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  1. Cvaso

    Steering lock at Sochi track..

    Sony xperia xz1 No aids Same there also it happens in australia/Melbourne
  2. Cvaso

    Credits and Resource points disappearing.

    After Suzuka event i had more than 11k resource points, proppeler shaft upgrade to lvl 3 cost normally 2500 resource points, but mine has cost 7500. So...
  3. PI 1374 1 League No assists 20 races summary: Grid start is same as before, perfect launch, 1st gear same as AI, 2rd gear to end race the AI become fan boost like in Formula E. No chance to win duel. AI still 5-9 sec faster. From 20 duels was grid start 16 times! Sprint race 1 won. AI still faster than me. But the AI crashed oponnent. Qualification 1 of 3 won. Car is more over steer. In 90°> corner still won't accelerate, like traction control enabled. When is in challenge task to complete duel on specific track 0% of duels is on this track until i skip the challenge.
  4. Cvaso

    Grid Start in F1 Mobile

    Actually you say this sentence so many times, so i think you are also the Bot! Everything is ****** up in this game so you need to make a huge complex solution ASAP!
  5. Cvaso

    Suzuka Event

    I today tryied three times, i spotted that if you spend f1 Credit to next try you are faster. Or i just putted faster lap? Really don't know but, when I tested the suzuka quali in singke race mode i was waster much more than event. Circa 4-4,5 sec difference without pushing too much. In event? I have been pushhed hard as ****, like every single corner was red racing line but i was wayway slower. I'd love to see a video of a 1:19 qualifying lap too. I mean it can be done as new feature in next update, like replay after real quali on F1.
  6. Cvaso

    Need to Tune before racing duel

    I agree with you.
  7. Cvaso

    this is ridiculous

    I have same problem also in Melbourne 3rd DRS.
  8. Cvaso

    Latest update

    I dont understand developers, i thik they dont have quality department. Guys pay me and i can tell you in 10 minutes of testing update whats wrong. I don't understand the Business model of This game, Micro transaction are useless, because the only way to speed up the car is massively update your aero performance. I know one in help you can find that aero improve your vertical load ofbthe car, so you don't need so much power to drive fast on straight. But i am not really sure that it improve also the downforce because the car won't turn properly, especially in slow and mid fast corners. On 180 degree corner i spotted that my car wont accelerate, so i think the traction control can't be turned off. I drive without assist by my car never spin. In fact, I just understood the business model, because of that, we can't win the duel, we have to buy a blueprint. That is the ugly truth of this game. Next what i don't understand for what reason we have so many options of parts, when we can't equip it on the car. Do you think guys Lewis won 5 championship without front wing? Guys please stop telling is "we are investigating this or this problem" just make something and fix it. This game is so long out and you actually not made properly. You are like politicians. You are just talking and do nothing. And I also don't understand why my car feel another in event races, another in duels races and another in single races. Thank you for your answer.
  9. Cvaso

    Latest update

    I found next bug, this day i become no reward from my challenges, it looks so asbat the picture, i tap to collect and nothing is happen. The tab with done challenge goes out, notification is still there, resource points are not charged.
  10. Cvaso

    Latest update

    Another bug, the double reaserch points button after duel has me showed just one time after latest update
  11. Cvaso

    Latest update

    Another issue, the game changing the speed of car, in single race in qualification mode silverstone, everytime i set time 1:16.something, but now during parcitipating event my fastest time was 1:25.50 i think. Thats is 9 second difference, for what is good research parts and updating when game is doing this?
  12. Cvaso

    Latest update

    Another bug, the free f1 Credit button is not showing up
  13. Cvaso

    Latest update

    Another bug, the free f1 Credit button is not showing up
  14. Cvaso

    Latest update

    But it is not the same as before, i can start with perfect start, but during the all race are bots and also oponnent much faster on straight, but, some bots like to make pitstop on straight, or in middle of turn. Also the big problem ist the bots using dirty practice, they are steer in to me. This cost me: penalty, decreasing SR, and often also race because i lost my wheel. I think in codemasters nobody work, because here is no reply from they.
  15. Cvaso

    Latest update

    The next bug, from the shop i can't buy or grab daily gift, so also i can't buy daily pack. There is no button for buy and the whole tab also don't react