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    Delta Racing Competition Season 5 ( PC )

    DRC is recruiting drivers for its highly-paced tier that is both action packed and competetive. At the time of writing, 3 seats (2 full time and 2 reserve seats) are Available. This tier races every Thursday at 8pm CET, and is streamed by none other than Veloce's Content Creator, Rwaggy, along with Jontii. We enforce our rules with dedicated stewards groups, tier specific coordinators and a combined administrative team. We also host a second tier that runs on Wednesdays at 8pm CET which you are able to sign up to, where anyone -no matter the skill level- is welcome. As that tier is currently not rectruiting, you will most likely be put on a waiting list, but fear not; you will not be forgotten about in DRC. We love close racing, and we know it can be a lot of fun. As an example, here is one of the streams from this season, which was at an action-packed Bahrain GP. We hope you like it! The rules, which are linked above, must be read before signing up. After you have read the rules, click this link to formally sign up to the league. Once you have completed the sign-up process, Await a DM on discord from one of the admins with further information. If you have any further questions about the league, feel free to comment on this thread and we will reply as soon as we are able to. You are also able to join our discord to look around before signing up. You will be required later to do time trial at the following tracks: - Netherlands :flag_nl: (Dry 🌞) - Brasil :flag_br: (Dry 🌞) - Bahrain :flag_bh: (Wet 🌧️) See you on track!
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    Delta Racing Competition Season 5 ( PC )

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  3. DRCompetition

    Delta Racing Competition Season 5 ( PC )

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    Delta Racing Competition Season 5 ( PC )

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  5. Hello streamers ! In september we will be starting our 5th season in F1 2020 and we are looking for you ! we race split 2 on wednesdays from 20:00 paris time we race split 1 on Thursdays from 20:00 paris time. what do we expect from you ? decent english speaking 🙂 to start with Try to be on one of these days for most days of the season ! duo streaming is prefferd but solo is possible ! you can use our twitch channel or ofcourse your own. For our 5th season we have around a 100! registerd drivers so we will make sure the grid is as full as possible. interested ? feel free to contact me on discord or steam nlbusted#6427 http://drc.fyi/steam/nlbusted
  6. Greetings fellow drivers!. After the massive interest of ( over 90 ) drivers we are now forced to close down the signups. We are always happy to welcome new members to our discord and maybe there will be place in the next comming seasons ! https://drc.fyi/discord&nbsp; Greetings > Delta Racing <
  7. Duo to over a 100 new drivers we are now closed for singup! Do u want to keep track of our league or maybe drive with us in the future ? make sure to join our dutch or delta discord ! Discord tag >>>> https://drc.fyi/discord <<<<