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  1. elimmel

    AI cars!!!!

    Many times I’m 4-5s in the lead halfway through the race but end up losing. AI opponent seems to weave through traffic at will. while when it’s you, the other AIs are programmed to block, swipe and get aggro. the game logic is a scam. Whenever you get ahead in points, you get a string of races against opponents with much lower trophy points that will wipe the track with you. Quick lost of few hundred points in a flash. imagine playing against the same opponent 4-5times in a row and losing... but that opponent don’t see an increase in trophy points.
  2. elimmel

    New update

    New one just experienced. opponent started in grid race at position 1 and me at usual 7th. bug or cheat? Opponent’s nick was Motorhead.
  3. elimmel

    Car goes airborne after getting hit

    New one tonight. Got hit, went airborne and landed back on track. Only to get hit again by the same fella into the wall. im sure this game is programmed to make you lose points when you start to get ahead. I’ve been playing with similar group of opponents that keep smashing me ... at different times of the day. I think 80% are bot opponents. Makes no mistakes in qualifiers and turns monster demolition cars for grids/sprints. After playing for more than a year, same ****
  4. elimmel

    Punishment vs rewards

    Great idea. A +5 cup points would be nice 👍🏻
  5. Hi guys!
    It’s my first here and probably the last one!

    Only to let the Codemaster’s developer that the last update is the worst I’ve ever seen since I’ve started playing! Now the cars is a strange kind of barrow impossible to drive (I’m 5sec slower than before in almost all tracks) and It’s very disappointing when you understand that a lot of time was spent for nothing trying to improve the car to get the best setup to begin the new 2020 champ!! All was done for nothing... The assists were better before when anyone could made his own choices, now is really indefinite. And what about the cheaters? Nothing was done, erase the red button because it’s useless! But something new happens: now even the AI cars are always ready to smash you on the wall!!! Why don’t you try, after a crash, to take off the front wing for example and set the cheater car 10s slower?? 
    Sorry guys for my disappointment, but this was a good game! I hope that someone will give it back as it was before. In this conditions I won’t spend one more penny on this game....

    ‘Maybe only my writing is worse than the last update!

    Thank you all!

  6. Qualifying was easy. I always have issues going all out in the actual races cos the brake point or brakes can randomly fail in some corners. So to complete the event, I have to overbrake and thus slower times. Wasted credits retrying as well. happens for all events after introduction of pay to retry.
  7. elimmel

    New update

    Anyone else getting the swarmed by AI cars for grid start races issue? Looks like the slow grid start problem is back. for sprints and grid races, the AI is also more aggressive again and seems to protect your opponent should you let one come between your car and opponent’s.
  8. elimmel


    No one is disputing the fact that no assist can be an option. But what we want is to have that choice to make. Not stuff it down our throats and then when it trickles down to events, pay more to retry. seems to be their mode of operation with every update.
  9. elimmel

    New update

    Low assist (pro) will be the max that’s playable after loads of training. Definitely taking away whatever joy that was left in the game.
  10. elimmel

    New update

    A patch has been done and now things are much better.
  11. elimmel

    New update

    I would have been happy if the update was only for the report button. but Noooooo. They had to mess with something that was working pretty well. i can only handle medium assist level but it’s making playing even more stressful with a mobile. Give me back the old assists!
  12. Scam is the right word. Can’t even finish the Canadian event cos of the stupid no brake “bug”. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, this started happening for events when they introduced pay to retry.
  13. elimmel

    Improving Top Issues - Duels

    Started playing again due to the mini events. And behold, the issues encountered previously are still there. Sudden loss of brakes when going into corners. I do not have brake assist so end up, I have to brake harder into corners to prevent from crashing. Big hit on lap times. Funny how this only came about after they introduced pay to retry for events....
  14. elimmel

    Brazil 0 PI Challenge top lap times

    The missing sector time issue again? Not sure if it’s a bug or exploitation used by some racers.
  15. elimmel

    Game is rigged?

    Welcome to F1 mobile. The game has been basically like this since launch.