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  1. lead audio designer/lead artist for dirt rally series and whom ever i may have forgot i will only post my suggestions on here for now on! i no longer use/have twitter i'm done with that ****. sorry for the inconvenience/silence. i losted something dear in my life...
  2. wishb0ne

    less wide stages/more tight like the real ones..

    hmm i know but in the wrc 8 the roads are pretty narrow and tighter then dirt rallies...you can tell the difference in size!
  3. the stages could be more accurate and correct for a harder challenge!
  4. in dirt rally 3.0 this stage would look amazing over hauled! :) https://youtu.be/X974wrZ30mQ
  5. i hope the physic's would be over hauled and water physic's actually mean something again and not just a lazy/lame texture slapped on...the year is 2020 after all!!!! give us a real challenge :) ❤️
  6. https://youtu.be/g7O8kOg0XNI
  7. wishb0ne


    uhh the east african safari rally?
  8. please have it something like this?