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  1. WongYewXuan


    lucky me, havent spent any cash 😄 and we wont be too much collateral, since us bringing it down is more of their loss
  2. WongYewXuan


    any others of the old timers have quit/quitting? i mean what else is there left to do? 9999 cups gold tier everytime complain about the 1000000000 bugs that exist complain about chris and codeamateurs get to 2k cups on a 0 PI car only to get screwed by the game because im too good collect infinite useless R&D pts please add on if you think of anymore 😛
  3. WongYewXuan

    thanks codies

    thanks for ruining the game codies. thanks for making solo qualifying mode boring. whats the fun in a quali if you cant go into the pits for a change in tyres, and have a cup of coffee and a chat with your engineer?
  4. WongYewXuan

    Post Update 5 Topics to Address

    im giving up on this game till update 6. played 5 duels in update 5. no matter what mode it is, i just get sent flying through the air at 400 km/h halfway through the lap
  5. WongYewXuan


    hello codies? do u exist? how is it that in every single sprint race and grid start, IM RANDOMLY FLYING IN THE AIR
  6. WongYewXuan

    What determines the AI setup for the bots?

    the BOTS are the one with 3000 PI. their only setup is any one that exceeds 3000 PI is what i mean i mean come on, look at their ridiculous speed
  7. WongYewXuan

    Multi-Setup - Coming to F1® Mobile Racing in Update 5

    actually if they did the oval, all the more you will want max aero you want the top speed no?
  8. WongYewXuan

    Multi-Setup - Coming to F1® Mobile Racing in Update 5

    this update so useful for me, a 0 PI car
  9. WongYewXuan

    What determines the AI setup for the bots?

    very simple any setup that has 3000 PI or higher is what i bet
  10. WongYewXuan

    qualifying simulations

    now now i know what youre thinking, another complain thread about me being pitted against an unwinnable bot. but no, its actually something positive. no really, i figured out how we can do quali runs on this game i managed to break into the pits of 1 track (which im not gonna specify cause i dont want them to fix it), and do quali simulations, with an outlap, flying lap, and inlap pm me if you want to know thats me sitting in the garage waiting for my (skeletal) engineer to tell me the optimum time to go out and the second one is me chilling after i got pole position 🙂
  11. WongYewXuan

    Multi-Setup - Coming to F1® Mobile Racing in Update 5

    braking around monza? thats a joke considering monza only has 1 heavy brakezone, 2 lights and 1 medium
  12. WongYewXuan

    started a new account

    i realise i havent updated this in awhile, so here it is played a bit this evening, reached 2k finally new record, i beat a 2.7k cup player 🙂 a lot of dirty drivers though. scrubs who cant get to max cups so all they do is smash people off
  13. WongYewXuan

    2019 Season Update Announcement!

    i hope there are a fix for bots but knowing codies, highly unlikely
  14. WongYewXuan

    What are these parts?

    yes. i have not been able to get the nosecone fricking 100 aero
  15. WongYewXuan

    Baku event laptime and setup

    feels pretty good, 5th place in league 3 with a 500 PI car against people with 1k PI less than 500 pts off the top rank