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  1. StKnowhere

    50% Off Season Pass

    No worries mate, I do enjoy the game, and the people playing. So I don't mind buying them a nice cup of cappuccino a month.
  2. StKnowhere

    50% Off Season Pass

    Me 😜 Since VIP is no longer gaining me any usable parts, I dropped VIP and added half price SP to rerun races where I dropped out of gold over time. With a more developed car, it's not to hard to be 5-10 sec faster than 6-9 months ago and get back in the gold.
  3. StKnowhere

    50% Off Season Pass

  4. StKnowhere

    Unreasonable Brazil Qualie target?

    LOL, I started with Pole Position the Atari, which I think was developed by some of the People still pr previously at Codemasters. have fun!
  5. StKnowhere

    Improving Top Issues - Duels

    I'd like to see a Time Trials option for single mode where you Quali race against a ghost that is driving your best laptime. Carry this a step further and allow racing agains't a friend's best lap time in single mode. Secondly, retain the best 3 lap and sector times for each track to help when training for a track.
  6. StKnowhere

    Unreasonable Brazil Qualie target?

    Congrat's! Braking assist seems to have the most impact On slowing lap times. I admire people who race on a phone, I can't keep out of the walls without a lot more assist on smaller devices.
  7. StKnowhere

    Unreasonable Brazil Qualie target?

    Ignore the #1 time, likely result of a zero sector bug. Over 5000 players cracked 1:09. What's your setup and settings? Max aero, aids off except low steering and Max stability.
  8. StKnowhere

    Zero sector bug...

    ... is still there.
  9. StKnowhere

    Peoples getting bans for bug from Update 5 !

    @MATT very sorry learn this, the especially knowing you have been one of the games strongest enthusiasts in social media. I'd encourage at CodeMasters to apologize and make things more than right for those banned in error.
  10. Hmmm, my just updated on it's own.. What's the version?
  11. StKnowhere

    Improving Top Issues - Duels

    If CM really wants players to do this, add a replay option that saves the most recent race. Tried to upload a Bot punting me off but the streamable site was locking up...
  12. StKnowhere


    Good question. Multiple players have posted video racing each other where the video is very different on two ends of the same race. Think about it, given connection lag and server response time, it is not plausible to have a realtime game between two human opponents. Even more so in Grid starts. The opponents are AI intended to give the illusion of a real-time player. Clues include not seeing corner cut messages when they run off track and performance outside the bounds of the game physics. Maybe sometimes (quali) you are racing against a real opponents data file. The game is designed to make you think you are playing with a human, so the opponent AI are programmed to occasionally behave badly. Sometimes so bad they are undefeatable, like a Boss in an arcade game. Whoever programmed the bad bots is an evil genius given how well they pi$$ people off 🤣
  13. StKnowhere


    Highly likely that was a bot opponent @ASFiguana,
  14. StKnowhere


    @RosAlfonz. 9 times out of 10 situations where the opponent seems to be unaffected by the game physics are bot's. CM occasionally puts them into an ugly roller derby mode where you get bashed in grid and Sprint races (now...). How anyone at CM can think progamming bot's to have unfair advantage - instantaneous acceleration, run off track unaffected, ram, block - is providing a good user experience is beyond me.
  15. Hmmm, I'm using the same setup with no issues?