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  1. elimmel

    Where’s my French GP decal?

    Nothing for me yet
  2. elimmel

    2 things bothering me

    Instead of safety rating based on contact, how about a peer rating? just a simple good or bad rating selection at the end of each duel. Or even just a bad rating. Default will be +3 points. If a bad rating is selected, -1 point. Simple enough? Oh ya, will only work with real opponents lol
  3. elimmel

    Canada Race

    3 times disconnected with server while on my way to victory in P1. Once when I was just passing the last corner. Can’t connect to the game now.
  4. elimmel

    Latest patch status

    Could be that some paying players were complaining that they don’t get their money’s worth with the paid cars. Then while trying to give some advantages to paid cars, they messed things up again. Just guessing lol
  5. elimmel

    Latest patch status

    Wow great... on the way to another pay to play/win game...
  6. elimmel

    China GP: how does it possible?

    You can retry if you want to beat the time and get more points. Not a must.
  7. elimmel

    Upcoming Monaco Grand Prix

    So if we can’t finish race round 3, we don’t get any points for actual race? Tough qualifying and laggy frame rates making it almost impossible to even complete this event.
  8. elimmel

    Upcoming Monaco Grand Prix

    I did a 1:08.22 and I’ll be 19th on the grid. Going to just coast thru the race tom and complete.
  9. elimmel


    Maybe every update is coded and based on the original golden copy instead of previous working versions?
  10. elimmel

    May 13 Status Update

    Hmmm... maybe zero assists would be better! Lol
  11. elimmel

    May 13 Status Update

    Assist pre and post update are the same but handling is different. Low brakes and mid steering assist. The rest full assist with auto acceleration.
  12. elimmel

    May 13 Status Update

    Another few hundred points lost. Tyres seem to have no grip. Sliding all over. Engine pen is ****. Cars now take me out by flying into the air and landing on me. Happened a few times as I brake going into a corner. Basically the same issues all over.
  13. elimmel

    May 13 Status Update

    New update is déjà vu. Unbeatable bots, laggy fps, car seems slower... here we go again.
  14. elimmel

    Post Update 5 Topics to Address

    Just finished Singapore race. Was sent flying into the sky in sector 1. But actually landed back on track in the lead and won cos opponent DNF! Lol
  15. elimmel

    Spain Grand Prix

    I had all assists on (med brake) and got 1:12. Just did a 1:11 by changing to low brake assist. Well I guess fortune favours the brave lol