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  1. Jake Cushing

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    Not true, I've lost a wheel in DR2.0
  2. Jake Cushing

    New WRC 8 Gameplay Video and Analysis

    The co-driver is so hilarious it could actually be a good thing. I could certainly get used to it, if the actual rallying, the physics and handling, were up to the standard of DR2.0. But 30fps on the Xbox One X?
  3. Jake Cushing

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Seasons 3 & 4

    It's OK Riggs, it's just an extremely hot girl
  4. I'm on the Xbox One X, btw, and using normal stereo output, not surround sound. There are no similar issues with other games whatsoever. The levels in this game have not been balanced.
  5. Jake Cushing

    About Those Large Water Puddles on Wet Roads...

    I don't, but... simply play the game and drive over a wet surface. You'll see what I'm talking about very quickly. This isn't a bug as such, but a feature request. Puddles have no sound attached, at all, ever. You do understand what I'm referring to, right?
  6. It's been how many months since release now, and tons of DLC content. And the audio mix is still an embarrassment. Phil's voice will boom loudly before a race starts, then go 30db quieter in the car. Different cars have an absurd difference in their engine volume. It is frustrating in the utmost to jump into a daily or whatever challenge, only to have to pause the game to re-adjust the voice and engine volumes. And then half the time to find the voice level adjustment doesn't even make any difference. Seriously, your game would have a much less shabby presentation if this basic kind of thing was done already. It can't be a difficult task!
  7. Jake Cushing

    The Location Appreciation Thread

    Monte Carlo is a haughty, high-cheekboned European supermodel, sleek curves and breathtaking views, but a lot of attitude. Wales is a cheerful country lass with generous curves who loves an ale and mud-wrestling and will happily invite you to join. I know which I prefer.
  8. Jake Cushing

    About Those Large Water Puddles on Wet Roads...

    @PJTierney Seems a reasonable amount of agreement on this. Pass it on to the team?
  9. Jake Cushing

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Seasons 3 & 4

    Not sure where you read that? I am certain there's a quote on here (from Discord) where Urgaffel mentions the lighting is done by hand this time round. But notwithstanding that, I wholeheartedly support a push to make more times-of-day the number one new feature we might get. As keeper of the 'Riggs List' I hope you can impress it upon them 🙂 Edit: and agree with the fog!
  10. Jake Cushing

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Seasons 3 & 4

    Would be so good. I seriously doubt it'll happen though. If a FoV slider and Dashcam are each "Sorry, too much resources required"... We live in hope anyhow. Shame as this could have been the perfect rally iteration for CM had they dealt us more variety.
  11. Jake Cushing

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Seasons 3 & 4

    This is why I'm taking a break from the game until November. At that point there'll be two new-old rallies. I've played them both in DR1, but the total number of rallies by that point might reach the magical 'critical mass' where suddenly the game does not fatigue you with that same-old-stage feeling. Here's hoping, anyway. The game still badly needs more times of day. Even just a 'morning' for all stages. There's just too much repetition as it is, and the fact the rallies have been staggered throughout the year, coupled with the total replication of rallies from the previous game, has just dulled what would have been a long honeymoon with DR2.0. That and the ridiculous number of night stages which frankly are just a chore most of the time. If the night lighting could get an atmospheric shake-up that might help.
  12. Jake Cushing

    New rally tracks outsourced

    I think it's great out-of-the-box thinking. Check the number of unbelievably good rallies available for RBR, thanks to open source. And if it doesn't stack up right now due to the economics, it speaks to the clear desire of the fans - the demand is there above all for new, unique stages and rallies.
  13. Jake Cushing

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Seasons 3 & 4

    @JesseDeya Yeah, look it's not ideal. Sometimes it feels like there's a base of rally fans, and Codies are 'the only game in town'. So we've forked out how much now, for 4 new tracks and 8 remasters, (plus the best RX ever)? I've lost count of the dollars tbh. But there's another aspect to this: the review-bombing the game received on Steam (and consoles). So perhaps we are subsidising the lower sales which were a consequence? But also, this is more than a 'game'. It's a realisation of a simulation ideal that we tasted with RBR, and DR1.0 was just a work-in-progress for. There is nothing else out there that does the job. It's a first. And I am deadly sure that CM staff work their absolute butts off in their jobs. Hardcore simulation rally is just not a popular, easy sell. I have faith in the market, and do not believe CM are obliged to do anything. But I also believe that if they attend to the features we are pointing out to them, it will help everyone.
  14. Jake Cushing

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    Nice Estering video, with interesting questions - you're doing a great job @PJTierney! 💪
  15. Jake Cushing

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Seasons 3 & 4

    So, just my 2c worth: If we had been told at the outset that within the first year, DR2.0 would feature four new locations, and eight remasters from DR1/D4, I think we would have been pretty happy with that. But the fact that it's under wraps and staggered leads to higher expectations, especially as existing locations get thrashed so we become hungry for new stuff. Agree with the idea that new locations could be charged at a higher rate. I would happily pay $20 for a new location. But it would help if there were more kms and therefore unique stages. From memory RBR had completely unique stages, one of its great features (this could be nostalgia but I think its correct). One of the problems with DR2.0 is finding yourself repeating entire sections back-to-back within a rally. Coupled with a slow stagger of new locations and it leads to fatigue/boredom. And I am adamantly of the view that feature updates are being overlooked. FoV slider, Dashcam, 2nd offline career mode, extra time of day for all stages (morning). These four alone would see an enormous amount of goodwill come from the player base. I hope CM can adjust their priorities.