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  1. Even if codemasters added old tracks from previous titles (malaysia, india etc.) . What I mean is just use the files/ track graphics/scans and just plonk the new cars in. This probably wouldn't happen but it wouldn't bother me, it would be better than not being able to play them at all!
  2. I've attempted the Canada event (wet to dry track - Max Verstappen) quite a number of times and was registering scores, then for some reason every time I try it is showing all my scores as zero. I tried restarting my console but this didn't fix the issue. Any ideas? I have had this happen in the past as well. I'm not getting any error codes. Game: F1 2019 Version: 1.22 console: xbox one pheripherals: Thrustmaster TX base, F1 wheel and pedals, Turtle Beach stealth 700 headset.
  3. I have been asking for this option for years.. Online lobbies: I would like the option to disable "reset to track" or it should be disabled by default in a "Ghosting off" lobby. Forced ghosting (at certain points or situations- for example, halfway down a straight) in a "damage on" lobby to stop people braking for the sole reason of damaging your front wing. Setups: A feature to "move to top" a particular setup or "move up" / "move down" options (useful when doing a featured event over and over so your most used setup is first on the list. Ability to ne
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