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  1. Yeah mate, absolute shocker we have to pay for content worked on by people with families to feed!
  2. Are you kidding me? Deceptive? It literally has the WRX logo on the front cover. These "ha, gotcha" posts are getting more and more desperate as time passes...
  3. That M2 is a surprise but certainly a welcome one. Seems Oculus SDK implementation for Steam is being "looked into" also. Hope something positive comes out of it.
  4. Had to retire because I need more practise with hards. Everything working fine on my end though.
  5. Honestly thinking of getting a 206 WRC model and then photoshopping it onto a DR 2.0 screenshot, just so this thread can go back to what it should be!
  6. Anyone else excited for DIRT 2? I hear Ken Block is going to be involved!
  7. Let's not forget that there are 2 mystery locations in the Deposit section of DR 2.0's SteamDB page. It's quite likely we will get at least a Season 3. You also have to consider consoles, don't base it purely off Steam charts. DR 2.0 had a rocky launch but I highly doubt Codemasters is going to leave it after Season 2. I recall devs in the Discord server saying that they have a lot of stuff planned for the future.
  8. Well you see, there's certain aliens that have topped the R5 leaderboards on that stage...
  9. Well mate, if it's so easy why don't you try topping the R5 leaderboard on Älgsjön Sprint?
  10. Can someone send me an invite link to the gossip Discord? I made a new Discord account
  11. Oh, I've seen this guy before in DR 2.0 YouTube comment sections!
  12. Good lord, that One Up Gaming video... Those rallycross drivers were certainly giving him "one" finger "up" as he crashed into them!
  13. It's DiRT 4 Wales, unfortunately. It's probably a mistake by whoever added the image to the website. Not in the know about the car list and such.
  14. Personally I don't really care about us (the UK) being RHD because then those sweet sweet JDM imports fit right in here.
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