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  1. IIIDanteIII

    Useless Parts

    Since 91% of the parts we get from boxes are commom parts, (which are useless), give us something to do with it; build a setup three where there's a place only for commom, another for rare, another for epic; or exchange 100 commom parts for 1 rare parts and then 100 epic for one rare. once the game don't use the same system of the pc game, 91% of the resources are useless, give us something to do with this.
  2. IIIDanteIII

    Race not finishing

    This is my second race after the update. I've out for while so I don't know if this was already reported... after the chequered flag the duel was not finished and the car kept doing laps alone for 15 minutes. anyone else?
  3. IIIDanteIII

    Post Update 5 Topics to Address

    Hi, Chris. Is there any feedback from developers about the bug in sprint that makes the car ahead slow down and on the "start" the opponent pass trough him every time? Or on Grid Start mode, the IA car being mega fast and impossible to beat. any improvements on this two topics?
  4. IIIDanteIII

    Sprint race

    another question: The bug that "makes me almost park on the straight when i'm ahead, and then my opponent just pass trough me and i never recover my position" will ever be fixed?
  5. IIIDanteIII

    Where are the Spanish GP Rewards???

    After restarted the app, I pretty sure that didn't received any epic parts, where they suposed to came in gold prize?
  6. IIIDanteIII

    Where are the Spanish GP Rewards???

    it happened again to get stucked on this screen. I couldn't see the cards.
  7. IIIDanteIII

    Post Update 5 Topics to Address

    this has happened to me, but how can I know if I received or not my reward such as epic cards? I'd have to memorize the number of card that i have before...
  8. IIIDanteIII

    Missing R&D rewards from Azerbaijan event

    the same happens to me, its freezes the game. And I only got the bronze reward, so I'd be able to get gold but I'll have to spend my credits for that? I already spend to much time to get a good lap in qualy and I'll have to do that again. notify eden games that this is a shame for codemasters
  9. IIIDanteIII

    Post Update 5 Topics to Address

    thank you, we know that there's a list of problems and takes times to solve it all
  10. IIIDanteIII

    Paid cars vs custom cars

    after this update 5, I've felt that the custom is more oversteering too
  11. IIIDanteIII

    New Azerbaijan event

    The new event has started about 40min ago, but I can't get into the race. its stuck on the loading track screen. anyone else?
  12. IIIDanteIII

    Partial acceleration/braking

    has anyone tried to tap the brake while still hold the aceleration pedal? (both manual to me) I have noticed that it has not slowed down too much and controlled the car better
  13. IIIDanteIII

    Request for a new penalty system

    I understand a like/dislike could be used incorreclty. One sugestion for this is the "Dislike" gives a small penalty, at least some penalty. While a "Like" brings much reward. Could at least encourage fair play, and player decide to troll, its not too devastating. Just an idea.
  14. IIIDanteIII

    Paid cars vs custom cars

    I only have the mercedes, givese the feeling that its more oversteering losing the rear through some fast corners in china. With custom car I make the same corner without even brake
  15. IIIDanteIII

    Request for a new penalty system

    true, its not easy, but I still believe its more easy to who is behind to evaluate the distance, because he see the car and its focus is already ahead. who is in front has to keep checking where the car behind is and also focus ahead to not cut the track (if he meant to). I also sugest that BOTH drivers loses the same amount of speed, instead of one is tossed away and the other moves on