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  1. TH61

    Bahrain Event

    They have already posted the first video of a shortcut for the China event. I expect there will be more to follow. The only good thing is that its 2 weeks away, so that gives Codemasters time to block the shortcut
  2. TH61

    Bahrain Event

    OK, so we know that the top 2 guys from qualifying were missing the first sector time. Should the answer to that be to add-on an average sector 1 time to their results? That would seem fair rather than just deleting the times. Right now I have to say that I feel sorry for Chris Groves and I would not like his job, he has a tough Monday morning coming up. On top of the 'cheating' video issue, this happens!!! As he has said, the team are looking into this so lets give them time to do their job and report back
  3. TH61

    Quick end-of-week update

    Interestingly KONSTANTIN is the guy who showed the extreme methods of driving the Bahrain track in that video
  4. TH61

    Bahrain Event

  5. TH61

    Bahrain Event

    Chris!!! You did comment, thank you We have all known since the first test event at Suzuka that a certain number of people were cheating. You only have to look at the top times to see that. At Suzuka it was cutting the chicane. However, I think you have to agree that this video has crossed a line (guess the other videos did too) so I/we appreciate that you're looking into this I don't imagine for one moment thats its an easy task, after all what do you do, build a digital wall in the run-offs??? Can't imagine that going down too well. But one thing I cant understand is that when I've tried copying what this guy did, my car would grind to a crawl on the run-offs, his didn't. 🤨 but meh! So, once again, thanks for investigating and we look forward to your next posts on the matter
  6. TH61

    Bahrain Event

    Lets see if Chris Groves comments on this (I'm not holding my breath to be honest) But frankly I will be glad when this event is over. I hate this track with every fibre of my very being. Horrible modern bland soulless design, stupidly angled corners (not that that matters to the guy in the video) and ******* SAND!!!!!
  7. TH61

    Post-Update 4 topics to address

    Hi Chris From what I'm reading here and other places is that the players want a racing game. It is an official F1 game after all. What you appear to have given us is a card collecting game. Now I fully understand that as a company you want to make money, I get that, but if you head down that road too far, people will abandon the game, give it bad reviews and then you won't have a product to make money from. R&D Boxes. OK, so we now get 3x the amount of blueprints in each box but now it take 3x (or more) to go up a level on a particular piece. So, at first glance that hasn't actually achieved anything. You could even say that it's gone backwards. XP Points. I've read your comments that the XP points system is in its first stages and will develop over time, but I can tell that the experienced players here feel that they have been ignored (again). I'm at level 25 and could collect XP points all day, but for me it does absolutely nothing. R&D grid. As a general comment, most of the tweaks we can make, by adding different combinations of pieces, unless you go to the extremes, seem to have very little effect on the car performance. Is this as expected? Or will this be developed over time? Events. I have to say, I LOVE the events, to be honest, it's the main thing that keeps me playing the game. But why are there 3 races with 1 grid start and 2 in qualifying mode? On races 2 and 3, why does the clock start before I get to the start line, when the sector times start as they should? Will our results from each event be put on to a season long table? Maybe, after the qualifying event, the race could be over one 10 lap race for example. Duels. Why oh why are we stuck with a single lap race? As I said earlier, we want a racing game, so could update 5 include that? Sprint/Qualifying Races. The gap between the two opponents is still way out of synch. I had a duel at Spa earlier and I was 1:45 seconds behind my opponent at the start. Sorry, but thats unacceptable. I don't just want to appear negative because I appreciate the difficult job you and the team have. You have a potentially AMAZING product here, please don't ruin it
  8. TH61

    Melbourne Event

    I'm coming for ya Outlaw!!! 😂 You're my next target. I know where I lost time, so lets see if I can put together a really good lap
  9. TH61

    Australia event

    No, I'm not going to achieve those times, on a 1 lap run I'm doing 1:15 to 1:17. And yes I agree with you, the cheats will find some shortcut or other. I can't see it on this track, but for sure they will. The only thing I can say about the speed, is that if, and it's a bloody big if, I get everything right coming up to the sector 3 DRS, I can already be in 8th gear before the DRS point, so you do fly round that little section when you hit the button
  10. TH61

    Australia event

    My track records give me a 1:10, but that's got to be an error. I don't remember that at all and Im getting nowhere near that time.
  11. TH61

    Australia event

    Sorry, wasn't clear at all was I On a 3 lap run Im crossing the line in about 03:58:xx but the results screen (sorry don't have a screen shot) shows as 04:11:xx
  12. TH61

    Australia event

    As I'm sure everyone else is, I'm practicing like crazy for the (hopefully) upcoming Australia event. On the 3 lap practice I'm having about 12 to 13 seconds to my final time. Why the HELL does it do that!!!! Anyone else seen that?
  13. Seriously, thanks for all the help you're giving us. Much appreciated! I did manage one time (just the once) to beat your sector 1 time by 0:01. Made a mess of the rest of it though and the fastest I can manage at the moment is 01:18:4
  14. TH61

    Events - How to stop the cheats?

    OK, hadn't thought of that, but can see the sense in it
  15. So, if I've been reading the signs right we will have an event each weekend that coincides with an actual F1 race. Fantastic, looking forward to it. Managed to get 3 golds in the first events, hopefully I can continue that. But, we have the obvious problem of people cheating. Should Codemasters just accept that it happens and to hell with it? Or should they try to combat it? If they choose to do something about it, how do you think they should address it? I've been thinking and the only thing I can come up with, will have people shouting 'thats not realistic, doesn't happen in F1' etc etc First of all, the 'Cut Corner' penalty MUST be switched on, it wasn't for the Suzuka event. Now I think we are all starting to see some videos where drivers were blatantly going straight on at the chicane. If you haven't seen them check out the official game reddit thread. (If im correct Chris Groves is a moderator there so he must have seen them too) However, the cut corner penalty is so short that when it's finished, these cars are still doing over 200kph and so they are still way faster than anyone who actually took the chicane normally!! So my solution would be that if the cut corner penalty is triggered then that car should come to a complete standstill, 0KPH/MPH. Don't like the penalty? Don't cut the corners! As I said, it's not realistic, it doesn't happen in F1, but plenty of people here were rightly annoyed when this issue became obvious, so I think its a topic worth discussing. So tell me, what would your solution/idea be? Or do we forget about it and just put up with it?