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  1. I play custom championships and haven't been troubled by the AI times overall. The gripe for me is that career mode is online-only. This is the truly shameful step imho.
  2. Why? They're very different types of games (presumably)...
  3. So that's the second Grid game announced since DR2.0 Flipside is more time presumably needed for DR3 (IF there's a DR3) and being given to it. Anyone bothered by the GRID FMV (full-motion video ie corny 'movie' bits) - eh, just skip it in-game. The real question is whether they are bringing back practice laps and any semblance of realism. One of the greatest games ever made, Terra Nova by Looking Glass, had the cheesiest FMV. But it was somewhat knowing and was actually entertaining when you played the game, as you knew it was just salad and the meat of the game was squad based
  4. This is a nightmare. I'm all for road vehicles going electric and reducing fumes and smog. But can you imagine listening to THAT when playing a motorsports video game? I'd rather listen to a man in a suit of armour drag his fingers down a blackboard. This is another reason we need physical copies of games. The day the bulk of vehicles in a Dirt Rally (or WRC) game sound like THAT, is the day I stop buying the latest iteration.
  5. It's too wide, whatever the actual number is. Sorry, I know that doesn't help you. Some of us have resorted to using our TV zoom function to compensate for this missing functionality. That might assist you in getting a better FoV but it still sucks.
  6. But it's never ended in Disney before! "reasonably well written argument" 😄 You'll have to at least acknowledge that JZ is going in complete circles and not making any logical points. Anyway I'll pipe down now. Let's get back to discussing the next game in the franchise that we've been given so much info on!
  7. Now @PJTierney *What* do you have against Disney in general, and Frozen in particular? @JZStudios <Let it go.Frozen.meme>
  8. There's that calm debate everyone's so keen to read. These are examples of 'serious driving games with complicated physics'? 😄 You must be an expert on this issue! Did you miss this comment: I'll now ask you to turn your swearing and yelling towards the good Mr Tierney. There is a fact here that should just be faced: There is close to zero chance that DR3 (or whatever the next game is) will have poor physics, because of an engine forced upon Codies by EA. Just accept that and move on 😉
  9. No u I believe there's already a moderator here, or have you acquired a new job? 😁 I think you'll find I've been pretty 'calm' thus far People want to make ill-judged proclamations and double down on them, someone's going to point it out
  10. Doing a fine job of that all on your ownsome, soldier! 😃 Let's make this simple. - What is an example of a driving game with serious, complicated physics, that was attempted on Frostbite and failed due to the engine? - Do you have any concrete evidence that vehicle physics like the DR series cannot be imported into Frostbite? Edit: Moreover, do you realise how unlikely your position is here? You're absolutely adamant that DR3 will be forced to run on Frostbite. Do you really, seriously believe that EA and Codemasters would do this, AND give it physics like Battlefield or N
  11. As I figured, you're talking decisively about something you actually know nothing concrete about. DICE made the Rallisport challenge games, we have an actual developer talking about Frostbite being good for vehicles, we haven't seen any failed attempt at serious vehicle physics in a Frostbite game. Ergo there is no evidence it can't be done. Here's deductive reasoning for you: As I said initially, it may not necessarily be a bad thing if DR3 was in Frostbite.
  12. So... The physics of DR couldn't be imported into Frostbite. Even with the assistance of DICE. You seem to be quite certain of this, have you actually used Frostbite, or know someone who has?
  13. @JorritVD You perhaps misunderstand me. I'm suggesting the chase cam is the wrong cam to appraise the 'centre pivot' question, because it misleads the viewer into thinking there is one. Not that the cam has anything to do with the car physics itself.
  14. @SRD_SimVansevenantGreat video and appraisal, more depth and better assembled than the sim racing channels! I absolutely detested WRC8, and could foresee no major improvements in that series given that iteration took them two years instead of the usual one year. This video just confirms what I suspected, that it is just not worth buying a KT rally game. On the old 'centre pivot' question though - you've used chase-cam to demonstrate it. But isn't chase-cam an inherent problem with this question, as the camera itself pivots to keep up with the body of the car, making it by definition
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