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  1. You're probably better off not playing. I'm connecting but getting mostly Grid starts with AI opponents which besides being super fast and undefeatable, add insult to injury ramming from behind or parking on the side and torpedoing you head on... I dropped 300 TP and stopped. The AI were a much better "user experience" just before V5.
  2. StKnowhere

    Almost 0.5m points in event leaderboard

    Guess what? A new bug trying to fix the times issue, identified on FB by R L Almeida. If you qualified but didn't race, your race time was 0 earning 199,405 pts. I feel sorry for Chris having to be the lightening rod for this continuum of half assed work. They should make the developer(s) responsible be his assistant for a month...
  3. StKnowhere


    They've lost control of the game, now hackers are trying to bring it down, and based on the updates, I see no evidence anyone left at Code Masters knows how to fix it. Sort of like seeing a train wreck about to happen, can't stop it, all you can do is watch...
  4. StKnowhere

    Almost 0.5m points in event leaderboard

    Also just saw we had an update, maybe the math wizard who coded the SR calculation is now doing the standings...
  5. StKnowhere

    Post Update 5 Topics to Address

    I dropped fro 400 to 1,491 in rank...
  6. StKnowhere

    Spain Grand Prix

    I haven't seen anyone posting video of times < 1:10? Things got quiet once the data file hacking tools were automated. There's chatter of guys taking wide turns into the sand around Spain. Possibly by reloading and racing the old tracks bypassing updated track limits... If you were not in P1/2 in qualifying, you're screwed. With the zero sector bug, it is possible to get any qualifying time you want, just slow down/stop before start finish until the clock hits 1:05+. Everyone else raced against the bots, which doesn't happen in the game...
  7. StKnowhere

    Spain Grand Prix

    Yea, virtually every element has become more aggravation than not. This release is analogous to rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic after hitting an iceberg.
  8. StKnowhere

    Perfect starts not being recorded...

    Good point, thanks. One example I was thinking about was at one point, you could boost your SR by crashing into the wall. That bug was fixed and never came back. Where multiple bugs that negatively impact the player, are not addressed, or go away and reappear. So I'm not so sure the start or your first sentence is a safe assumption.
  9. StKnowhere

    Perfect starts not being recorded...

    Is anyone aware of a bug in this game that gives the player credits not earned? Feels like all bugs are at the detriment of the player.
  10. StKnowhere

    Spain Grand Prix

    @Farroww nice, what device are you using?
  11. StKnowhere

    Perfect starts not being recorded...

    Is anyone aware of a bug in this game that goes in the favor of the player?
  12. StKnowhere

    Spain Grand Prix

    Well done!. The crazy low times have been removed in the past. Looks like the 5 lap thing is a YouTube challenge so I misspoke..
  13. StKnowhere

    Spain Grand Prix

    I've been using an iPad Pro 2018. I went back to my old iPad Pro gen 1 and am consistently 1 sec faster? So managed a 1:12 The races level things out and I think I saw something about the races will be 5 laps(?).