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  1. MannSG

    Improving Top Issues - Duels

    The game has gone berserk on me for the past 1-2 hours. It’s one thing to be trailing 2+ secs behind opponents 1-2 thousand points behind, it’s quite another to be bumped off the tracks every subsequent grid race. Lost 350 points and I’m back where I was 2 days ago!
  2. MannSG

    Improving Top Issues - Duels

    Let me try. This is a very common scenario where the opponent slams into your face but you are the one getting the penalty. So much for hard racing or unfair racing? https://streamable.com/y4deg
  3. MannSG

    Post-patch 3.5 topics to address

    Saying the user has a bad internet connection is bad excuse. The requirements for the game already restricts users to devices with certain specifications. I am on 4G when I am outside and I have a 1Gbps fiber connection at home with an 802.11ac WiFi network. We are no longer on dial-up modems when bad internet is the norm. With this patch, the grid start rockets have not been resolved, on the get go on Sochi my opponent blasted to P2 but I dropped back to P12z If a bot decides to forcefully squeeze in from behind you, you better let it past otherwise it would graze past you, looks like it might slam into the wall but then rebound back to slam you out of the track. Yes, opponents are harder to push out now but there’s that unintended effect and it’s working against genuine driving. Opponents recover from gravel and grass in an instant. How could this be? Gamers shouldn’t be the ones performing user acceptance tests. This game should be a beta product at best.
  4. MannSG

    Post-patch 3.5 topics to address

    That's developer speak no doubt!
  5. Just played 4 races, won 3 of them, felt like the pre-update.
  6. MannSG

    Grid Start in F1 Mobile

    This AI is still unfixed. Tried a qualifying in Bahrain and I was 7:07 seconds behind.
  7. Is the update transparent or do we need to update the app again?
  8. Played singles last night and got a 1:20 on the French circuit. I then played a qualifying duel on the same track, and I got 1:30!?!? I’m absolutely sure my car was the same and I hit all the turns. The opponent car was already 0.64 secs at the start and pulling away. Amazing feat isn’t it? It used to be that activating DRS meant that you really overtook the field. That is now useless because a Verstappen could run past you like you never existed.
  9. MannSG

    Have the duels been fixed yet?

    Will stop all duels too. Losing is having an effect on my psyche.
  10. MannSG

    Latest update

    Not tracking my times, but I'm aware that I'm at 828 rank now from 328 in the morning.
  11. MannSG

    Latest update

    I'm now down to 9100 😞
  12. MannSG

    Straight-Line Speed

    I was too early. I dropped more races and I am now at 9400+. It's like clinging on to dear life.
  13. MannSG

    Latest update

    Same same with you. I'm not going to try getting back to 9999 since 2019 is going to start soon and I hope the development should be passed on to others like EA or Sony.
  14. MannSG

    Straight-Line Speed

    If someone from Codemasters is reading the forums, then shouldn't action be taken to address the shortcomings before the game is released? If the product is bad, it affects the company. You're lucky that you're the officially licensed game because no one would have bought from you. I am now at 9725 after staying at 9999 for a long time before the update was released. My win rate was already dismal at around 58%, but after the update, my win rate is now like 50%. That's after 2200 races! Obviously the law of large numbers don't apply here. Grid start issues have been talked to the death. After removing the game from my iPhone XS Max and reinstalling it, grid starts have gone back to the pre-update period of rocketing opponents. Sideways torpedos are always there and I am really afraid of approaching a chicane because some bot or opponent would push me into the grass while they leap 5 seconds away. It has frustrated me to no end that my race was taken away while I am at P4, or P2 even, but some **** bot put me into a wall. I am not so lucky as the threadstarter above as I have never seen 327km/h on my device. It is at best 323km/h on DRS on the Azerbaijan straight. Like he observed, speed has nothing to do with power and that's weird. After some upgrade, the max speed had gone down to 318km/h. Is this F1 or GP2? Cars are now more prone to understeer, sprint races and qualifyings are harder to compete when I'm like 0.25s behind at the start that rapidly descends to 2.50 seconds at the first turn. This game is ****!