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  1. JohnReese1999

    new cars for dirt rally 2.0

    Seat Cordoba WRC Subaru Impreza WRC 2006 Volkswagen Polo WRC 2016 Toyota Corolla WRC
  2. I´d love to see some classic WRC stages such aus Torsby (Sweden), Fafe (Portugal), Monte Lerno (Sardegna), Grafschaft (Germany), Wedding Bells (Australia), Ruuhimäki (Finland). Would be happy to see a Non-El-Condor-Argentina stage as well. Rally Turkey would be nice too.
  3. I cannot connect to the server right now. I am in Austria.
  4. There is extensive flickering of the trees that really distracts from driving. Ambient occlusion, shadows and rendering distance are all set to high. Tree flickering.mp4
  5. Since I bought Season 3 and 4 the level of vegetation detail in the distance in USA dropped significantly. The grass and bushes can be seen far later than before. I havent changed anything in the graphics menu but it feels like the track detail setting was turned down to medium (even though it is on maximum)
  6. JohnReese1999

    Improvements for Dirt Rally 2.0

    Ah ok, I will give the Ford another try. Surprisingly I dont have any problem at all with the Skoda. I have moved the seat a lot closer to the front which is not so much of a problem in terms of feeling the speed for me, because the side windows are quite large.
  7. JohnReese1999

    Improvements for Dirt Rally 2.0

    I know about the option to move the seat. But you need to move it that far back to see the gauge that it is not immersive at all anymore
  8. JohnReese1999

    Improvements for Dirt Rally 2.0

    16:9 single monitor? Did you manage that just by moving the seat?
  9. JohnReese1999

    Improvements for Dirt Rally 2.0

    Do you use the helmet cam with the wheel enabled?
  10. I love Dirt Rally 2.0, there are times I can play it for hours, feeling totally immersed like I was a real rally driver. I think the physics are great and I do think that the FFB is decent. But there are moments when I am close to rage quitting the game because I pay to much attention too little things that I finde more than annoying. I wish the developers would read and maybe implement some of the tweaks and changes that I am suggesting: - The stage time isn´t shown ingame after a stage in a weekly or monthly community challange - just the overall time. That makes it harder to keep track of your performance. - I cannot understand why the monthly challange doesn´t feature a point system like the real championship but rather rates the players according to their overall time. This is frustrating because compensating a mistake in one rally is way harder. - The Ford Focus 2007 is unplayable for me, because when I use the driver cam with the wheel enabled I cannot see the gear and the RPMs of the car, neither can I adjust the seat so that it improves the situation. - There is no way to jump straight to replay video after a mistake in the time trial mode. You must either finish the stage, which can take several minutes with a puncture, or you need to provoke total damage of the car, which can take minutes as well. I would love to analyse my driving right away not after 10 minutes trying to finish the stage or the car with a flat tyre. - When selecting the stage degradation mode for a custom championship event, it seems like the different options don´t work like expected. When only driving one stage, the different options seem to give me randomn levels of stage degradation. "Full" doesn´t give me a fully degraded stage all the time. When playing whole rallies, "authentic" seems to deliver no degradation at all, even if the stage is driven twice. Could you please clarify what the settings do? - I cannot really figure out the advantages of a medium or hard compound tyre. Even on several longer stages driven without a service inbetween, I seem to be always faster using soft tires. - The well known problem of the sound cutting out mid-stage. - Some co-driver calls are still very bad, but I don´t care that much anymore because I have remembered most of the DR2.0 and DR1 stages.