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  1. haasgaetano79

    1 setup for most tracks just like every other F1 game

    “1 set up works for EVERY TRACK”...goes on to list 3 that it doesnt lol...and while u can get away with the same setup for every track(alot of tracks are built similarly) if u want to maximize your performace u better have unique set ups for every track
  2. haasgaetano79

    F1 2019 Game Ideas

    I wonder if im the only one...i always thought that your team of engineers should handle up grades and resource points...u do the practise programs gain the resource points but then the team makes the upgrades(obv with ur imput)...also id like to know what set up my team mate is using alog with his pit schedule..and i know its cause of the fia(or f1 them selves)...but for the love of god..let ai drivers change teams!! It would make it so much more interesting..i also agree wih team orders, or atleast something to let u feel like first or second driver