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  1. I’ve been playing codemasters games since the 90’s when OFP(Operstion Flashpoint) came out. Well in 2018 I was excited to get F1. I was actually getting pretty good, then the crash starts started. It got so bad you couldn’t even get off the line without some asshat running into as many people as he could. I contacted codemasters about it as well as a couple issues with my stats constantly resetting. No response, nothing. Well I no longer play F1 and codemasters can shove it for all I care. They have some pretty big issues with their games and they seem to only develop them so far and never actually finish them. It’s aleays been that way and hasn’t changed in 20yrs. I’ve washed my hands with them and won’t ever purchase another codemasters game!
  2. And maybe, just maybe penalize people or remove them from playing for always intentionally ramming people like bumper cars.
  3. How about not being penalized when **** drivers ram you or intentionally run you off the track. While your at it, Fix the Rank. So sick and tired of Logging back in only to find it zeroed out again.
  4. Too bad they couldn’t fix 2018. I won’t be buying 2019. Too many glitches.