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  1. Jake Cushing

    DIRT 2.0

    How about merging this topic, along with Mr Town's other topics and posts, into one thread called 'I am trolling on behalf of WRC 8/9 in a formal or informal capacity, thank you'
  2. Jake Cushing

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT 5

    This is one disconcertingly bizarre game to look at. No colours make any real sense in relation to any other colours The lighting colour of the road makes no sense against the sky, nor against the colours on all the hoardings. It's like it's all been put through a randomising filter. And its got some sort of post-apocalyptic bubble-gum aesthetic going on. Anyway, gg, moar primary colours and 'splosions Codiez
  3. Jake Cushing

    Codemasters secure WRC licence from 2023

    So, CM is now under pressure to provide all-new stages, after half of the stages last time were re-masters. This combined with the need for 'next gen' looking graphics might mean we don't get a whole lot of mileage when DR3.0 launches. And you can be guaranteed that it will be pay-per-stage for probably half of the total new stages, like before. Codies could help themselves here - if they go for a photographic look for DR3.0, ie use photographic textures, they could get away with not having to add too much more in terms of trackside detail, ie no need to go overboard with more trees etc. Just improve the look of things towards photo-realism. Then they could perhaps squeeze out more track mileage. My fear is that 'next gen graphics' will be the 'reason' there is badly limited mileage next time around. They should also be aware that next time, players like myself may well hold off purchasing for the good part of a year, knowing there would be new tracks, (probably) epic bug fixes, and then a discount on the base game too. You would want a more substantial and definitely more polished product at launch, unlike 2.0.
  4. Jake Cushing

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

    Then, Whoops, sorry:
  5. Jake Cushing

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

    How're you enjoying having no FoV adjustment option? ūüėú JUST SAYING
  6. Jake Cushing

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

    It's not a killer bug: it crashes every time you finish a rally during a custom championship. But it saves your position and when you re-load DR2.0 you can commence at the next rally.
  7. Jake Cushing

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

    Will they fix the crash-to-homescreen on Xbox One X every single time you finish a custom event? Will they fix the co-driver audio that is way too loud before you start a stage? And what new bugs might any fixes bring to the game? The wait will be agonising
  8. Jake Cushing

    Thank You Codies Yet Again For This... (60fps on console)

    Is there a source for this? I can't seem to find anything on the net about it. I'd consider buying it if they get the One X version to 60fps...
  9. Playing 2.0 heavily right now, it strikes me the next game could really do with a big shift towards photographic style graphics. The current game is held back by texturing and palettes that look 'drawn' rather than realistic. Poland for example looks so cartoony especially when the sun is shining. It feels like such a lost opportunity when playing. Hopefully the split between Dirt and Dirt Rally will allow for this change. Remember Codies, a 'realistic' look is way more transporting than a 'moody' cartoony style of graphics. Import those photographic textures!
  10. Jake Cushing

    FOV in Dirt Rally 2.0

    So, I'm still interested in this topic... As an Xbox player (ie 'Second-Class Dirt Rally Citizen'), I've made the game playable with the 'mother of all kludges', using my television zoom to simulate hardware FoV. Like other players. Pathetic outcome in 2020 I know. But what do I miss out on since I'm using my television, rather than the proper software FoV that PC players only get? Does the game maintain the same resolution and detail at all FoVs? What about controls - is the control resolution the same or is it compensated for? Or is it exactly the same thing in the end, and basically just a zoom? Thank God the game has its dials in a position that with some lateral-shift on the television, I can at least have the gear number still visible in the lower right-hand side. Menus of course are stuffed but it's all still doable... just.
  11. Has there been a thread about this? If so, @PJTierney please merge But what types of things would make for a fun and rewarding off-line career mode? I'm not a fan of management stuff, hiring engineers and that malarkey. But I'd like a choice of multiple events at any one time, and a progression with some fun elements. Rivals with character and strengths/flaws, team bosses with same, unexpected set-backs, unexpected advantages, offers, one-off events, advertising contracts (maybe), e-mails, tv spots. I dunno. What I do know is that if we see mandatory race-net connection for any type of career progress, that'd be a major let-down.
  12. Jake Cushing

    Thank You Codies Yet Again For This... (60fps on console)

    Problem is the standard will shift to ray tracing imagery and it will remain all about the screenshots. Seriously, I wouldn't be surprised if 30fps turns up again on the next gen of consoles. So what does ACC offer that PC2 is lacking, such that a console player would give up half the frame rate?
  13. Jake Cushing

    Thank You Codies Yet Again For This... (60fps on console)

    Ok, dirt-solid?
  14. Jake Cushing

    Thank You Codies Yet Again For This... (60fps on console)

    We all remember the 'issues' DR2.0 had on its arrival. Not to want to dwell on them, but, holy jeebers they were pretty bad (rain noodles took the cake maybe) But the game was a rock-solid 60fps on all consoles. That felt really good. Could be a stage win in there!
  15. Not sure if it's been mentioned yet, but trackside replays could be much more gritty and exciting if the model of the almighty RBR is followed. That game still has superior replays: - lower to the ground camera positions, - cameras wobble, zoom and shift in the manner of hand-held operation by tv crews. Currently it's a step up from DR1 but the trackside camera replays have a more abstract, less visceral feel than RBR. It's too smooth and automated a feeling. Observe and marvel: