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  1. My bad. It's the same as mine. I was confused by your shot being desktop. Thanks anyways!
  2. Could I bother you about how you got that streamlined forum look? I am looking for a way to speed up loading times. These new forums are so painfully slow...
  3. Pfei

    Achtung! Fix Ai before release!

    Of course they do. So do Milestone and Kylotonn. That's why DR2.0 has better physics, it's why Milestone decided to release SLRE and it's why there is a stage generator in V-Rally 4. I don't know what we would do without him.
  4. What is worrying me is the effect that all this negative review-bombing could have for the future of the game. Metacritic is even worse than steam. I think even the Steam percentages are doctored by Valve. Look how far you have to scroll down to find the first Recommended review, and even that review is full of criticism: https://steamcommunity.com/app/690790/reviews/ I think that if DiRT 4 never happened many of these review bombers would be giving CM the benefit of the doubt. Codies had to nail this release, but hiding "always online" in My Team and the "missing" FFB effects is really causing some damage. Let's hope the situation reverts itself when the main issues are addressed. It's also sad to see the fighting on social media, especially some personal attacks I have seen aimed at Christina. This release has brought out the worst toxicity in what was already a toxic enough community.
  5. Pfei

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    So, who runs first then in the second and successive rallies of a custom championship? And is it the same in the career championships?
  6. Pfei

    Stage degradation ... how it works

    A solution for leagues would be for the system to assign the degradation to each player according the point standings regardless of when people decide to do their run. First event of the season could be random.
  7. Pfei

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    Codemasters has signed some sort of eSports deal with Motorsport Network: https://www.motorsport.com/esports/news/codemasters-signs-esports-partnership-motorsport-network/4340775/
  8. Pfei

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    Season 3 if it shows up: Greece, Finland, Wales...
  9. Looking good on my end, too.
  10. Hi, all categories except Lounge and Mobile are throwing 500 errors when I am logged in. I cannot view any DiRT, F1, ONRUSH, Grid or Micro Machines categories or threads if I am logged in. I can see profiles OK and the forum homepage is OK. If I am logged out all is accessible. Help, please! Thanks!
  11. Pfei

    VR support in Dirt Rally 2 ?

    Some guy on Reddit posted in multiple places that during a chat in Cologne CM had affirmed that the VR crowd had been heard and that its addition was being considered.  Anyone heard that from a reliable source? 
  12. Those two factors affect the stage length, not the number of stages. And granted that Codies is now extracting 15+km stages from the dated EGO engine is actually quite good. @Fedemaisonnave was referring to the quantity of stages in particular. I understand that DiRT Rally stages look very nice, with great ambiance and surroundings, and lots of neat details. But to be honest it is disappointing that the sequel to DiRT Rally has the same number of stages (12 long stages inverted makes 24 total). I was hoping they would double the number of long stages per rally to four (eight if inverted).
  13. +1000. Edited to mention that Bigmoon uses Unreal Engine's satellite data import tool to create the maps. 
  14. Pfei

    DiRT Rally 2.0 Confirmed Car List

    I've said this in another thread but I'll just throw it out again here. It's a shame that R5 are the only modern rally cars (although I do enjoy them). Given the problems with the WRC license, why not just create fictitious modern rally cars? GT Sport has nine (not counting the '87 Audi which is a totally different class) fictitious modern Gr. B 500+hp interpretations. Full list: https://www.kudosprime.com/gts/carlist.php?cartype=9 I know some people don't like "fake cars" in the DiRT games but, really, what choice do we have at this point? At least they're based on real modern car models, and I would imagine licensing imaginary cars would be cheaper than real ones. Just look at them: Who wouldn't want something modern and powerful in DR2.0, even if they are fake?
  15. [BUMP] Can you please swap the SSL cert for a new one already? It's four months now. I will not send my PSN login credentials to a cert with known security flaws. Symantic will give you a new one for FREE. Please, we are itching for another DR league championship.