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  1. StKnowhere


    Agree but you need to remember the French are the architects, a society designed to normalize everyone, there are no "A" students in France 🤣 I think whoever programmed the AI is brilliant, very difficult to distinguish from a real player.
  2. StKnowhere


    No doubt in my mimd the bot's intentionally ram. You can tell it is a bot when they bounce all around the track and even hit you after the start finish line.
  3. StKnowhere

    Paying to retry?

    Zero sector bug is back. Remarkable they still can't get properly manage their software version control to prevent reintroducing old bugs.
  4. StKnowhere

    Update 8

    F1® Mobile Racing Update 8: it’s officially a thing, and will be coming very soon to our free-to-play official F1 game on iOS and Android. As soon as Update 7 dropped at the beginning of August, the team have been hard at work looking at even more ways to add content and optimise the live game to make your experience even better. We’re super pleased to be taking community feedback and putting that into the game, with Update 8 adding more laps for Single races (now up to 15) and bringing in some more R&D cards to discover and research. There are a few more additions, too, as well as the usual technical and visual tweaks to keep upping the standard for F1® Mobile Racing. We’ve been running some maintenance checks today to get things ready, and Update 8 is now imminent, so watch this space for more news. – Chris
  5. StKnowhere


    Yes, opponents are just an illusion.
  6. StKnowhere

    Recent GP Event leaderboard changes breakdown

    Thanks for explaining Chris.
  7. StKnowhere

    Setups and settings saga

    Excellent tutorial - thanks!
  8. StKnowhere

    Strangest Qualifying Yet?

    It happens, part of the charm of the game...
  9. StKnowhere

    Can someone explain this?

    The India connection explains a lot. Boeing laid off most of their experienced avionics engineers and outsourced 737 Max coding to HCL in India. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2019-06-28/boeing-s-737-max-software-outsourced-to-9-an-hour-engineers You can find many of the names on LinkedIn in case anyone wants to let them know what they think of their work.
  10. The game was working well this week. Today they had time to role out a hotfix to bring the bad bots back, I got rammed in 4 consecutive races and quit.
  11. StKnowhere

    Duels Leaderboards...

    Or who generates the most micotransaction ads...
  12. StKnowhere

    Bahrain leaderboard

    That track had multiple high speed corner cuts. Once fixed, some players allegedly were hacking by loading old tracks to continue corner cuts. Any top time prior to fixing the ability to drive off track is suspect on any GP..
  13. StKnowhere

    Mid Season rewards extravaganza

    Yawn... More parts that don't make a difference... Rather thy fix the bots and unfair advantage (cheating) built into the game programing.
  14. Your results are consistent with mine, but the bots can be defeated, though I'm no longer playing much.
  15. StKnowhere

    Can someone explain this?

    @CosareNL love you videos and commentary, spectacular driving skills. I've learned a few things and am doing better thanks to you mate 👍