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  1. Erm, Witch Racing 3 is actually by EA It's part of their mobile racing game series but has a PC version too. Touted as the 'next gen in realistic physics-based occult racing arcade simulations' Don't believe me? Check the mobile EA gaming site: https://tinyurl.com/yck6cdyh
  2. Be warned. Unlike the PC version, Art of Rally on the Xbox had no custom mapping of control buttons whatsoever, and only *one* preset control scheme. Which made it unplayable for me. Don't know if they fixed that up since release but I follow the dev on twitter and nothing mentioned that I've seen.
  3. I've been playing 'Witch Racing 3' which is in Frostbite and let me tell you, the physics do NOT bode well for the next Codemasters rally title. Not at all.
  4. Agreed. Custom championships should really be closer to a custom career mode. Especially when the real career mode in 2.0 is so awful (online only, too many night stages etc)
  5. And who is rally society? There is no such thing! There are individual rally men and women and there are rally families
  6. We need a sign from PJ. Something subtle, like:
  7. It seems increasingly likely that we may not see a DR3. It's now too late for a December release. And a release next year will see a WRC title only a year later. When there would still be a DLC program for the DR title, directly competing. I fear EA will have made Codies conflate their efforts into one title, believing we will take whatever we get.
  8. They're probably monitoring sales of DR2.0 and if it's still got a 'long tail' they'll delay announcing a new one until the last moment. Or, there isn't a new one and it'll be straight to WRC. (fingers crossed NO) Either way, we just won't know much in advance I suspect.
  9. He told me in a DM that he's been playing the heck out of the new game. Those cars are in, but the 'look' of the game is now more in keeping with Dirt 5. I think he won't mind if I share a screenshot he sent me from it. I'm excited!!
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