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  1. elimmel


    Resource points are easy to accumulate. As long as cup points, wins and chests are given, I love such free hits.
  2. elimmel

    Custum car v/s Official car.

    Oh my, and I have Ferrari....
  3. elimmel

    Bad drivers

    Raced this player yesterday. Certainly doesn’t live up to a 9999 driver. Easy win in qualifying.
  4. elimmel

    Grid starts a joke!

    AIs have been really good since the latest update. Only problem is when they are perfect in street track qualifyings. Especially Monaco where they don’t ever make mistakes.
  5. elimmel


    I was wondering about Montreal too. I had thought I timed the corner superbly only to see my opponent zoom past right through the corner.
  6. elimmel

    Elite points revision

    Funny thing is it’s tough reaching 9999 but once there, the opponents in the 9k range are rather fair. until the game decides to peg you down with a string of 4-5k bots that’ll thrash you 😆
  7. elimmel

    Elite points revision

    Been gunning for 9999 every month but for 2020 season, may just play for cr. Less stressful and can even laugh off dnf races. Couple of thousand points to get to elite 1 is rather easy. Better for my heart definitely lol
  8. elimmel

    Cheats cheats and more cheats

    What makes you think you were racing real opponents? Majority of races are against AI.
  9. elimmel

    70th anniversary event score?

    Timings are also important for points. It’s only 5k points for 1st place. Qualifying, 1st and final race total only 15k points. without seeing the actual timings, we won’t know whether any exploitation was committed. remember the missing sector timings for 2019 events?
  10. elimmel

    2020 SETUP

    The icon changes every time I log back into the game even though setup not changes. I think high downforce and balanced cannot make up their minds....
  11. elimmel

    70th anniversary event score?

    Gold tier drivers of 1st event already above 100k. Max point 60k is for claiming max rewards.
  12. elimmel

    2020 update is here

    Worst session so far with the new update. The crazies are back with a few races taken out at the 1st corner. Increased AI aggression. Not so easy overtaking now. And yes, brake checking granny drivers.... but overall, still a tad better than before.
  13. elimmel

    F1 70’event

    From past events, the 100cr will be needed to unlock each new round.
  14. elimmel

    F1 70’event

    Just finished the event. Rather easy to get pass 60k points for full rewards. but it seems the credits went missing after the event. I’m sure after the claiming the rewards, I had 560+cr. Exited and went to practice single races. After that, my cr went down to 441. Experienced missing cr before and lodged report then but no response and buried.
  15. elimmel

    F1 70’event

    Anyone joined the F1 70 event? 100cr to unlock each track? Seriously?.....