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  1. Pfei

    2020 FIA World Rally Championship

    Toyota and Hyundai might run B-teams for Breen, Mikkelsen, Latvala and Katsuta. And there are rumors that the C3s will be bought and run privately with Østberg, Camilli and Bouffier
  2. Pfei

    2020 FIA World Rally Championship

    The last I heard was that Lappi was the frontrunner. Nothing confirmed, though.
  3. Hello, I emailed this to tech support but was told to look for help in the forums (evidently I sent my request to the F1 support email). This is what's happening to me: I was wondering why my forum and RaceNet usernames have been swapped around. It's weird and I don't understand the naming convention. My forum ID was LudwigVonMises when I signed up. My RaceNet ID was pfei when I signed up (DiRT Rally 1 on PS4). Now, my forum ID is pfei. That's all good. No problem there. But in DR2.0 my ID is different depending on what platform you are using. For example: When racing in my league (in-game), the results screens show me as LudwigVonMises The league owner (me) is displayed (in-game) to other players as LudwigVonMises On the DR2.0 website, in the Clubs area, I show up in the results as pfei (https://dirtrally2.com/clubs/club/200084/results) On the DR2.0 website, in the Clubs Members page, I show up as LudwigVonMises (https://dirtrally2.com/clubs/club/200084/members) In the Codemasters forums I show up as pfei That seems weird to me. Can my ID be "pfei" over all these instances? Like, change 1, 2 and 4 from LudwigVonMises to pfei so that everything is consistent in all places? Note I have recently bought DR2.0 on Steam (for the VR - absolutely awesome BTW) and have also linked that to my RaceNet account.
  4. Pfei

    Something is coming...

    I hope they "finish" the FFB now that we're looking at a second year of support/DLC. The SAT that's there is good, but that's all there is; absolutely no feeling on straights. The SAT only kicks in on curves or if you deliberately get sideways on a straight. There is zero effect on the wheels/suspension from bumps, camber, water puddles, tire slip/load, etc...
  5. Pfei

    DiRTy Gossip

    I still don't get it 😖
  6. Pfei

    DiRTy Gossip

    What does the comfort rating do?
  7. Pfei

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Share your Videos!

    Recently migrated from PS4 Pro to PC and got my PSVR working with Steam VR and the iVRy driver. My first league event in VR:
  8. This is not working for me. I have tried both windowed and fullscreen. My problem is the image is stretched out as if it was an ultrawide monitor. I have changed settings to this: resolution width="1920" height="1080" aspect="auto" fullscreen="0" I tried forcing 16:9 by doing this but it doesn't work either: resolution width="1920" height="1080" aspect="1.78" fullscreen="0" As you can see in the below screenshots my mirrored screen is being stretched wide. I was hoping forcing the resolution and aspect ratio would work but it changes nothing.
  9. I think the only advantage PC users have over console users is FOV adjustment. It's very wide on console, so depending on your TV size/resolution and how far away you are it could be way far from "correct" FOV, and it can't be adjusted. I used to play on PS4 Pro. Just re-bought on Steam. My Playseat Challenge forces me to be 1,5m from my 55" 4k Bravia. And it was tough. The roads are as wide as dental floss in cockpit. On Steam however by adjusting FOV I got a much better feeling. And with VR, well that goes without saying.
  10. Yeah, that might work. I don't know anything about gift cards. But I cannot make a purchase with my US credit card. Only my Argentine cards work. I cannot gift games to anyone, either, due to price differences between regions.
  11. Pfei

    DiRTy Gossip

    He's active on GT Planet. He pops in once in a while to hype things up. GTP users tend to be less toxic than the people that hung out at Pretend Race Cars 😂 However, this acquisition thread on GTP has been met with a lot of skepticism. So instead of hyping, he was pretty quiet.
  12. You have to pay with a credit card issued in Argentina.
  13. Pfei

    DiRTy Gossip

    News item of the year. I wonder if Rushy will be coming back. If so, this is basically Codemasters + SMS + Evolution. Quite a lot of know-how and versatility there. Can't wait for Ian's big mouth to rock the tight-lipped Codies PR boat.
  14. Pfei

    2020 FIA World Rally Championship

    Rally Chile officially suspended for 2020. 2021 planned to go ahead as usual. Source: https://www.biobiochile.cl/noticias/deportes/motor/2019/11/28/wrc-no-vendra-a-concepcion-en-2020-plebiscito-y-crisis-social-obligan-a-postergar-cita.shtml
  15. Pfei

    Toyota Celica GT-Four

    Bigben is the publisher of WRC games. Milestone is a developer, not a publisher. The last WRC game Milestone had anything to do with was 4, and that was the first WRC game on the Bigben contract. Bigben dumped Milestone and hired Kylotton from 5 onwards. The Toyotas in SLRE and Gravel were licensing deals for those games and had nothing to do with the WRC license. Milestone, despite being a small studio, seems to be very good at licensing. As for Toyota, given their close relationship with Polyphony Digital and their publicly stated aversion to video games, has become an elusive license now. I wouldn't expect to see a whole lot of Toyotas in any game in the near future unless it's Gran Turismo or an officially licensed game of a series they actually compete in.