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  1. Of course. Pull requests are more than welcome, and the code still needs some unit testing as well. Just feel free to collaborate in any way you want.
  2. Hey all, I'm in the process of building an open source telemetry profiler application for the F1 2018 game, which, long story short - started as a small project I was building for a job interview I had with a real Formula 1 team earlier this year. The app will end up looking something like this or this, but like I said, completely free and open source for everyone. The idea is to create an open source application that will reflect valuable race data from the telemetry of the car and racing session, allowing the player to improve his/her skills and become a better driver. One of the building blocks of said application is the UDP Telemetry client which allows to open up a "link" between the game and your computer. The code basically takes all the information the game passes to it and it is able to make sense out of it and feed it to Javascript applications (since the profiler is being built using Electron). The whole profiler app is in the works and will be ready by May or June. Anyways, I finished creating the telemetry client, which I thought could be valuable if you want to build your own Node.js applications that consume F1 2018 data (Im waiting for the F1 2019 documentation to adapt the code for the new game as well). You can find the source code here: https://github.com/jonybur/f1-telemetry-client Alright! Any questions you might have, just ping me. I'll be happy to help you create your own applications for the game! Cheers