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  1. elimmel

    Bad driving

    Yes, it’s still a game of beat the opponent instead of winning the race.
  2. elimmel

    can’t race

    You can’t on an iPhone. Just have to close all other apps before launching F1 mobile. but like mentioned in one of the replies above, the game will occasionally shut down after playing for an extended period. To me, it’s poor coding. How can a mobile game have such high demands on RAM? Not all phones have 2-3gb RAM which they imply could be inadequate.
  3. elimmel

    can’t race

    RAM, not memory space on phone. But I don’t think that’s the reason. Convenient excuse. TS, maybe delete and do a fresh install of the game. More troublesome will be to reset your iPhone to factory and do a clean restore.
  4. elimmel

    You money hungry scum Codemasters

    Can’t even finish race 1. Bots get at you like a bad rash. Early braking and all in the corners. Once you touch a bot, penalty and all the other cars zoom past. And then pay to retry. unless you’re on the front row on grid, it’s almost no point continuing in the events anymore. Oh ya, did I mention the graphic lag, glitch whatever you call it?
  5. elimmel

    Update 8 is a step in the wrong direction

    Most irritating thing now for me is opponents turning into ghost mode in grid and sprint duels.
  6. elimmel

    Paying to retry?

    Missing sector timings again?
  7. elimmel

    Recent GP Event leaderboard changes breakdown

    Thanks for the explanation. Now can the developers get cracking on the issues raised for gameplay? having to race against opponents who can false start on grids and turn into ghost mode during grid & sprints is no fun.
  8. Still on summer vacation I guess...
  9. elimmel


    So far I’ve gotten 3 legendary boxes from race wins but obviously not at the same time like that fella.
  10. elimmel

    Duels Leaderboards...

    9999 is still 9999 be it winning 1000 or 5000 races just as long as it maintains it.
  11. Fix the existing problems first. You can off the racing line on your own if you can’t wait 😄
  12. Also would like to have a game for us to try and win a race instead of focusing to win an opponent.
  13. elimmel

    Can someone explain this?

    Experienced this yesterday but didn’t take note of the opponent’s name. Cars in front started flying into the air while the grid lights were still in progress. Then opponent were already way ahead on Go. Dont know why but I didn’t quit the race. Finished the race but ended up winning as the system put the opponent behind me at final result. Weird.
  14. elimmel


    Well I feel cheated when I race an opponent in sprint and grid that’ll turn into a ghost car slicing through traffic effortlessly. Cheated by the game developers as usual.
  15. elimmel

    Update 7

    Rating 0 players may not be bots after all. I’ve seen them cut corners like at Monaco, come at me to take me out at corners (even when off track) as well as DNF when behind. More mysteries with each update 😆