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  1. As previously mentioned the problem is if you set ERS to none it only harvests energy under braking and whilst coasting off throttle.. This is not accurate. The MGU-H logic seems off and backed up by Nico and Max. AC which has this accurately coded by Ferrari insight does not behave this way as well.. Maybe CM have their reasons for this however if they are somewhat trying to mimic real life then they should change the harvest logic..
  2. state of charge... We can not control those modes in CM series.. ERS is not just about deployment..
  3. Today in FP3 in Spain Verstappen said his battery was not going to charge coasting around so slowly with this SOC mode. Nico Rosberg who was in commentary said the best way to recharge the ERS battery is to go flat out on the straights.. He would know.. This SOC method is not the case in F1 2020. As suspected something is not correct here with the logic..
  4. Have I misunderstood something...? I can set the bite point to 15-20 and seems to be doing something.. F1's do only use one clutch paddle now and have done for a couple of years..
  5. 1. Description: Lewis Hamilton (Ai) passing me under yellow and received no penalty. I have full flags and rules set. 2. Game Version: 1.03 3. Game Mode: PC - Solo race 4. What are your replication numbers? N/A 5. What troubleshooting have you attempted? N/A 6. What peripherals?: DD2 7. Any screenshots or video: Video (see link) https://youtu.be/P_eCFNvuLLM
  6. I use a single monitor with low FOV. Some classic cars I don't need it as I can see the side mirrors. I also don't need it in hotlap mode..
  7. Yeah.. I gave up on the title for few years.. I liked what they did with the ffb/physics in 2019 and 2020 is another step in the right direction..
  8. mine are working fine on my formula v2 rim for F1 2020 and 2019.
  9. Please consider a virtual mirror hotkey to toggle it on or off or alternatively a option under the car specific camera options like the halo is.. thank you
  10. Coanda

    DRS LED..

    I think this thread can be closed. The Renault has 2 green lights (LHS) when available and a further 3 Green lights when activated. I thought the 3 green lights were part of the revs however they are not. Happy days
  11. Coanda

    DRS LED..

    Please consider adding a generic DRS LED that lights up when engaged.. With the virtual wheel static my only way to know if I have not tried to engage DRS to early is to look back or try and listen for the artificial wind sound..
  12. Please consider displaying the Fuel Mix number (1, 2, 3) on the steering wheel LCD like you do for the ERS mode. It would be handy to have this in front of the laps of fuel remaining which is located under the lap number.
  13. Please consider making the snap grid smaller for more flexible widget positioning and furthermore the ability to overlapped widgets. Currently is impossible to make different widgets vertically align and if they are positioned on the same Y axis they will be horizontally separated at all different lengths as the padding within the widget container are completely different sizes for similar elements.. For example 70% size for time, lap count, position..
  14. Something seems off with the MGU-H. I drove a lap with ERS deployment Off and no charge occurred on the straight. Only under braking which I gather is mainly from the MGU-K.. ERS also has SOC modes which the driver would change.. Edit Add: All good on the recovery. It is harvesting off throttle..
  15. Why has this decision been taken yet again from CM..? The Ui navigation is painful, particularly when racing in the dark. We have a mouse so why not use it.. The community ask about this with every installment yet nothing is done. It baffles me.. It is present in Dirt 2.0 so it has to be conscious decision not to enable this.. Some input from the devs would be greatly appreciated..
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