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  1. Super, much obliged for your kind assistance @PJTierney. I really do appreciate your kind help enormously on this matter. I would also like to convey our gratitude on behalf of the whole World Rally Enthusiasts community.
  2. Hi @PJTierney, There were about ~300 comments. 95% of them were solid answers with good suggestions, clear views & argumentation. About 5% were comments, which can be judged as irrelevant with respect to the initial question. With best regards, Andy
  3. Hello @PJTierney, Today I posted a hypothetical question to the followers of the World Rally Enthusiasts Facebook page. I also shared the post in the 'DiRT Rally' Facebook group. The question was, what people would like to see in the possible future title of Dirt Rally, if Codemasters were to continue the franchise and release a new title. I promised to convey a summary of the results to the attention of Codemasters, so in this respect, I would be most grateful, if you were kindly to pass these few screenshots forward to the person at Codemasters, who is responsible for game development in the field of rally simulators. I would really appreciate your assistance on this matter. We got a really massive response - a lot of comments. I fully understand that there are many limitations and factors that determine what can be developed and incorporated in a game. However, I didn't want to filter the comments, and judge what is possible and what is not, as I'm not in a position to do so. Hence, the summary that I have drafted based on the comments, fully reflects the response from the 'field', so to say. I have strived to highlight those issues, development ideas and location wishes that were mentioned most frequently in the posts. In addition, there's also a list that contains a sample of those cars that players would like to see in the possible future game. There were so many wishes on different cars that I only managed to produce a sample of these into this summary. The summary is subtitled as follows: - Racenet - Pacenotes - Game options - Car features - Location features - Other comments - Wishlist of cars - Wishlist of locations Here's the original post: "Let's play a round of '𝗔 𝗛𝗬𝗣𝗢𝗧𝗛𝗘𝗧𝗜𝗖𝗔𝗟 𝗤𝗨𝗘𝗦𝗧𝗜𝗢𝗡' game. IF Codemasters were to decide to make a new version/title of Dirt Rally 2.0 (let's call it a working title 'Dirt Rally 3.0'), what would you like to see in this game? Post your views below in the comments section. In order to keep it short and sweet, 1) Pick ONE CAR that you would definitely like to see in the game; 2) Pick ONE LOCATION that you would like to have in the game; 3) Pick ONE FEATURE that you would like to see developed or added in the game. I will compile the answers, list them down and post them to the attention of Codemasters. Let's see what kind of list we can produce! Thanks already in advance for your cooperation. Cheers!" Here's the summary - 7 photos in total. With best regards, Andy from the World Rally Enthusiasts Facebook page
  4. FarmerCee

    Broken score table in league

    Hi @PJTierney! I had a look at the championship scoreboard of @Dytut's club and it seems that the system is crediting points to all drivers. The problem that I had with Gravel Busters was that the system completely stopped crediting points to drivers / some of the drivers. Hence, my conclusion would be that this problem that Dytut has, is somewhat different to my previous issue. Obviously I cannot be absolutely sure, but this would be my hunch.
  5. Racenet (the server) has been causing a lot of problems recently. I would assume that the difficulties that you’ve been experiencing are related to Racenet issues.
  6. @PJTierney, do you have any updates on the championship score problem (see the post above by 'Beefcote852', where he offers his analysis on the issue)?
  7. Thanks @Beefcote852 for adding your further insights and analysis to this thread. When the 'club-element' was first introduced to Dirt Rally 2.0 last summer, I think we had a time period of maybe three weeks, when the championship scoreboard was operating as it should. Then the problems started. It took a really long time to pinpoint the root cause behind the problem. Codemasters made some specially focused temporary fixes to some larger clubs (as the problem was identified to only affect clubs that had large member base). I can't remember by heart, when this happened precisely, but it was some time end of November, early December last year. After the temporary fix was installed the championship scoreboard of our club began to work without any problems. For some reason I cannot open the www.dirtrally2.com site at the moment, but if I recall correctly, there are two pages on the 'championship standings section', which can be accessed by using the arrow buttons on the screen. The first (furthest to the left) page shows the accumulated championship points acquired by drivers in the previous championships. I don't know what is the starting point, where the system begins to count these points, whether it is only the previous championship season or does it possibly cover several previous seasons, this I don't know. I haven't followed this section so carefully. However, my understanding is that drivers tend to be only interested in the championship points of the current, on-going championship, and they don't really pay much attention to the cumulative scores. In my view the cumulative section is unnecessary. More useful would be, if we could access the scores of previous championship seasons in the same way, as we see the scores from the on-going championship season, i.e. showing the points per event in a given championship season. This is the view that we see as a default on the second page, which opens as the starting page, when accessing the championship standings section, which shows the championship standings in the current, on-going championship season (showing points per event). I think your assumption that this section is now compromised by points deriving from the previous championships, is correct. In other words, the system is not able to draw a line between points that a driver has acquired from previous championships and the points that the driver has scored in the on-going championship. Thanks again for raising this issue in your post and for commenting this thread. Let's hope Codemasters will be able to sort out the problem asap.
  8. Fingers crossed then. I checked the championship scoreboard a few hours ago, and at least then, the problem was still there.
  9. G'd evening @PJTierney! Do you have any news or updates, whether the current problems with respect to club championship scores is going to be fixed? Is the new version, which is rolled out tomorrow, perhaps going to address these issues and fix the problem? It's really a nuisance to run club championships when the championship scoreboard is not functioning properly. Would really appreciate a fast fix on this. Cheers!
  10. Ok, thanks @PJTierney! I'll be following how things develop. As I was looking through the screenshots that I posted yesterday, I also noticed that the championships points that the system has credited to the drivers from the alleged three events (although two have been completed so far) do not sum up to equal the total points shown on the leaderboard.
  11. Hi @PJTierney and Happy New Year! I hope you are doing well. I regret to inform you that the championship score board has a new fault. I don't know when this problem occurred for the first time, but it wasn't there before. The leaderboard that show the current standings in the on-going championship season, is not correct. The table shows some mystery points, which are not based on the driver performances in the ongoing championship season. In the attached screenshot you can see the problem. Our championship season includes four events, out of which we have completed two. Still the table shows points from three events. The points in the table marked under "3" (third event) don't even represent the current standings in the third event, as there are only a handful of drivers, who have started the event. Thus, the points under the "third event column" don't have any base anywhere. They have just randomly appeared. Could you please be so kind, and see if the tech-team could look into this problem. Thanks!
  12. @PJTierney, one further point with reference to your previous message (above). The championship points anomalies started already in August. Hence, the problem could easily date back to versions 1.6/1.7. Here's a quote from my post that I made on this forum on the 5th of August: "We started our first full-scale championship (12 events) at the end of June. Now our championship has progressed to its 6th event. For some unexplained reason the Clubs page at www.dirtrally2.com only shows championship standings (points) from the first three events. For events 4 and 5 the points column on the championship standings section shows zero points for all the club members. The 4th event of the Gravel Busters club championship finished on 26 of July and the 5th event on the 2 of August. Thus, there should have been enough time (particularly for the 4th event) for the Dirt Rally 2 server/system to update the championship standings & points by now."
  13. Hi @PJTierney As I already mentioned on Twitter today, the Gravel Busters club championship points/standings system is still faulty. We launched our 4th championship season a week ago, and the first event of this championship finished earlier today. It was very regrettable to discover that the points system remains in shambles (see attached photo). EDIT: The driver who is ranked 253, is actually the winner of the first championship event. The driver who ranked second is placed on position 334. on the championship leaderboard (the attached screenshot). Here are the links to our Twitter conversation
  14. @Kembro, my understanding from PJ’s original message was that the points system should be working, when our next championship season begins. The next Gravel Busters championship season starts on the 11th of November, when the “European R2 Cup” kicks off.
  15. FarmerCee

    Share your Custom Liveries & Tools here.

    Hello everyone, The World Rally Enthusiasts Facebook page (www.facebook.com/WorldRallyEnthusiasts) just celebrated its 1st anniversary. To mark this occasion we published a Dirt Rally 2.0 custom livery for the BMW M2 car specially made and customized for the World Rally Enthusiasts by Mesa's Artworks. The base design behind this custom livery is the winning car livery called “Crystal Flakes”, which won the Dunlop Art Car Livery Design Competition in 2017. The Crystal Flakes livery was designed by renowned artist Jean Pierre Kraemer and it was debuted on a Walkenhorst Motorsport BMW M6 GT3 in the season-opener of the VLN Endurance Championship in 2017. Mesa’s Artworks did an absolutely outstanding job in making this livery a reality. The World Rally Enthusiasts Facebook page is deeply grateful to Mesa for all his efforts and high-quality work on this livery. The custom livery can be downloaded from Google Drive using this download link: https://drive.google.com/…/1bPQsHPF3YeKWMLMQN78zc8eg_XrB_NN…