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    Dirt Blurry 2.0 - NO MORE!!!!!!

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  2. Jake Cushing

    Dirt Blurry 2.0 - NO MORE!!!!!!

    Edit: I got it wrong. Xbox One X with '4k mode' selected gives you graphics every bit as good (possibly better) than the PS4 Pro. Super sharp and wonderful. Well done Codemasters!
  3. Jake Cushing

    Dirt Blurry 2.0 - NO MORE!!!!!!

    I'm very happy for you guys on the PS4, great to hear when people get the fix they have been hoping for, and can enter rally Nirvana! 🙂 As I bought the game on both the PS4 Pro and the Xbox One X (to support Codies however I can), I can confirm the game is now sharper on the PS4 Pro than it is on the Xbox 1 X. Screenshots to come. I think the difference is they have dialled back some filtering or depth of field effect on purpose, after hearing PS4 player's complaints. It's a matter of taste, sometimes the Xbox 1 X looks a touch nicer as the graphics are smoothed out, but other times it's still too soft-focus looking. Personally, somewhere in-between on the Xbox would be perfect for me. If Codies can fix the heavy rain under headlights at night effect (the big white rain-bolts), then graphically I think we're pretty good across the consoles.
  4. Jake Cushing

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

    Default cockpit FoV in DR2.0 is set at a fish-eye angle, ie wider than normal. So the road looks narrower than it actually is. Look at Spain, how can a two-lane road look narrower than the car, including both sides of the road!
  5. Jake Cushing

    Get Good at DiRT Rally 2.0 - Community Rally School

    We can't do this on consoles!! Anyone playing the console version: Tell Codies you want a FOV slider so you can simply reduce FOV Above is exactly the problem with the default level. It is not natural and it distorts the road/objects to look smaller than they are. Edit: holy smokes, just realised that was from 2016! I know a FoV slider for consoles was being requested back in DR1 days. It wasn't as necessary for DR1 on the consoles as that game had a more natural FOV. Since Dirt 4 and now DR2.0 they have made it more un-natural and more of a handicap, all for the sake of this 'sense of speed' thing. Which I don't get, as nothing is scarier than objects looming bigger in front of you, giving you the sensation of actually being inside the car.
  6. Jake Cushing

    The unexpected moments stopped?

    I've seen drones and cars, but I'm only early in the career. Xbox.
  7. Jake Cushing

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

    What would be truly lovely would be a bloom adjustment slider on the consoles 🙂
  8. Jake Cushing

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

    @ChristinaMc It appears the FOV slider for consoles (Xbox) is not happening with this update. Can you let us know if we will ever get this? I am not playing at present as the default FOV is too high, and the road can't be seen easily (compared with DR1). If it simply isn't any kind of priority for the devs, that's OK - I will let go of this game and look elsewhere for racing simulation. But it would be good to know if there's actually a possibility for it to happen.
  9. Jake Cushing

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

    Oh God please let there be an FOV slider in the Xbox patch. I'm holding back from playing the game at the moment, because I just can't see the road properly with the default FOV being so high. I don't have an enormous TV screen, and it's an unfair advantage that PC players have being able to lower the FOV. Plus it looks so much more immersive with a low FOV and nice big, detailed objects and road in front of you!
  10. Jake Cushing

    FOV in Dirt Rally 2.0

    For those of you who don't appreciate how important the FOV slider is, take a look at the two videos below. This is huge for console gamers like me, because DR2.0 on consoles has no slider for FOV, unlike the PC version. With a high FOV (ie the default), you can't see the road as clearly. I'm not the only one without a ginormous TV screen. It also makes it unfair to play against PC players on the leaderboards, when they have an FOV slider and can reduce the FOV. (You may want to switch off the volume on the first video, as the commentator is very annoying). Start the first video about 1.15 in to see the cockpit tarmac comparison across the two videos. First video has a lower (natural) FOV. Second has the default high FOV. @cmMikeRobson
  11. Jake Cushing

    FOV in Dirt Rally 2.0

    God, as an xbox player I would simply love to just have an FOV adjustment of any sort, numbers be damned. Anyhow...