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  1. Zyklo

    Game stuck on loading screen

    Stuck at updating local data, random value but never got past 8/12
  2. Zyklo

    Bahrain Event

    I did it in to gold tier with not crossing the track limits.
  3. Zyklo

    Melbourne Event

    I think that iPhone 8 should be just a bit better than potato. This behaviour came with second upgrade.
  4. Zyklo

    Melbourne Event

    Now that is a really stupid way to play a F1 game in my opinion. This issue came with second upgrade.
  5. Zyklo

    Melbourne Event

    I addressed issue with throttle several times. I don’t know how about you guys, but mine has a second delay. When I hit that thing it does nothing for that sec. Even tapping does nothing although I can see the pedal on display. It is hard to nail the acceleration points, so I basically end up getting out of corners later.
  6. Zyklo

    Problems after last update 1.7.3

    Hi, no problem, I want to enjoy my toilet sessions as much as I can 😊. The most annoying is the performance in grid race and the accelerator, I could maintain certain speed in long corners but now I have to take more speed in to corner, giving up the ideal line, brake mid corner and hope I get the acceleration right (with that delay) to not run wide. It’s complicated and slow.
  7. Times just does not work: - times set for tracks won't stay in memory - times are written as weird long number 142322:121 on loading screen before race - times i do in single race qualy are faster than i do in the Events - after crossing the finish line in Event race, time showed was higher than time showing in the race in the timekeeping Duel Grid Start: - bots are still way faster...i have no problem racing in Sprint Race mode, but Grid Start...car underperforms or bot overperforms Sprint race and qualy starts: - for some reason the start is not synchronised, starting behind opponent or opponent jump start me in Sprin Race General: - fast tapping on accelerator does not result in any action, only longer press result in acceleration, there is a slight delay (tapping in that delay means nothing happens) and this behaviour is unacceptable when margins are so small. This was no problem in the first release. When i tap the accelerator, it shows on the screen, but nothing happens. I have all manual and no assists iPhone 8. - Bots behaviour... I get hit from behind by bots overshooting braking point or being too fast for the programmed braking point...i think they go way faster they can handle and this resulted in spins in turns and them just smashing to us and not even able to properly turn and run wide...sometime two or three of them overtake me under brakes just to run wide off the track and slow down. This makes them slow down more and i, doing the normal line with good exit speed, have no chance to avoid hitting them. All that result in: - ridiculous engine cut penalties (ECP)...hit by faster than light bot = ECP...hit the bot that has slowed down by running off the track and then returning to the racing line = ECP Suggestions: - Qualy time sheets: For the F1 fans the qualy time sheets are a joke. We got some best time that we are not even sure that is the one single best lap, or ideal best lap composed of the best sector times, we don't have lap times lap after lap, we just don't know how we performed and this timekeeping can't be used to prepare for Events, times even differ between qualy and event. This need complete makeover from top to bottom. - FAQ about R&D People are wondering how certain R&D groups effect the car. Power seems not doing anything, aero does...What is the logic behind the performance?
  8. Zyklo

    this is ridiculous

    Singapore is the same. Once I gain some speed (around the righthander in the middle) it’s impossible to steer. Can’t overtake like that. It’s like car looses all grip and any kind of input on steering is almost nonexistent.
  9. Zyklo

    Need to Tune before racing duel

    Save setup and automatic load. If you stored your setup for track it would load automatically for the track.
  10. Zyklo

    Grid Start in F1 Mobile

    I don’t have a problem with starts anymore, just the performance is not there and i am a sitting duck. The worst thing is that I started today with grid start in Abu Dhabi, Baku and then...another grid start.
  11. Zyklo

    Grid Start in F1 Mobile

    Yep, it seems like overall lose of performance. Even if I get a much better and faster exit out of turns, I am sitting duck on straights. Everybody just fly by... But I feel like I am sliding in corners more than I do in other race types.