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  1. VilleAce

    DiRTy Gossip

    The updated Monte Carlo might be the best location in any rally game so far. Absolutely amazing. During a weekly bonus challenge in Monte, I saw a pile of snow fall down from the mountain on the road in front of my car on a night stage. Freaked me out so bad, I crashed 😄
  2. VilleAce

    Favourite location so far?

    I really like them all. If I have to choose only one, then New Zealand is my choice. Poland is a bit too terrible for me 😄
  3. VilleAce

    Thank you Codemasters

    I had a similar kind of experience with the tires in New Zealand as in the OP. I was battling for the win with the AI. Just two stages to go, and I was in second place just a second behind the leader. The first stage was a long one (over 12km) and the second was a short one (4km). Game suggested me medium tires, but I decided to gamble, and went for the soft ones. It was a risk worth taking. Absolutely hammered the AI on the long stage, and grabbed a stage win by 40 seconds. Of course my tires melted down on me, but because the last stage was so short, I lost only 5 seconds there, and managed to win the event.
  4. VilleAce

    I'm DONE!! ...already. Rally 2.0

    "It gets faster now!" Propably my favorite ever line from a co-driver. That's from Solbergs record run in Ouninpohja 2004 at the Mutanen junction towards Kakaristo. 6:17 at the YouTube-video.
  5. VilleAce

    DiRTy Gossip

    Ok @RallyDriven it has gone under my radar. Sorry for that. Still, I reckon it's an awesome livery.
  6. VilleAce

    DiRTy Gossip

    Jon's Galway livery confirmed.
  7. VilleAce

    DiRTy Gossip

    I would be happy, if the first DLC would just feature Monte Carlo from DR1 with changing weather conditions, and tyre lottery.