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  1. I forgot, another aspect to have more reliability in the times is that the strict penalty system is activated since if you run in a normal system the game gives you the option of cutting all the curves without receiving notice and being able to lower that time much, it can even be lowered up to 2 or 3 seconds per lap.
  2. The first thing is to know if you are competing on equal terms with the rest in the aid aspect, a good pilot with aid will always make time for a good pilot without aid. How can this be seen? It's simple, in the aerodynamics, while a rider without aids needs high aerodynamics to generate traction, a rider with aids can have extremely low downforce, one notices this on the straights of each circuit, in average corners And the same thing happens at high speed, the only advantage of running without help is the slow exit of the curve where when accelerating you can see the difference with people w
  3. To begin with, I will say that I am not going to put any template, I already put it for an incompatibility problem of G29 and F1 2020 and they have ignored me. Just saying that I agree with all my colleagues, this serious failure occurs at all times in multiplayer. The blue flags do not appear in 90% of the races and it does not matter if they appear because, as the colleagues say, the folded cars will dispute your position. The moderator who is speaking here can say what he wants, the bug is there and must be fixed urgently. I am the administrator of a 100% racing championship and one driver
  4. And what is the problem? Can't Bottas take pole with the best car on the grid? Can't Bottas win races with the best car on the grid? I don't understand why you complain simply because the same driver won. Have you seen real F1 the last few years? There comes a time when you complain about anything. Well if you think it's convenient tell Codemasters to put it in the next patch and win the Magnussen races.
  5. I know perfectly well what you are talking about but that is a great Codemasters mistake, to pay attention to a few so that the vast majority are harmed and I give you an example, I do not know if the problem that a few had one or two years ago with overheating in some circuits and Codemasters modified the game, sorry to tell you that that was not a glitch in the game, just tapping the setup or turning the steering without abruptly there was no overheating. I think that nobody who runs and tries to have fun with the game is satisfied with the strict mode, you say that it does not have to be re
  6. I totally agree with the colleague who has opened the topic. Money is what matters for Codemasters, obviously this works like that, that's what companies do, but it's also true that I'm surprised by the stupid things people say. The players of 2020 have doubled those of 2019? How did you do that? Do you bring in people who play the game because their friend left it for a day? Do you also include the people who rent it? Let's get serious and talk about sales, ok? That Codemasters has created a good game? hahahahaha don't make me laugh, I'm sure there are a lot of people who don't understand F1,
  7. This big mistake is made by Codemasters. Has anyone seen the FIA say: this GP are we going to race with normal rules? Or tell the Belgian GP we run with strict rules? It is the same that happens with the aids, who has been the enlightened one that has invented predictive braking? With the amount of failures that this game has and they are dedicated to innovating in stupid things in order to sell. I have it clear, I got tired of Codemasters and with the PS5 entry the best option is to go to PC and run IRacing and enjoy the simulation. Personally, Codemasters has disappointed me dramatically by
  8. The answer is simple, both Logitech and Codemasters have tricked us because Logitech G29 is not fully compatible with F1 2020. I hope the moderators will solve it for you but don't have much hope since I opened a topic about a G29 problem and in two weeks it won't no one has responded. Courage mate.
  9. The most shameful of all this is that Codemasters does not recognize these types of errors, they are not capable of recognizing bugs and the worst of all is that they do not solve them. It depresses me to see the moderators answer topics that are absurd nonsense while in the serious topics they dedicate themselves to being quiet and not saying anything. But hey, we already know very well how this forum works. I personally only use the PS4 for F1 and having seen it, I won't even buy the PS5 and obviously I won't buy F1 2021, there comes a time when one gets tired of hearing and seeing the same
  10. I would like you to solve a question I have. Who invented the strict penalty system? I think you don't have to have much of an idea about F1. This is a problem that has been going on for years, but you make up the F1 rules, the game continues to penalize you for stepping on the piano, it's amazing. And don't tell me to use the normal penalty mode, a mode that lets you cut corners and cheat. It is a shame that year after year the penalty system is unrealistic. I would recommend that you watch an F1 race from time to time and read the F1 regulations because you need it. I don't understand why th
  11. I see that there is no response from the Codemasters moderators, I notice a total neglect with many people in this forum. People with gambling problems, which are from the game itself and you don't even respond, it's pathetic. I have no choice but to contact Sony and comment on the situation that is repeated year after year. Congratulate them of course for all the games they are launching with a multitude of errors and without solving. Let you know that I will take a screenshot of this conversation because if you are slow to answer or just don't, you are very quick to ban people or delete conv
  12. 1. Steering wheel does not downshift properly when cornering. There are second gear corners and it only goes down to third. The taps I give to downshift are not reflected in the game. It is confirmed that it is a bug of the game. 2. 1.09 3. Any game mode 4. In point 1 I describe the problem, the fault is from Codemasters since the steering wheel I have tested in other games and it works perfectly. 5. It always happens I just hope they give me an answer, it is the second time I have tried it and the first time I did not get a response from Codemasters. I hope that this time you w
  13. Downshift G29 does not work. When you want to downshift when reaching a curve, the vast majority of the time you don't downshift. It is a game problem, I have tried on pc with another game and with Logitech Gaming Software and the steering wheel works perfectly. I would ask you to please make the G29 wheel fully compliant because right now it is not and this Codemasters glitch is very frustrating. I play on PS4 and this bug happens in all modes of the game. Thank you.
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