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  1. Hey Mark,

      What bios did they give you? Would you mind sharing?

    I have Cyberpower also and am having trouble updating my bios as well due to my motherboard being an Asrock Pro4-CB. The latest bios I have is from their website which is L1.12


    Teamgroup 3000mhz Ram

    Stable overclock a 4.7ghz on all cores.

    Found a few programs that are outstanding with the PC

    Process Lasso ( Running on bitsum highest performance, so it allocates all your systems cores to CPU intensive programs and you can customize it i.e. I run Apex Legends on induced performance mode with a constant 240fps. )

    Parkcontrol ( Unparks all cores ) 

    CPU Balance

    All 3 Programs are from the same company www.bitsum.com

    Then I run a memory cleaner that clears all standby memory every few minutes because Windows 10 likes to keep 6 to 8 gigs on standby for no reason. 

    ISLC - Intelligent Standby List Cleaner 

    Also I found a youtube video to debloat Windows 10 and get rid of all the excess files, processes and registries running in the background to slow down your PC.

    I can walk you through all of this stuff.

    Would you mind telling me what BIOS they provided you and if it's above L1.12 sharing the file?

    I also have someone currently working on a bios unlocking everything that the most up to date bios for the ASRock Z370 Pro4 board.

  2. Finally was able to update EUFI-BIOS. It turns out my board is an OEM ASRock Z370 PRO-CB (the CB must stand for CyberPower?). I could only update after contacting CyberPower and being sent the file. It wouldn't recognize the file direct from ASRock. Also, calling CyberPower I was told that they would not help and updating would void my warranty....! When I wrote to them I was sent the file and directions and no threats about voiding warranty.... I did try to change the Shadow settings back to very high and almost complete a 50% race length at Austrailia before it crashed. It looks like turning the Shadow to High the ticket. Many thanks to those that assisted!! Mark
  3. I have not got the updated UEFI yet, (not for lack of trying), but did lower the Vehicle reflections setting from Very High down to High, and have not had any problems since... i will keep trying the UEFI. It doesn’t want to read the files (Says they aren’t there )off the USB drive. When I try it from Windows it loads the files and then nothing happens other than the window closes and it doesn’t ask to restart.... Mark
  4. Here you go..... ASRock 2370 Pro4-CB DxDiag.txt
  5. Hello, just downloaded game from steam a couple days ago, I cannot get through a race before the screen freezes and goes back to the windows home screen. I tried tried turning off the shading (n nvidia geforrce Rex 2080). I have a i7-9700k processor 16 go memory so there are shouldn’t be any issues, I uninstalled through stream and then reinstalled and still have same problem. any help is appreciated! mark