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  1. elimmel

    Game is rigged?

    Welcome to F1 mobile. The game has been basically like this since launch.
  2. elimmel


    After the Xmas update, it looks like back to the rubbish 2 updates back (and some). Lost 300 points in one session of endless dnf and 3rd sector spurts by bots in qualifying races.
  3. elimmel


    Your r&d max is only 44? Long way to go .... being in elite 1 is nothing really.
  4. elimmel

    Wins and Losses

    My sentiments exactly
  5. elimmel

    Improving Top Issues - Duels

    win loss points should be based on finishing position of drivers or time based difference like suggested. been losing 40pts and winning 20pts for a long time. Coupled with racing “lower ranked” opponents in sprints/grids, the points slide can be massive in a short time.
  6. elimmel

    Brazil GP: Bronze with 44,059 points?!?

    I think some dodgy lap times are not fully cleared. I got silver with a 46k haul. Could have been better if not for the brake bug in races. Had to over brake at corners to even complete the race 3.
  7. elimmel

    Unreasonable Brazil Qualie target?

    Not that bug. The brake should engage as soon as I tab anywhere on the phone screen. I can see myself tabbing on a brake pedal but the car doesn’t slow down.
  8. elimmel

    Unreasonable Brazil Qualie target?

    Is it really “easier” using a tablet like ipad? can’t imagine racing multiple races with the weight of the device. did a 1:04 to be 1st on grid but actual race gets screwed by the sudden no brakes in some corners. The “no brake” feature has been around for a few events and nothing done. Costing me credits
  9. elimmel


    I think the crazy bots go into overdrive after hitting 5000 points. Prior to that, pretty smooth.
  10. elimmel

    No credits for challenges.

    Seems to be ok now but missing credits not fully recovered.
  11. elimmel

    No credits for challenges.

    Same here. No credits.
  12. elimmel

    Please Help!

    I’m still having full aero setups going fastest for me. off or Low brake assist full stability and low steering assist.
  13. elimmel

    Codemasters strike back!

    Yes I’m suspecting that as well. Everything can be fine in qualifying and even race 1. Then in race 2, brakes don’t work as they should in certain corners. Race 3 as well. ends up with slower lap times due to harder braking. Sneaky.....
  14. elimmel


    That’s new. I’ve only encountered opponent’s car turning ghost in sprints and grid. Then they just slice through the field easily.
  15. elimmel

    Bad driving

    Yes, it’s still a game of beat the opponent instead of winning the race.