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  1. Compared to F1 2020 i feel like this year its like always driving on ice , the cars feel much more prone to spinning and losing grip.
  2. I seem to be unable to switch the fuel settings while racing , even tho im using the same settings as in F1 2020, what gives ?
  3. Nythial

    Vietnam Track

    Any particular advice for that strange round about like corner that is just before the long straight ? thats the exit i mess up most at , My sector 1 and 2 are terrible , in sector 3 i usually go plenty fast
  4. Nythial

    Vietnam Track

    Set up perhaps , im usually very late breaking in my driving , i dont want to lower AI because its fine on other tracks i play at 90% and Hannoi is the only one where i get totally demolished
  5. Nythial

    Vietnam Track

    So whats the deal with this track ? No matter what i try or do i just cannot make good laps on this track , down the main straight the AI just fly past me as if im standing still and i know i make horrible turns around those weird loopy rounabout like corners , i need some explanation and guidance how to do this track properly because its the one track that completly makes me hate this game.
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