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  1. Jake Cushing

    New rain effects

    That, and a FoV adjustment for us console saps. But yes if those two get some love then I'm in rally heaven too.
  2. Jake Cushing

    Too short finishes

    I love the realism of slowing and stopping by the marshal. I also hate the horrible metal boxes that constrain each side of the finish line, and strike them half the time it seems. I love this sim.
  3. Jake Cushing

    Dirt Blurry 2.0 - NO MORE!!!!!!

    Hey! I haven't run a close comparison between the two, but I can say that the PS4 Pro version stacks up extremely well in comparison to the Xbox One X in graphics detail. I'll run them both over the weekend to see if there's been any change in this respect. But really, other than the fact the Xbox One X can do 4k, I don't see any practical difference. Both are sharp and detailed, and the frame rate at 1080p is near identical. The PS4 Pro has a little bit more pop-in of trees etc, but it's not enough to be considered significant. I'm still happy I can actually play this game at all, using your tv zoom 'hack' in lieu of an FoV slider. I honestly don't get how anyone on a console can find the default FoV playable. It's terrible - so wide, and the road so ridiculously narrow. Might as well play from third-person perspective.
  4. Jake Cushing


    @caerphoto My apologies, but I did not record which stage in Poland this is... nor do I recall. It's where the heaviest tree-clumps are situated, not that this isn't obvious! 😜 I am assuming the similar problem with New Zealand and other stages has remained intact. I'm holding of playing again, waiting for the next updates. Hopefully this issue will finally get some change. Ever closer...
  5. Jake Cushing


    Let's be very clear: This has nothing to do with choice of monitor, or calibration. Don't believe me? Here are image links, on the Xbox website where screen captures are directly uploaded: https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/bloarcus/screenshot/12313277 https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/bloarcus/screenshot/12313275 In other words, this is what the Xbox is out-putting to the screen. No adjustments or monitor choice will change that. @RodgerDavies I've changed the thread title. I understand your dislike of that kind of disrespectful wording. However in this instance, I am a bit exasperated. Our community manager has steadfastly refused to comment on whether this issue is being looked at. Same with CM staff. Oh, and it was also a cheeky reference to the 'fix the garbage rain graphics' thread we are all familiar with! 😉
  6. Jake Cushing


    I have no idea about graphics coding, but wouldn't setting the ambient light levels, or adjusting shadow black levels on these particular rallies (NZ, Poland in particular), be reasonably straightforward?
  7. Jake Cushing

    New WRC 8 Gameplay Video and Analysis

    LOL well if that's the case for the consoles, for me that's the end of the story for this game! 30fps is unplayable after Dirt's 60fps standard-setting. Edit: The comment was actually that 'On the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X, they are aiming for 60fps' So there is some hope for this. But they really have to get a better co-driver than some barking colonel cobbled together from WW1 newsreel audio.
  8. Xbox One X. HDR switched off. Below are direct screen captures, straight to disk. This is Poland at 2pm in the afternoon, on an overcast day. Away from the clumps of trees, there is light. Get into the tree clumps, and you see this. This is absurd, and no fun for anybody. In-game brightness is at normal. Increasing it does not help the problem. @PJTierney@urgaffel Please, the lack of ambient lighting in this game needs some love. Thanks.
  9. Jake Cushing

    HDR brightness?

    @caerphoto Terrific explanations! It's great how you can learn about such things on a seemingly unrelated forum (a rally simulation!) Makes me want to get my camera out and actually learn a thing or two.
  10. Jake Cushing

    HDR brightness?

    Well, I've taken your suggestion @Tranzitive and switched off HDR at the console settings level (Xbox one X). And I'm not looking back! After some calibration of my TV, the skies are still looking wonderful, but the game is also looking much less dark and murky - and more detailed and vibrant to boot. It's funny, I thought the whole point of HDR was to 'combine exposures' so you could have the equivalent of Caerphoto's two photographs (and two exposure levels) of the bush above, in the one image? Such that images show high contrast detail at all light levels - which is the opposite of the result in this game. Would be interested in your comment here @caerphoto Never mind, it looks great without HDR, and still a major step up from DR1. Having said that I have yet to play though New Zealand and the infamous dark shadow sections, with HDR switched off. Hoping it makes a great improvement, but we'll see. Now, if they could just improve the headlight throw...
  11. Can't blame a man for jonesing some Tokyo Drift Action
  12. No, on the Xbox One X. I've turned off HDR, that may be it. But then it may be the recent update, which I believed adjusted vehicle rendering? There's a cel shaded quality about the cars in the replays now, and I can't shake it. An appearance of borders around the main body sections.
  13. Jake Cushing

    HDR brightness?

    Magnificent post @caerphoto!
  14. Jake Cushing

    HDR brightness?

    So, four months after release, and 2 months since this thread, this is still a major issue. And there has been no indication (that I've seen) that Codies are going to fix this. It's a fact: On the Xbox at least (and I believe PS4 too), shadows and shadowed areas are too dark. As are areas not in direct sunlight, in sunset stages for example. I have never encountered visibility like this in real life, and that includes driving in the harsh Australian sunset with the sun right in my eyes. We use sunglasses in real life, yet the game seems to ignore this and provide an absurd rendering of ambient lighting. This is not a system-wide problem. I am currently playing an excellent recent game, 'A Plague Tale: Innocence' which uses HDR. And ambient light levels mean you can still see things properly when going from direct sun into shade. The way it should be. I've stopped playing DR2.0 because of this problem, it is that bad. @PJTierney Some acknowledgment of whether this is even being looked at, would be much appreciated.