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  1. I am in my third year of WRC All Live. It's expensive but worth it. If your laptop can do YouTube it can do WRC All Live. You also have smartphone, tablet and Android TV options.
  2. We know that. It's just a joke. Because something was confirmed! 😜
  3. Everything! And... Nothing! 😏
  4. Year Two: México, Chile, Portugal, Italy, Kenya, Turkey and Japan confirmed!
  5. Toyota and Hyundai might run B-teams for Breen, Mikkelsen, Latvala and Katsuta. And there are rumors that the C3s will be bought and run privately with Østberg, Camilli and Bouffier
  6. The last I heard was that Lappi was the frontrunner. Nothing confirmed, though.
  7. I hope they "finish" the FFB now that we're looking at a second year of support/DLC. The SAT that's there is good, but that's all there is; absolutely no feeling on straights. The SAT only kicks in on curves or if you deliberately get sideways on a straight. There is zero effect on the wheels/suspension from bumps, camber, water puddles, tire slip/load, etc...
  8. What does the comfort rating do?
  9. Recently migrated from PS4 Pro to PC and got my PSVR working with Steam VR and the iVRy driver. My first league event in VR:
  10. He's active on GT Planet. He pops in once in a while to hype things up. GTP users tend to be less toxic than the people that hung out at Pretend Race Cars 😂 However, this acquisition thread on GTP has been met with a lot of skepticism. So instead of hyping, he was pretty quiet.
  11. News item of the year. I wonder if Rushy will be coming back. If so, this is basically Codemasters + SMS + Evolution. Quite a lot of know-how and versatility there. Can't wait for Ian's big mouth to rock the tight-lipped Codies PR boat.
  12. Rally Chile officially suspended for 2020. 2021 planned to go ahead as usual. Source: https://www.biobiochile.cl/noticias/deportes/motor/2019/11/28/wrc-no-vendra-a-concepcion-en-2020-plebiscito-y-crisis-social-obligan-a-postergar-cita.shtml
  13. I dunno man, I was thinking the same thing, but he finished fifth in the standing despite sitting out three rallies. It's also interesting that Sordo was "best of the rest" despite also having a partial program.
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