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  1. elimmel

    Halloween Challenge

    Oops. My bad. Should be 1:26 setup. 472, 347, 988, 289, 91
  2. elimmel

    Halloween Challenge

    Just finished. 1:16, 4:25 and 4:23. 80k++ points. Definitely can be faster as I used medium assist and kept on racing line.
  3. elimmel

    Great difference in setup!

    Playing with or without assists makes a huge difference.
  4. elimmel

    Update 15 - track updates?

    Another track update... seems like they made it stricter on chicane cuts.....
  5. elimmel

    Update 15 - track updates?

    Had to delete and reinstall after game got stuck at loading. phone orientation got fixed. ghosting back to wonky as getting smashed by opponents.
  6. elimmel

    Update 15 - track updates?

    Just done a few races. Car seems slower. Also, I can’t play with the phone in landscape to the right. Where top notch of phone is on the right side. I have to turn it the other way. And no more report function at race end?
  7. elimmel

    Bad start to the day

    I’ve done 281 races so far this round.
  8. elimmel

    Bad start to the day

    It’s not surprising. I’ve been getting Monaco and Hanoi 30-40% of the time these couple of weeks. even against the same opponent 3 straight races.
  9. elimmel

    Bizarre Grid Starts

    I had a qualifying race against a BOT that started nose down vertical. It got stuck at the starting line and was “standing” there after I crossed the finishing line to take the win. 😆
  10. elimmel

    Well this looks promising!

    Monza, Monaco and Baku are prime examples.
  11. elimmel

    Well this looks promising!

    Got rammed from the back by my opponent along Serraglio at Monza. I had slowed to avoid hitting a bot. Opponent didn’t ghost through. Hit spun me off track. close contact seems to work fine though.
  12. elimmel

    Japan 0 pi

    Time was added to race 2 for both Suzuka and Sotchi. 4s and 6s clock on the left is +6s but the right clock is at 0 when you cross the line to start race2. Completed Suzuka but I’m at 59k for sotchi.....
  13. elimmel

    New update

    Apparently there was a glitch with the update and some could race with full PI. It’s now fixed and CM is going through the ladder to remove times clocked during the glitch period. dang, made me reset for nothing. if I leave the reset alone, will it lapse after some time and go back to original?
  14. elimmel

    Exhibition Event

    Stage race end for Picard starts at +4s... anyone else getting this too?
  15. elimmel

    Well this looks promising!

    When I hit my opponent and trigger ghost, my car feels the impact and goes wobbly. but when opponent hits me, I get wobbly but they just ghost through.... duh....