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  1. It’s a “feature” of the game that’s been around for ages. It pegs back your progress and some may erroneously think better parts will help and go spend....NOT. also get used to the win 20 and lose 40pts loop. 😆
  2. I’ve been experiencing sudden power loss akin to corner cut penalties albeit it lasts only a quick couple of seconds. Enough to lose me races. Didn’t monitor for which races or tracks but I’m sure there was no corner cut and on full tarmac. iPhone user so don’t think it’s a phone issue.
  3. Yes seems like they have managed to beat the system again. Met quite a few of them already.
  4. To CM’s credit, the game is at its best since launch. and I’ve played since 2019 pre season
  5. Raced this player yesterday. Certainly doesn’t live up to a 9999 driver. Easy win in qualifying.
  6. Having played this game since the beginning, I’m sure we’re racing against AI 80-90% of the time. If your race preparation screen (waiting for opponent) is slow, then probably matching a real player. If it starts within 2-3s, it’s AI.
  7. Hi guys!
    It’s my first here and probably the last one!

    Only to let the Codemaster’s developer that the last update is the worst I’ve ever seen since I’ve started playing! Now the cars is a strange kind of barrow impossible to drive (I’m 5sec slower than before in almost all tracks) and It’s very disappointing when you understand that a lot of time was spent for nothing trying to improve the car to get the best setup to begin the new 2020 champ!! All was done for nothing... The assists were better before when anyone could made his own choices, now is really indefinite. And what about the cheaters? Nothing was done, erase the red button because it’s useless! But something new happens: now even the AI cars are always ready to smash you on the wall!!! Why don’t you try, after a crash, to take off the front wing for example and set the cheater car 10s slower?? 
    Sorry guys for my disappointment, but this was a good game! I hope that someone will give it back as it was before. In this conditions I won’t spend one more penny on this game....

    ‘Maybe only my writing is worse than the last update!

    Thank you all!

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