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  1. Alright, this is my kind of topic ! 😄 I want to start by saying the car selection in DR2 is superb and, in a perfect world, every car present in DR2 would get put back in a potential DR3. I like every single one of them, I'm very glad for the great variety and I wish it would just expand. As much as I love grassroots rally car builds, I think DR's car selection is strong because each car is authentic and homologated in the real world (yes, there's a slight stretch with R-GT's but the Mustang, Camaro and BMW would fit the class is anyone wanted to actually rally them, there has been single-entries RWD converted Gallardos in the past to give you an idea on how "lax" R-GT's are). I would also like to adress that having "un-competitive" cars is absolutely fine ! Yes, WR chasers aren't going to use the 240Z or the DS21 but restricting classes to "competitive cars" only would give us a lot of single-to-two car entries per class 😄 Finally, on fictional cars : I don't care much for them. I kinda understand the appeal but I'm personally not interested at all. That said, let's get on with a big ol' list ! I'll start by adding entries to existing classes and then I'll try and mock up classes that we don't have but would fit the game like a glove. Every car that I will put forward has been homologated IRL, for consistency's sake. H1 FWD : I was amazed with the addition of the DS in that class ! Hard to find a lot of cars to add here that are going to fit the sort of timeframe we seem to be working with (most cars being RWD at the time) but the obvious addition here would be a Saab 96. H2 FWD : Started as a single-car class in D4, it was great to see the Golf added to the list here ! Loads of good FWD Group A cars would fit very well here like McRae's own Vauxhall Nova ! The Peugeot 309 GTi or the more modern Renault Clio 16S would also fit the bill quite well. The addition of oddballs such as the Nissan Micra (March) Super Turbo would be great too. H2 RWD : Now here's a popular class ! A very well put together car selection here but, with so many candidates I'm quite amazed this class hasn't been expended. From Volvo 140's to Vauxhall Chevette, Peugeot 504 V6 to Talbot Sunbeam, Toyota Celica RA20 GT2000 to Datsun Violet 710. Even a good ol' Fiat 124 Spider would fit well here. There's so much that can be done here ! H3 RWD : A good class that has been well expended with very different cars that fit loads of playstyles. From the last of the group 4 breed to RWD Group A cars, there's a lot to like ... and a lot that can be added here ! Some obvious candidates would be things like the Ferrari 308 GTB, Alpine A310 V6. Loads of oddballs can fit right in also like the Mitsubishi Lancer Turbo, Mitsubishi Starion Turbo, Mercedes 190E 2.3 ... Even Mk III Supra's have been homologated ! And for those who like big V8 luxoboats, Mercedes rallied their 500 SLC too back in the day ! F2 Kit Car : The MKIV golf was a nice addition here and this class is so well defined that finding new cars to put here is a breeze. Here's some I'd love to see here : Hyundai Coupe RD Evo 2, driven by Colin's brother it was pretty competitive on the rough stuff where most F2's were tarmac cars. Renault Megane Maxi, because we all need another high-strung French tarmac monster ! The Opel (Vauxhall) Astra G also made for a pretty cool, if late) kit car. There's also some kit cars that were used as fundations for early WRC cars, the Ibiza we already have helped for developping the later Cordoba WRC. The Citroen Xsara Kit Car was an absolute tarmac monster that helped for the Xsara WRC. The lesser known exemple is the Skoda Octavia Kit Car ! Yes, big sedans can be FWD tarmac eating monsters too ! Finally, we already have "some of it" in the game, so why not add the Nissan Sunny Kit Car ? 😄 Group B RWD : One of my absolute favorite class that has been greatly expended in DR2 ! I'm amazed the BMW M1 is featured in a rally game ! The obvious possible additions here would be the Renault 5 Maxi Turbo and the Mazda RX-7 FB, which would add even more drivetrain diversity in a very diverse class. I would also enjoy seeing the Nissan Silvia 240RS Evo and the Toyota Celica TA64. Group B AWD : Not much wiggle room here as we have a pretty complete selection already. The Citroen BX 4TC is the obvious, if not joke-y addition here. I would also enjoy seeing older evolution of the cars we already have, such has the earlier Audi Quattro seen in DR1 or even the non-evo peugeot 205 T16. R2 : A well defined class that only waits for a few cars to be added, like the newest Peugeot 208 which has gone turbo. Group A : Talk about a cornerstone of a class ! The obvious addition here would be the Castrol-painted, rules-bending Toyota Celica ST205. For a while, this class felt like it was somewhat limited to newer 4WD group A cars but the recent addition of the Subaru legacy is refreshing and makes me want more old 4WD goodies ! Cars like the Mazda 323 GTR or older Mazda 323 BR 4WD Turbo, Mitsubishi Galant VR4 or any older variant of the Lancer Evolution and the Nissan Sunny GTi-R ! We can also count some pretty amazing oddballs such as the Audi 200 Quattro or the Ford Sierra Sapphire RS Cosworth 4x4 (what a long name ! 😄 ). NR4 : A good introduction to modern 4WD rallying, this class is pretty dead as it counts only late model group N cars. There isn't much to go around here except maybe adding an older Impreza group N model or Lancer Evo IX. There is, however, a renewal of the rules concerning R4 cars with most of them built around a Oreca supplied kit. So there could be cars such as the Fiat 500X R4 or the -good news- Dacia Sandero R4 being added here 😄 4WD up to 2000CC : What. A. Class. Hard to make a wishlist here that is not "basically all of them". And yes, I would love to see even the Suzuki SX4 or the Peugeot 307 in there. Keep feeding us that good stuff ! 😄 R5 : Not many cars that can be added here ! Well represented and well defined, it is easy to find the couple of cars that are missing here such has the Citroen DS3 or the latest Ford Fiesta. R-GT : R-GT being pretty open as it is, all sorts of cars can be "imagined" to be running here. there are however a couple of usual suspects seen in actual rallyes are missing, cars like the Fiat Abarth 124 Spider Here are my thoughts on existing classes ... but how about adding some new classes : H1 RWD : The obvious class to add. All sorts of great low-power RWD cars can fit in there from Hillman imp to MK1 Escorts, Opel Kadett B's to NSU TT's, Renault 8's to Simca Rallye 2's, old VW's, Datsun 510's (we all need a Datsun 510 Safari in our lives). The list can go on and on ! Super 2000 : A class I've been straved from since Dirt 3 ! S2000 can be seen as a "proto R5" with -mostly- high strung 2L NA engines. Basically think of them like smashing a F2 kit car engine into a R5 chassis. Not many cars were made for that class but a good start would be with the Peugeot 207 S2000 and the Fiat Grande Punto S2000. There has been some VW Polo IV's and MG ZR's also added to the mix. FWD up to 1600cc : Basically, bunching up Super 1600 cars like the Polo S1600, Clio S1600, Corsa S1600 (all present in the game as RX cars) with smaller displacement F2 kit cars like the Ford Puma kit car, Citroen Saxo car and Peugeot 106 Maxi.
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