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  1. WRC7 has hotseat, too. Up to eight people can play "pass the controller (or wheel)" for a single stage. The fastest ghost is shown to each player. Lots of fun with friends.
  2. Pfei

    DiRT Rally 2.0: Clubs

    I agree with your analysis, especially with the stationary "advancement" inherent in Codies' games. It's always a sideways step or sometimes even worse, one forward and two back. You forgot to mention the setup bug. Clubs arrived four months late, and now a month later I still haven't sanctioned a real championship because of that issue. Then there is the assists issue. Even if you ban assists the Club members still show as using assists. I have tried and tried different options. I have all assists off, external cameras prohibited, and HUD turned off yet I still show as using assists. It must be possible because once in a while someone shows with no assists, but I don't think even CM knows what triggers the assists or no assists user at this point. One thing you are wrong about is the engineer situation. Clubs are in Freeplay so nothing from My Team is involved. That was a very good move on CM's part given the disparity that could cause among competitors. I am very happy they kept My Team and Clubs separate. I am also glad to see patches still incoming. Normal CM policy seems to be to drop support after 90 days yet here we are four months in and another major patch is on the way. I believe that by the end of Season 2 this game will be in the state it should have been upon launch. Someone here a couple months ago had mentioned the need of a re-launch. With a few more bug fixes, and Clubs working properly, and the game finally a finished product after Season 2, I believe a discounted re-launch would help a lot. Accompanied by VR, maybe. Hopefully we also see PSVR support eventually. The game has a good base to build from. It's missing some of the good stuff from D4 despite using the same engine, such as dynamic weather, livery editor, a career mode (DR 2.0's career rally should have been called "Upgrade Your Car Here" mode). It also falls way short of being a sim (central pivot physics, floaty EGO dynamics, joke damage system) but it's intuitive and fun to drive. All the puzzle pieces are on the table. If CM puts them together we'll have one helluva rally game on our hands.
  3. Pfei

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    Are those the definitive patch notes? Asking because I don't see anything about the setup issue in Clubs (setups last only one stage then reset to default).
  4. Pfei

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    Forgot these searches for "Rothmans" and "Marlboro":
  5. Pfei

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    It has nothing to do with licensing as tobacco and alcohol decals abound in GT Sport. I have scoured the documentation looking for clues as to how it's handled but all I can find is a warning that illegal and offensive decals will be removed. And from experience I know this to be true. PD is active in removing offensive content. However, real-world stuff like old liveries with tobacco and alcohol are never taken down. It must have something to do with the fact that they are user-made and falls into "Any depiction or recreation of real world locations, entities, businesses, or organizations is not intended to be or imply any sponsorship or endorsement of this game by such party or parties. " Just look at some of these examples. There's even some Codies-themed stuff there:
  6. @warpengage I'm not whining about content. I'm whining about stage stitching. It's an unrealistic marketing ploy. If Argentina only has four stages, so be it. Don't try to create two more out of thin air by gluing them together at the ends. What's worse: saying you have 100 stages and players realizing it's achieved by stage stitching, or having 75 stages and players thinking "what great stages"? The former is worse IMO. Although I do understand that most people don't research games like we do, hence the marketing ploy to excite unwary customers.
  7. @gk9147 I think the WRC 8 stuff belongs here. Regarding the 100+ stages, it looks like Kylotonn has borrowed a move from Codemasters' playbook by stitching stages together. Argentina has two stages which are reversed to make four in total. Then they stitch those two forward stages together and also reverse it to get two long stages. So "six" stages in total. That is unacceptable. I hate that in the DiRT Rallies and I'm sad to see another dev doing it. There is hope that it won't be like that throughout the game, however. Chile has four stages which are reversed, to make eight stages. No stage stitching in Chile. However the Chile stages look to all be 8km or less.
  8. Pfei

    No Latvia Rx (US PSN store)

    Looks like Latvia-gate has now been defused:
  9. Pfei

    DiRT Rally 2.0: Clubs

    What camera do you use? I have a feeling external cams are classified as assists now.
  10. This isn't directed at you, PJ. You're just the messenger. This message is for the CM IT team. The no maintenance policy on weekends is preposterous. Countless times my DR and D4 leagues have been unavailable over the years due to connection issues. When that happened the websites were throwing 500 errors. When it happened on the weekend I always knew it wouldn't be fixed until the week started. It is absolutely ridiculous that a game company does not have anyone to take care of these networking issues on weekends. I don't know how these things are coded, but usually a server(s) reboot will solve 500 errors. I suspect this rewards issue is a similar thing. For some reason the event completion info is not being fetched. I work in web development and server administration. I host client sites on the Amazon cloud. I can reboot, check, look into, solve, whatever, any issue from anywhere in the world at any time. Because that's my job. And my clients deserve to have their applications running 24/7. I'm like a doctor on call. I would never leave my client's apps and websites broken because it's "the weekend". This CM work ethic of not maintaining their infrastructure over the weekend has to stop.
  11. Pfei

    new older vehicles to purchase?

    This has happened to me, too, with multiple cars. I believe it's because the engine mapping works more as a research thingy rather than an actual physical parts upgrade on the engines. So it carries on from one car to another.
  12. Still true. No Sixaxis support in DiRT Rally 2.0.
  13. Pfei

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    I absolutely love the GTS editor. It is truly amazing. But that is a huge task accompanied by a massive investment and development. I doubt we will see anything like that in a rally game anytime soon.
  14. Pfei

    Tired of grinding

    It doesn't matter what the difficulty is in "career". It's just for farming credits. There are no trophies/achievements attached to it so who really cares if you can "beat" it or not? I find the Community Challenges vs humans much more enthralling than a boring slog against AI.
  15. To level the playing field between multi - millionaire day one players and noobies (actually, just as a general idea of adding some incentive for restraint just like real rallies) there should be a limit on parts in Weeklies and Monthlies. Limited sets of brake rotors, body panels, dampers, shocks, radiators, etc... This way even people with twenty million saved up will have to be careful on track. And add Hardcore damage to the community events.