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  1. Hey all! I want to announce that I just have released a big update for the project I am working on. Link to F1 Telemetry Client 0.1.8 What is the project? The project is called F1 Telemetry Client, it is an open source Node.js client for Formula 1. It enables the consumption of the game's telemetry information. It works as a bridge between your application and the F1 game. What is this for? Using my client you can build your own telemetry applications, for any platform. For example, you can build an iOS app that shows information of the race you're playing in your PS4, in real time. This includes tire temperature of all cars, break temperature, weather information of the track, real time positions of all cars, speed, and so on. The client is able to get all of the information that the game handles, parse it and transfer it to your application. This works with any version of the game, and it runs in any platform (as long as that platform can run Node). You can even build custom steering wheels that react to the game by using a Rapberry Pi + a real life wheel; the sky is the limit. For whom is this for? Anyone who wants to code an application that consumes information from the F1 2019 game. The project supports F1 2018, but now it is able to read all of the information from the latest game as well. You can use React Native+F1 Telemetry Client to build mobile applications, React+F1 Telemetry Client to build web applications, Electron+F1 Telemetry Client to build desktop applications and so on. How can I use this? Please follow the repository's README; you can find more information about the game packages in the Wiki, and please don't hesitate to shoot me a message to ask me anything. That's very nice, but I'm not a developer, why should I care about this? First of all, if you like the game and you want to get better at it, you need to start measuring your telemetry to really understand how you need to improve. This is the same way in real-life racing. You can only get so much better until you need to start measuring the details. Secondly, I am building an entire open source telemetry analysis application but it has not been released yet, and I am still working on it. I will announce as soon as it gets released since we can all benefit from it. The telemetry suite will allow everyone to read their telemetry information and greatly improve how they play the game. Thank you all for your support!