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  1. Antcommander

    LMA Manager

    Bring Lma back and club football.  Just brush up the code and give it decent res and frame rate and sell it for £15 or £20. It would be money for old rope for codemasters,  but many of us are begging for old rope when it comes to footy games, rather than the same old same old, new rope of pes and fifa which are fine, but so predictable and boring. Come on codies,  do something! 
  2. Antcommander

    sensible world of soccer ps4/psn

    Well the first dude is right.  Although originally sensible software,  they did have the licence and issued the ps2 game, which was different.  Anyhow what the guy is saying is we need sensi back, and he's right. But I'd go one further.  I'd say if codemasters re released a version of their "club soccer" I'd buy it! Just brush up the old ps2 code, make it a decent res and frame rate and you could leave the rest as it was, old teams old players, just let me set up offline tournaments and leagues to play with my mates and I'd buy it. I'd even go as far as say that just having a footy game which xbox hasn't will help ps sell even more consoles, as there are loads of footy fans who are begging for an alternative to pes and fifa and wouldn't mind paying for it. So folks back me up by posting a "we want footy" if we get 1000 posts, on this obscure website forum,  then surely someone will listen. So get talking to your pals and get people posting!  Cheers! And We want footy! In fact, there's your new game name!