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  1. Lifejuicer

    Latest update

    Yes, that part really sucks. Even when an opponent goes off the track and comes back and hits me right on the racing line I get an engine cut and lower safety. It sucks on so many levels.
  2. Lifejuicer


    I started having the exact same problem, but it comes and goes. Usually the race starts out fine and then half-way through i go straight through a corner because of massive understeer.... As if the game wasn't frustrating enough with the faulty times, crazy AI etc.
  3. Symptomatic of everything else the link you gave doesn’t work either. Timekeeping doesnt work at all. Pretty basic for a racing game but given time and sector times don’t add up at all. at the latest event 7 seconds where added to the actual time I had in the sprints so that time was actually slower than the grid start time. In the game the opposite happens and my time at Monaco is a ridiculous 51.03. When I add up the sector times it’s 58.82 ( see example in pic, China RST= Real Sector Time) I stay on the racing line and AI hits me like usual and I get an engine cut. In real life that AI car would be under investigation for penalties. If I brake the AI GOES THROUGH THE CORNER LIKE A TORPEDO. NO WAY IT CAN MAKE IT SO PROGRAMMED TO TAKE PLAYERS CARS OUT! Played enough to know exactly where you programmed it to screw our races but still no chance to avoid without coming to a standstill as they are blocking the whole track.
  4. Lifejuicer

    Event timekeeping wrong!!

    I average 1.21.6 and know every sector time. I also see my total when I cross the line and it’s 7 seconds faster than the credited time. The opposite of doing time trials in the game. Then the displayed best time is about 8 seconds faster than the combined best sector times. So my best Monaco time is 51.03 according to the game even though the sector times comes to 58.82
  5. Lifejuicer

    Event timekeeping wrong!!

    Just completed the event. Each time I cross the line about 6-7 seconds gets added to my time! Crossed the line and know the time was in the 4.09 bracket. Screen shifts and I get credited with a 4.16. what the hell is going on? Is it only me because my real time would be good enough for top 3 global (Grid start time is even 3 seconds faster and first sector time fighting AI is 7 seconds faster in the 2 sprint races which would deduct at least 14 seconds from my total) ‘please respond Codemasters