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  1. Jake Cushing

    Dirt Rally 2.0 vs WRC8 with PS4 Controller

    1000,000,000, 00000 <pause for breath> 0000 times DR2.0
  2. Jake Cushing

    Something is coming...

    I humbly request all locations from RBR
  3. Jake Cushing

    Dirt Rally 2.0 v Dirt Rally

    The physics are a great deal better. The cars have proper weight, and the 'floaty, finicky' handling of DR1 is replaced by responsiveness and greater realism. Cars feel more differentiated. The graphics are better in each area, especially lighting. Cars themselves look amazing, even from very close-up. Handling is more responsive and more precise with a controller, without sacrificing realism. It's actually a joy to play with a controller, better than any other rally game before. Audio is excellent and the co-driver is superb, a pleasure to listen to (and crystal clear). Some audio balancing issues remain with engine noise in particular being wildly variable. There are now a good deal more tracks on which to rally (and rallyX), but nb half of these are extra downloadables. Career however is not much more than before, and unfortunately is always-online now, meaning some annoying pauses while you 'communicate with Racenet'. There are however now online daily, weekly, monthly etc challenges against other players. These are fun. One thing to note: If you play on a console, the FoV has been increased, so the road looks smaller and there is no means to change this in the game. However if this is an issue, you can perhaps 'fix' it with a zoom function on your TV.
  4. Jake Cushing

    Positive thoughts

    Codies hit it out of the park back when they aimed for 60fps with DR1 for consoles. There has never been a real rally game that gave us console players this, and as much as we love RBR, 30fps on consoles is just a massive handicap. And then to bring in Armstrong and others, to focus on handling first and all else afterwards, was another superb move by Codies. This was not necessarily the only commercial approach. Dirt Rally is pioneering and we are damn lucky 2.0 exists. Play WRC8 and shudder in horror at that alternative.
  5. Jake Cushing

    Assists faster vs Non-Assists?

    This. Whilst I don't believe any of the Armstrong-esque times you see on the leaderboards are with assists, it'd be a 'removal of doubt' thing. Or then again, might be the abject opposite as you won't know if those guys ahead of you using assists were faster because of, or in spite of the assists...
  6. Jake Cushing

    Assists faster vs Non-Assists?

    It's an unsatisfactory situation. Assists should ideally see a segregation of rankings. Or a time penalty, less ideally.
  7. Jake Cushing

    Letter to Santa | Year 2 Rally Spec

    On the Dirt Day of Christmas, my true love sent to me Three French (and other) Rally hens Two offline career doves And a Field of View Slider in an Options Tree
  8. Jake Cushing

    DiRTy Gossip

    Hopefully SMS will teach Codies how to put an FoV slider into their console releases, let alone the rest of the superb camera options that Pcars 2 has on all formats...
  9. Jake Cushing

    DiRTy Gossip

    Normally, the evolution matter one would expect to be discussed here is this
  10. Jake Cushing

    RAIN in UK

    May I suggest that for example, in the case of Australia, if you have a rain probability of say 10%, you adjust that upwards. It's one thing to be 'realistic', it's another to effectively lose variety.
  11. Sorry, not 'footage' but recreated racing scenes. It's a dramatisation of real events. But it's hair-on-balls-tingling good feature film racing nonetheless.
  12. Ok it's in the wrong subforum I know, but it's more of a word-of-mouth thing here and I don't go on the other sub-forums anyhow. Rally-heads will love this picture as well as any other car enthusiasts or just any red blooded male. 5/5 acting, cinematography, humour, drama. Smart and a total love letter to the best racing industry people. Honestly do not miss it, unbelievable racing footage too. *It's called 'Le Mans 66' in some territories
  13. At the moment Finland is leering at us like this burger tongue.jfif
  14. Jake Cushing

    RAIN in UK

    And that's the point I was making. Hardly ever seeing rain in Australia because it 'rarely rains there' just doesn't make the game more enjoyable. There's 'realism' done away with elsewhere for good reason, I think the weather should be the same. Just give us a decent and somewhat realistic variety.
  15. Jake Cushing

    RAIN in UK

    You may want to adjust or normalise that. Real life frequency of rain does not necessarily make for a more enjoyable game. Variety in gaming is the spice of life.