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  1. I've attempted the Canada event (wet to dry track - Max Verstappen) quite a number of times and was registering scores, then for some reason every time I try it is showing all my scores as zero. I tried restarting my console but this didn't fix the issue. Any ideas? I have had this happen in the past as well. I'm not getting any error codes. Game: F1 2019 Version: 1.22 console: xbox one pheripherals: Thrustmaster TX base, F1 wheel and pedals, Turtle Beach stealth 700 headset.
  2. Every Tenth F1

    F1 2019 Featured Weekly Event is showing my score as zero

    no, not resolved
  3. Even if codemasters added old tracks from previous titles (malaysia, india etc.) . What I mean is just use the files/ track graphics/scans and just plonk the new cars in. This probably wouldn't happen but it wouldn't bother me, it would be better than not being able to play them at all!
  4. I'd like to see "filters" added to the leaderboards. Sure, have the overall times, but being someone who mostly drives with ABS and traction control turned off, I'd like to be able to filter results based on assists used to see how I stack up once all the players using assists have been filtered out.
  5. Every Tenth F1

    Reverse Tracks?

    Cheats are going to run you off, or into a wall regardless... I think this is a great idea. In the virtual world it should definately be an option, no need to change barriers etc. Even if they removed drs zones, and even if they didn't bother with having braking markers or whatever. Just make it it an option and just flip the pit lane and add timing. My friend and I tried this last night in an online lobby (disabled "rules and flags") it was so much fun (only our lap count and times weren't working)!
  6. Every Tenth F1

    Weekly event score

    Total time is the biggest factor for scoring (based on my experience). Also... even using the same ai setting, you will notice your assists and difficulty bonuses will change depending on your total time.
  7. Every Tenth F1

    Weekly China Event scoring

    Ok sorry, thought you were talking about a "featured event". Keep in mind that the three practice sessions impact your score as well as your qualifying time, so if someone has scored higher from having a slower qually time this is possibly why (maybe have have scored all purples and fulfilled all team objectives in the practice sessions), but yeah 5-6 seconds is a lot, so that does seem flawed. I have just found that I am usually towards the top of my friends leaderboard, because I have found that although it's slower, not using any traction, abs, racing line off, ers manual and manual gears achieves me the best score. You just need to eperiment and find out what works best for you.
  8. I have been asking for this option for years.. Online lobbies: I would like the option to disable "reset to track" or it should be disabled by default in a "Ghosting off" lobby. Forced ghosting (at certain points or situations- for example, halfway down a straight) in a "damage on" lobby to stop people braking for the sole reason of damaging your front wing. Setups: A feature to "move to top" a particular setup or "move up" / "move down" options (useful when doing a featured event over and over so your most used setup is first on the list. Ability to nest setups, for example having setups for F1, F2, Classic (or wet/dry) setups in one slot and using paddle shifters to toggle to desired setup Leaderboards: I'd like to be able to "filter" the leaderboards. For example, ability to show only lap times from people using identical assists to me.
  9. Every Tenth F1

    Weekly China Event scoring

    From my experience the thing that gets you the highest score is the total race time, so definately the quickest drivers are generally at the top of leaderboard. Also, don't be concerned about winning the race if that's not the objective as this is not how the scoring system is based. For example if the objective is to finish in 7th place, you should set your ai to a level where you can just finish the race in 7th as this should get you the best score based on your difficulty bonus. Also, using assists will generally give you a lower score, even though you might set a slower time. Even turning the racing line off can give you like a 4000 points bonus depending on the event.