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  1. Jake Cushing

    DiRTy Gossip

    Did he crash because of fog?
  2. It really doesn't make any sense. You make a great, serious rally game (after decades of making rally games) where you can see clear to the horizon, and you achieve 60fps with a terrific standard of graphics overall. Then you make a sequel, and instead of starting with visibility clear to the horizon and working to improve graphics without compromising this basic feature, you jazz up the graphics and then remove the visibility with fog. This is a$$-backwards game design imho. Compromise the one aspect, vanishing point, that has been recognised as the single most important graphics feature in racing for years. Sure, they've kept 60fps, but they had that to begin with!
  3. All this argie-bargie could be avoided if Codies stated they were looking into optimising Finland and reducing the fog levels, assuming they can't remove it altogether. That line that 'only about 12 players are bothered by the fog' doesn't cut it. That's about the same number who complained about the 'night rain noodles' on these forums. The fact is there will be plenty of players out there who find the fog awful, but who can't be bothered to come onto a forum to say so. If I were Codies I would consider Finland an embarrassment, given the sequel is a downgrade to the original. And there is simply no excusing the promo shots, despite efforts by some on these boards to come up with excuses.
  4. They should make the car a fire-truck so it at least sorta makes sense
  5. As far as I can see, the only one generating 'infinite drama' @richie is yourself. The fog sucks bad, the promo pictures were misleading. Fact, fact. @PJTierney I hope you can see there's enough consternation over this fog, that it warrants an effort to at least reduce its intensity in Finland, and bring it in line with other stages.
  6. Do the photos have the fog? No? Then it's a lie. The fog was deliberately omitted. As for 'unplayable', what I said was it's 'for me unplayably ugly'. It's clearly the same for others here, who are even discussing how to remove Finland completely in another thread. The crawling up to Codies is so disproportionate, it almost hurts. Definitely next level.
  7. It's a bizarre outcome for the PC version to feature The Fog tm , as well as the Xbox One X. The One X could easily run the game without a performance hit with no fog. It's a really sad outcome in the 21st century with consoles this powerful, to see forced upon players the most basic graphics technique from the 90s to maintain frame rates. It is so bad in Finland that that rally is unplayably ugly for me (and clearly for others too). Get your act together Codies. At least have the integrity to release promotional shots of Finland that aren't such a blatant lie. The decision to do otherwise was a total disgrace.
  8. Thank you for this PJ. The promotional shots are misleading, and ought to have been accurate.
  9. The Finland Fog (tm) is the new 'night rain noodles' of DR2.0 Codemasters should I believe acknowledge this issue, especially as their promotional screenshots do not have the fog and are arguably misleading.
  10. Have to agree with the sentiment above. Finland is still 'Bushfire Finland'. It's absolutely terrible, and I can not understand this type of design decision. No word at all as to whether it will ever change, either.
  11. Jake Cushing

    Dirt Rally 2.0 vs WRC8 with PS4 Controller

    1000,000,000, 00000 <pause for breath> 0000 times DR2.0
  12. Jake Cushing

    Something is coming...

    I humbly request all locations from RBR
  13. Jake Cushing

    Dirt Rally 2.0 v Dirt Rally

    The physics are a great deal better. The cars have proper weight, and the 'floaty, finicky' handling of DR1 is replaced by responsiveness and greater realism. Cars feel more differentiated. The graphics are better in each area, especially lighting. Cars themselves look amazing, even from very close-up. Handling is more responsive and more precise with a controller, without sacrificing realism. It's actually a joy to play with a controller, better than any other rally game before. Audio is excellent and the co-driver is superb, a pleasure to listen to (and crystal clear). Some audio balancing issues remain with engine noise in particular being wildly variable. There are now a good deal more tracks on which to rally (and rallyX), but nb half of these are extra downloadables. Career however is not much more than before, and unfortunately is always-online now, meaning some annoying pauses while you 'communicate with Racenet'. There are however now online daily, weekly, monthly etc challenges against other players. These are fun. One thing to note: If you play on a console, the FoV has been increased, so the road looks smaller and there is no means to change this in the game. However if this is an issue, you can perhaps 'fix' it with a zoom function on your TV.
  14. Jake Cushing

    Positive thoughts

    Codies hit it out of the park back when they aimed for 60fps with DR1 for consoles. There has never been a real rally game that gave us console players this, and as much as we love RBR, 30fps on consoles is just a massive handicap. And then to bring in Armstrong and others, to focus on handling first and all else afterwards, was another superb move by Codies. This was not necessarily the only commercial approach. Dirt Rally is pioneering and we are damn lucky 2.0 exists. Play WRC8 and shudder in horror at that alternative.
  15. Jake Cushing

    Assists faster vs Non-Assists?

    This. Whilst I don't believe any of the Armstrong-esque times you see on the leaderboards are with assists, it'd be a 'removal of doubt' thing. Or then again, might be the abject opposite as you won't know if those guys ahead of you using assists were faster because of, or in spite of the assists...