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  1. TH61

    Latest patch status

    On events and singles mode would it be possible to have a total time clock AND a lap clock? Also any update on the XP points? We were promised some further developments for the more experienced/higher level players but I haven't heard anything in a while (maybe I missed it)
  2. TH61

    May 13 Status Update

    First post in a good while and this is going to be (mainly) positive I'm happy that I got the chance to re-try 2 events for free, added a load of points to my seasons score and made a huge move up the rankings. Re-tried CHINA: The reason for that was that on the original event date, I got home with about an hour to go before the event finished and I was REALLY REALLY drunk! Lord knows how, but I still managed to end up in silver tier, so this weekend got up into gold tier. Pleased. Re-tried BAKU Originally, couldn't get into the event for technical reasons so any points were bound to be a plus. Either I have my R&D setup totally wrong for that track or I'm just **** on that particular circuit but I could only manage silver tier. Still, more points and as I don't do duels at the moment I won't have to see those damn walls for another year! The only negative thing I can say about this weekends re-try events for me was that for BAKU, it seems that originally people could massively cut turn 16 giving them a huge speed boost for the long home 'straight' and this time you couldn't cut that corner (I tried!) so the timings are not really comparable. Next event MONACO (more walls!!!) Chris, please make sure that people can't just go straight on after the tunnel, at the moment people can take the engine cut penalty and still gain time, so really clamp down on that one. And not sure if other people have noticed this but after the tunnel/chicane if you stick to the driving line on the game your car will rub against the railings and really slow you down (or is that me being **** again?) could that be moved over a little?
  3. TH61

    Bahrain Event

    They have already posted the first video of a shortcut for the China event. I expect there will be more to follow. The only good thing is that its 2 weeks away, so that gives Codemasters time to block the shortcut
  4. TH61

    Bahrain Event

    OK, so we know that the top 2 guys from qualifying were missing the first sector time. Should the answer to that be to add-on an average sector 1 time to their results? That would seem fair rather than just deleting the times. Right now I have to say that I feel sorry for Chris Groves and I would not like his job, he has a tough Monday morning coming up. On top of the 'cheating' video issue, this happens!!! As he has said, the team are looking into this so lets give them time to do their job and report back
  5. TH61

    Bahrain Event

  6. TH61

    Bahrain Event

    Chris!!! You did comment, thank you We have all known since the first test event at Suzuka that a certain number of people were cheating. You only have to look at the top times to see that. At Suzuka it was cutting the chicane. However, I think you have to agree that this video has crossed a line (guess the other videos did too) so I/we appreciate that you're looking into this I don't imagine for one moment thats its an easy task, after all what do you do, build a digital wall in the run-offs??? Can't imagine that going down too well. But one thing I cant understand is that when I've tried copying what this guy did, my car would grind to a crawl on the run-offs, his didn't. 🤨 but meh! So, once again, thanks for investigating and we look forward to your next posts on the matter
  7. TH61

    Bahrain Event

    Lets see if Chris Groves comments on this (I'm not holding my breath to be honest) But frankly I will be glad when this event is over. I hate this track with every fibre of my very being. Horrible modern bland soulless design, stupidly angled corners (not that that matters to the guy in the video) and ******* SAND!!!!!
  8. Seriously, thanks for all the help you're giving us. Much appreciated! I did manage one time (just the once) to beat your sector 1 time by 0:01. Made a mess of the rest of it though and the fastest I can manage at the moment is 01:18:4