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  1. On top of payments to the game publishers, I take it GamePass doesn't mean the DLC is for free.

    There will be an interesting point when WRC 2023 is released. If from that point, the Dirt Rally series is dead and cremated, there will be an outcry from peeps like us.

    But if it is to continue, then how is it distinguished from the WRC games, and what will it offer that is lacking in those? A lot of different cars and tracks will mean a lot of extra work for assets that can't be used in the other game.

    I can only guess the historic element will be nobbled in WRC. But can Dirt Rally offer a unique career mode that is totally different to WRC? There simply hasn't been any real career aspect of any substance in Dirt Rally so far.

    We can assume (or hope) handling and physics in WRC will be as good as Dirt Rally, because gimping that will mean few of us Dirt Rally fans would buy into the series.


  2. On 1/20/2021 at 11:45 AM, JZStudios said:

    Jimmy Broadbent sucks and I personally hate that he's a full grown man literally living in a shed in his parents back yard but has $6000 of sim gear, but he's entertaining. Apparently.

    Jimmer's an interesting character. The man-child aspect is part of the appeal and he makes light acknowledgments of it. His random streamed playthroughs are not what he's good at. Where he shines is when he focuses and provides long-form racing commentary. His voice is terrific and ability to maintain the commentary is right up with the old pros. He evokes Murray Walker, who wasn't a real-life race driver either (his motorcycle efforts notwithstanding).

    Anyhow, carry on!

  3. 10 hours ago, PJTierney said:
    • DiRT Rally 2.0 supports Quick Resume.
      You can switch your console off, turn it on again tomorrow and pick up right where you left off, even in a Service Area.
      It'll take a second to recognise your wheel and connect to RaceNet, but it works a treat.

    NB the Xbox One X has had this feature with all games for a long while now, not sure about the S though

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  4. Interesting take. I could really enjoy an offline career mode with the equivalent of 'timed quests'.

    You either take the rally on-offer in the next couple of days, or forfeit for what might come up next (randomised rally tree).

    Daggerfall the great, ultimate off-line RPG that was bigger than every on-line RPG and had procedurally generated quests, had this great trait.

  5. 23 hours ago, JorritVD said:

    Btw, EA did "made" (well one of their studios) one of my most favorite single player offline games quite recently: Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order.

    Hot Dog, great recommendation!!

    I bought it on the xbox after checking its reviews - played it this evening. Very enjoyable so far! Hopefully it gets less on-rails and the environments get a little larger, but anyhow.

    Thank you!


    "The game outperformed EA's expectations, with CFO Blake Jorgensen voicing his pleasure at the game's success in the company's latest financial call.

    "Sales of Star Wars — Jedi: Fallen Order significantly beat our expectations," he said. "We had forecast 6 million to 8 million units for the fiscal year, but to hit the high end of that in the third quarter, and now we anticipate selling around 10 million units in the fiscal year, a very strong result for a single-player action game."


    Single-player, off-line, no micro-transactions. You digging this, Codies?


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  6. 1 hour ago, Janneman60 said:

    I want to do clubs and don't want to be restricted there with hard-to-get cars or silly upgrades won in career mode.

    This is exactly what I'm saying

    That's awesome for you regarding career mode, you clearly don't play it

    But for those of us who do, you should be able to see that it makes sense for it to be off-line

  7. Agree with @JorritVD , keep career mode where it belongs: Offline

    I really can't see why on-line events should allow for any advantages among individual players based on what they may have done in career mode. Just allow all vehicles to all players on an absolutely even keel, and let them compete in events based on their on-line track record. Not their offline fictional pursuits.

    Then restrict the career mode more heavily, so cars are hard-won and there's a longer, more interesting and immersive rally driver pathway.


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  8. 46 minutes ago, JorritVD said:

    Btw, another possible positive is that Codies get investments and can bring more beautiful games. A few months ago I showed @PJTierney a game concept which is a spinoff from GRID, like DiRT Rally is a spinoff from DiRT/CMR. Maybe Codies have multiple ideas/concepts/IPs laying around, but due to limited resources, these can't be researched or created. 


    Now that is truly positive thinking!

    I still want Dirt Retro to be made.

    A 16 bit retro rally with rpg elements. So, an RRRpg.

    EA execs, DM me if this floats your Citroen DS, I have a stack of design concepts for it ok fine

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  9. We think you're great, and more power to you for purchasing Codies, who are pretty awesome.

    So this is just a note, for what it's worth, from a fan:

    As you probably already know: what is worth more than gold?

    The handling and physics model of DR2.0... This is the heart, soul, lover, and mother, of Dirt Rally. Without this, it becomes nothing. 

    If cars magically 'right themselves' when they shouldn't in real life, it's all over, and the customer base is lost. Along with newcomers who find the authenticity to be a refreshing change, and a hook for lasting immersion and challenge. 


    Jake the Rake


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  10. 10 hours ago, PJTierney said:

    Instead of immediately jumping on the negative, maybe a more level discussion can be had here instead 😉 



    FYI: I currently know nothing other than what's in the news, though I'm generally opposed to excess negativity on forums and prefer constructive discussions.

    But the negative's too much fun!

    Oh alright, alright:

    - Serious cash and resources/tech injection. So night-time lighting can finally look current-gen.

    And a better brand of rain noodles at launch, like gourmet italian.

  11. EA sports have published decent simulation oriented titles I believe, such as the golf titles.

    If a take-over took place before 2.0 was released, we might be a bit more worried. But now that 2.0 has set the direction firmly with a good commercial result, it would be really surprising if that direction was up-ended.

    I'm now REALLY glad that Codies took the Dirt series in that path! It's the lightning-rod for 'arcade direction'.

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  12. Bit like the way an off-cut of the intro sequence in The Shining, where a car is winding its way thru some mountains, was used later in Blade Runner for its 'happy ending' sequence as they drive into the mountains. Thankfully cut from the Directors Cut. 

    Kinda sorta like that

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  13. Volkswagen would have had some epic making-up to do for their emissions fraud scandal, where they were caught nobbling the emissions measuring devices in their vehicles, so they basically cheated big-league. Naughty naughty

    So I suppose they've had to do what those monks would do for chastisement, ie walk between monasteries flogging themselves

    I haven't looked it up but if any of their punishment at the hands of the EU regulators remains confidential, who knows what part of the current trajectory is caught up in that.