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  1. 1. I would like the water-effect on the side windows to be greatly reduced in intensity during heavy rain. I only play in helmet camera and losing the side window makes it incredibly hard to drive because you cannot see the apex in tight turns anymore and you lose the sense of speed becuase the FOV is somewhat decreased. 2. Why on earth would you use an overall time ranking system in monthly challenges with several rallies? A points based system such as in the clubs would be way better. In an overall time based ranking you cannot compensate for a crash in one rally with superb performance on
  2. I would love to have a more transparent physics system. There are so many things that I would love to see in Dirt Rally but I am not sure whether they are already invisibly implemented. For example I would like to know, whether my driving style affects the rate of tyre degradation. I cant really find that out with the information that the game gives me. The graphic thats showing the degree of tyre degradation is confusing as well. Just give us a rough percent estimate. That you would be a way clearer way of communication.
  3. I would want to add that the Finland Stages ARE in fact Ouninpohja. If you were to drive them in one go it would be identical to the long Ouninpohja stage. The same is true for El Condor and the Argentina stages. However I would like to see: "Stein & Wein" and "Römerstraße" or even "Grafschaft" for Rally Germany You can look these stages up here https://www.rallyekarte.de/Rallye-Deutschland-2019 For Finland I would want to see the "Ruuhimäki" stage. They could add "Torsby" for Sweden and "Wedding Bells" for Australia.
  4. I cannot connect to the server right now. I am in Austria.
  5. There is extensive flickering of the trees that really distracts from driving. Ambient occlusion, shadows and rendering distance are all set to high. Tree flickering.mp4
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