in career) then progressing into the race the game will start to stutter every 5 - 10 seconds which makes the game unplayable, to the point where i have to restart, i have a good enough pc to play the game, it also happens more at tracks like monaco or singapore, i honestly dont know what to do PC V1.13 Career mode Race and Grand Prix Its a bit random when it starts, sometimes its after the 5 red lights, after a flashback or just literally out of nowhere i make the problem happen by either starting a Gran Prix race at singapore or monaco or a career race there and just hope i suppose the only way to get rid of it is to literally quit the game, even then it sometimes still comes back Wheel/ xbox controller any help would be very appreciated thank you
  18. DylanWest2004

    Anybody else getting stutters?

    For a while now i have been getting big stutters every 10 or so seconds only in the race and only in singleplayer, sometimes it will start to stutter as the 5 red lights go out or after a flashback. i have enough ram (16gb 3200mhz) soo thats out the question. this even happens at the lowest graphics settings. but what i have noticed that my ram usage constantly goes down throughout the race too, at singapore it was at 10gb usage and was down to about 8gb after 1 lap, if anybody has this issue too let me know, if this keeps happening i will make a bug report
  19. DylanWest2004

    Stutters in the race [PC]

    A vid of the stutter F1_2020_(DirectX_12)_2020-11-17_22-12-43_Trim.mp4
  20. DylanWest2004

    Are mods allowed in F1 2020

    you would just have to verify identity of files throughout steam then reapply the mod, if you use something like a damage mod you will have to download the newest update for it. anyway the game doesn’t let you play online with any changes to the folders so its all ok
  21. DylanWest2004

    Safety carrrrrrrr

    in grand prix if the race is set to 25% to 100% you can enable the option to turn on the safety car, as for blue flags that comes under rules and flags which need to be turned on full and atleast on reduced, with rules turned off im pretty sure it’s impossible for a safety car to come out as there won’t be any yellow flags
  22. DylanWest2004

    Safety carrrrrrrr

    its a bit strange sometimes, i heard that it all depends on what happened at round 1 season 1, if you get a sc or vsc either one of them will work or also go into grand prix and try to get one out
  23. Also could be down to the season length as more races in a season = more money and resource points overall and maybe practice length too as teams may not have enough time to complete all programmes?
  24. DylanWest2004

    When the Safety Car is out

    i have only had one vsc when bottas crashed at t1 at bahrain, i have had 3 sc since, one where kmag’s engine blew up infront of me at monaco, one at spa where kimi spun trying to overtake me and took out 4 others and at singapore where norris hit russel and they retired, overall we need more vsc’s