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  1. Nythial

    Safety Car is so hard to bring out ...

    in 2 seasons so far ive only had 1 VSC
  2. Nythial

    Codemasters New Contract with F1 !!!

    Lol AI is better ? Most of the time the AI seems to pretend i dont even exist, i go for a overtake and even when im halfway past the car im overtaking they still turn into me like im not even there. The AI has always sucked and will always suck.
  3. Nythial

    AI accelerating speed

    Im on season 1 playing at 80% difficulty at race 12 of the season...and everytime i follow an AI car i notice when comming out of a corner onto the straight AI just seems to speed off like im standing still. Seriously even my team mate who drives the same car as me just lifts off like he has a jet engine hidden in his car, and this has happened on several tracks , and no my cornering exits are not the problems seeing as i do always manage to put in fasters laps than most of the AI. It just seems whatever i do i will always lose on the straight.
  4. Seriously on carreer i can win 15 races in a row beating everyone comfortably and all of a sudden in the next race im 1.5 seconds per lap slower than some of the other drivers , please explain me the ******* logic in this.
  5. lol until it gets patched....which is never.
  6. how , nowhere do i have the option to change difficulty
  7. Nythial

    F1 2018 Force India OP in career mode.

    I notice the same thing , im in Season 3 of carreer mode too and im usually in the top with my Ferrari but Force India always seems to be close or fighting me where as teams like Mercedes and Red Bull dont seem to be anywhere anymore. And like you said with me too Force India isnt even that high on the RnD list.
  8. Im on my 3rd season in carreer mode , driving for Ferrari at 85% difficulty, my car is almost fully upgraded. In practise sessions im the fastest person on th field always topping the time sheets....yet i struggle with the training programme times , right now im in Hungary and the times required are so ridiculous, im a full second behind the green time for Qualifying practise and 0,750 seconds for ERS management, it feels like the AI drives at 85% but the programmes are at like 110% , seriously what is up with that ?