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  1. Nythial

    “Leave me alone” Jeff goes entirely mute...

    "Bottas is leading the race" K thanks Jeff...that really is something i need to know when im in P12
  2. Nythial

    No pace in hungary

    So im doing My team and im in my first season playing at 90% , so far ive always been a top 10 finisher and then we come to Hungary where i cant get any higher up than P21 even getting beaten by my teammate who ive lapped in some previous races. How does this make sense ? it seems like on the Hungary track the AI has gone from my normal 90% to 150% difficulty (yes i know there is no 150%) , the difference in AI pace between the races seems very unlogical to me.
  3. Nythial

    How is it possible

    Playing in Season 2 of the carreer mode at 90% drove for Torro Rosso in S1 and now Red Bull in S2 Doing free practise in Hungary , i set the top times every Free Practise session and yet i cant complete a single training programme because my times are too slow. Im p1 in the times vs the other drives....yet i fail every programme.....this has never happened before on every other track i pass them all most of the time with purple ....just here in Hungary zero. In Season 1 i had no problems there tho so it makes no sense now. Once again typical Codemasters amateur stuff. I seriously hope you guys dont mess up F1 2020, but you probably will.
  4. Nythial

    Career Mode Reputation Decrease

    I always seem to lose rep after FP3 since the last patch , im driving for Red Bull at 90% in carreer , just did FP3 in Barcelona , i set the second fastest time and completed all programmes and i have no penalties and i had no interview....yet the rep for every team went down.
  5. What bothers me most about rainy races is that the AI drives perfect , i play the game at 90% difficulty in carreer and have all assissts on except for auto braking. The AI in the rain always seems to have perfect grip , they never slide or go into a spin or crash even when they drive over the apexes. In real life we see that in rainy races (like Germany in 2019) nearly all driver make some sort of mistake. In the Dry at 90% i can beat the AI in my Red Bull .....in the rain however im lucky to make top 15......the difference between AI in the Rain and in the Dry is just totallz unbalanced , and yes i know you tried to fix this issue in the last patch....but you didnt.
  6. Seriously why has the issue with a overpowerfull AI never been adressed ? Whenever its raining the AI are god mode , they have perfect grip and make 0 errors in the wet. This issue has been going on for ages and been mentioned by lots of people yet the idiots at Codemasters refuse to fix the problem, instead we should just turn down the AI difficulty for a wet race , why ? because you guys are too lazy to fix the godmode AI in the wet. Or another thing you should fix long ago , weird ass quali training times, i get the fastest time in Free practise beating the likes of Mercedes , Red Bull and Ferrari....yet i cant pass the quali programme because it has a insane lap time i need to get which no one on the grid can get.
  7. Nythial

    Rep question

    Drove several laps and completed the Quali practise in the green, and no there was no post interview.
  8. Nythial

    Rep question

    So of course during carreer mode you can build up Rep with all the teams, perform well and your rep goes up do bad and it goes down obviously. So im in my 1st season with Torro Rosso playing at 90% difficulty, and i just finished Free Practise number 3 and goes the second fastes time of the entire session...which i would think is really good seeing as im driving a Torro Rosso , only Max Verstappen beat me in that session with the Red Bull and my teammate Danil Kvyat got the 11th time so i beat him by a fat margin. I didnt crash or damage my car at all during the session....then after the session when it goes to show the Rep u have with all the teams.....i lose rep points with every single team.... What is that about ? Can someone explain to me how that works, i drive a perfect session with a great team , no punishments or crashes yet somehow i lose rep with everyone.
  9. Nythial

    Safety Car is so hard to bring out ...

    in 2 seasons so far ive only had 1 VSC
  10. Nythial

    Codemasters New Contract with F1 !!!

    Lol AI is better ? Most of the time the AI seems to pretend i dont even exist, i go for a overtake and even when im halfway past the car im overtaking they still turn into me like im not even there. The AI has always sucked and will always suck.
  11. Nythial

    AI accelerating speed

    Im on season 1 playing at 80% difficulty at race 12 of the season...and everytime i follow an AI car i notice when comming out of a corner onto the straight AI just seems to speed off like im standing still. Seriously even my team mate who drives the same car as me just lifts off like he has a jet engine hidden in his car, and this has happened on several tracks , and no my cornering exits are not the problems seeing as i do always manage to put in fasters laps than most of the AI. It just seems whatever i do i will always lose on the straight.