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  1. elimmel

    Duels Leaderboards...

    9999 is still 9999 be it winning 1000 or 5000 races just as long as it maintains it.
  2. Fix the existing problems first. You can off the racing line on your own if you can’t wait 😄
  3. Also would like to have a game for us to try and win a race instead of focusing to win an opponent.
  4. elimmel

    Can someone explain this?

    Experienced this yesterday but didn’t take note of the opponent’s name. Cars in front started flying into the air while the grid lights were still in progress. Then opponent were already way ahead on Go. Dont know why but I didn’t quit the race. Finished the race but ended up winning as the system put the opponent behind me at final result. Weird.
  5. elimmel


    Well I feel cheated when I race an opponent in sprint and grid that’ll turn into a ghost car slicing through traffic effortlessly. Cheated by the game developers as usual.
  6. elimmel

    Update 7

    Rating 0 players may not be bots after all. I’ve seen them cut corners like at Monaco, come at me to take me out at corners (even when off track) as well as DNF when behind. More mysteries with each update 😆
  7. elimmel

    Update 7

    So far most things quite alright except for the almost unbeatable bots. Back to the grinding I suppose
  8. elimmel

    What is this set up?

    So back to the age old question. Are we racing to win races or to beat opponents? it should be the former with bonuses for podium finishes.
  9. elimmel

    What is this set up?

    Yes the “defensive” tactics of bots in grid and sprints are back with a vengeance.
  10. elimmel

    Shame on you !!!!!

    I’ve experienced the grid start glitch. Opponent was several places back and I thought I had the race under control. In a blink of an eye, opponent was teleported to the front! In sprints too. Opponent can suddenly turn ghost and zip past me and bots to the front. Weird
  11. elimmel

    Patch 6.5 notes

    Ghost cars still not fixed. Racing agst a flag or a tag is no fun. And how come a car that’s more than a sec behind me, ends up winning by more than sec after one corner? This bug isn’t new.... oh wait, it’s my crappy connection?... NOT!
  12. elimmel

    Meet the phantom takeoff bug

    Well I’m been lucky then. Can’t remember which track but I was 2 places behind my opponent when I got bumped from the back and hit the front car. It launched me into the sky, nice view, and back down on track.... in front of my opponent and won the race! 😄
  13. elimmel

    Update 6 feedback hub

    Do we have chicanes or speed humps? Canada and Singapore to name 2 tracks where skirting the chicanes could send you flying into a wall
  14. elimmel

    Update 6 feedback hub

    I’m shallow... I just want to be able to turn off haptic all the drivability issues and aggressive AI/players, don’t really bother me very much anymore, waste of my energy and sanity.
  15. elimmel

    No grip after update

    Drive wise, not too bad so far. Just a couple of small things noted. Graphics too stretched. I’m using iPhone X and now the graphic is stretched all the way past the top notch. So abit of the screen is blocked off. Second is the custom car livery. Changed livery to claim challenge reward. But now it’s stuck on that livery. After changing it, it goes back to the one chosen to claim the reward. I’m stuck with Ricard livery! Also, any option to off haptic feedback?