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    Can someone explain this?

    The India connection explains a lot. Boeing laid off most of their experienced avionics engineers and outsourced 737 Max coding to HCL in India. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2019-06-28/boeing-s-737-max-software-outsourced-to-9-an-hour-engineers You can find many of the names on LinkedIn in case anyone wants to let them know what they think of their work.
  2. The game was working well this week. Today they had time to role out a hotfix to bring the bad bots back, I got rammed in 4 consecutive races and quit.
  3. StKnowhere

    Duels Leaderboards...

    Or who generates the most micotransaction ads...
  4. StKnowhere

    Bahrain leaderboard

    That track had multiple high speed corner cuts. Once fixed, some players allegedly were hacking by loading old tracks to continue corner cuts. Any top time prior to fixing the ability to drive off track is suspect on any GP..
  5. StKnowhere

    Mid Season rewards extravaganza

    Yawn... More parts that don't make a difference... Rather thy fix the bots and unfair advantage (cheating) built into the game programing.
  6. Your results are consistent with mine, but the bots can be defeated, though I'm no longer playing much.
  7. StKnowhere

    Can someone explain this?

    @CosareNL love you videos and commentary, spectacular driving skills. I've learned a few things and am doing better thanks to you mate 👍
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    Are you sure they are not Bots?
  9. StKnowhere

    Duels Leaderboard

    New math...
  10. StKnowhere

    Setup for Grid start

    You can get more aggressive with the bots in this version
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    Very informative thread. I tip my hat to the guys who have applied their skill and time to hit the top spots - congratulations!
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    This guy knows something we don't...
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    That level of cheating would not surprise me.
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    Level up!!Whats up!!

    F1 Mobile tax...
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    Those are AI and/or lag in the connection. The race your opponent sees is different than the race you see. Real time racing is an illusion. The AI in the game are programmed to have unfair advantage and minimize point awards which is the only cheating I know of.
  17. StKnowhere

    Duels points ...

    But all my opponents are AI, rigged, cheating game...
  18. StKnowhere

    Here we go again...

    ... just before an event???
  19. StKnowhere

    Race not finishing

  20. StKnowhere

    Update 7

    Are real players names being used for the AI now? On my screen, this opponent, who is a top player seemed like a Bot and went into off track areas that now give corner cuts at Berhain???
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    The racing line is more helpful now, especially in the races, you can hold off braking if less than 3-5 segments, depending on turn and line.
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    Very nice @Pete74786 !
  23. StKnowhere

    You know what I'm sick of?

    All bots for me also but still winning winning most non grid races. Weird thing is bots in grid start for me have lag? Knowing they will try to crash you in turn one, take a quick path randomly off line at corner entry and they will miss you.
  24. StKnowhere

    Update 7

    I give them credit playability remained stable and maybe even a little better. My SR dropped from green to red after a clean Quali race, unpredictable still. The game is still rigged racing bots, they are sometimes unbeatable still, I've only raced bots, the bot opponent are crazy in grid mode, some bots blocking, opponent Bot trys to kill you in the first turn and again in the last turn if you get ahead. Had one close a 3 sec gap in less than a second and crash into me at the last corner in my second race. Even with that, the game is still fun for me.
  25. StKnowhere

    Level up!!Whats up!!

    Same here... My SR which has been in the green over a week dropped to 0.5 after the first Quali race...