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  1. DarknesReas

    Everything that needs2be fixed about the game

    @SirPhilMcKraken u wld be wrong 2assume im joking
  2. DarknesReas

    Everything that needs2be fixed about the game

    @UP100 becuz its 2019 my gd man and nobody has time2be typing full words anymore becuz its faster btw if u wld like to read dis topic on reddit wthout censoring there's a link in the topic i just made
  3. BTW I FORGOT2SAY THIS IS4REAL PPL NOT AI IN SUPERSTAR MODE THTS PRETTY MUCH THE SAME PROBS AS RANKED BUT JUST TONED DWN CONSDIERING AI's APPARENTLY DONT SHW THEY HAVE JEDI FORCE TRICKS ON U LIKE RL PPL also if i left anything out comment below also i update the post list over time of replaying the game so if i repeated myself disregard it Also i have reddit post on this exact same topic but under a diff. name since i remade dis topic link is below ofc wthout censoring https://www.reddit.com/r/onrushgame/comments/ajzmbl/onrush_car_physicsmode_issues/?utm_source=reddit-android 1.i love ur game codemasters but ur car physics are complete [removed] and all over the place im tired of the baby taps its a CAR GAME A F-GAME n ppl barely touch my car if at all and i fly off in the distance n wreck im tired of babytapping n scrapping up against walls n etc only2wreck its a CAR GAME not HALO OR SW:THE FORCE AWAKENS also the breaks/handbrakes r kinda [removed] and dont feel like im breaking worth diddly cr ap and bikes need a MAJOR buff considering it's easier2get wrecked on a bike and also harder2actually get takedowns wth it as well 2. i wld like2also add tht its not cool draining ur car's boost in lockdown on a moving target otherwise how r we spp2catch up2it half of the time becuz the point is literally draining the cars n becuz of dat only1team is actually able2keep up wth the point instead of both automatically allowing the opposing team2win outright 3. stop making fodder scarce in matches becuz ppl including Myself cant even keep up wth everybody else regardless of the mode cuz there's no boost source anywhere 4. its rly disheartening tht i actively hit opponents wth my vehicle only2take dmg instead WTH THE FRONT OF MY CAR FACING THEM IT'S BEYOND STUPID AND FRUSTRATING 5. and dont think i forgot about the AIR CRUSHES which are MASSIVELY stupid as well im ok wth somebody having they're entire car on the hood of mine's but there's times where i get crushed by an opponent an less than4tires crushed me n they still get the kill on me or the fact dat they crushed me wthout touching me 6. the ENFORCER is too heavy on handling compared2every other vehicle including titan for like no reason 7. im tired of the game disconnectiing me and not saving my progress ESPECIALLY IN STORY MODE 8.it wld be very nice if i cld still build my boost while rushing cuz its habit by this point2assume tht destroying vehicles nets u alot of boosts but u get none4destroying [removed] whn ur rushing 9.IM [removed]TIRED OF TEAM MATES TRYING2RUN U OFF THE ROAD ITS A TEAM BASED [removed]GAME N PPL WILL AUTO. ON SIGHT TRY2TAKE U OUT LIKE [removed] plz implement something tht can atleast prevent dat 10.BOOSTING IS EXTREMELY INCONSISTENT everyother car games does it right the boost obtained is extremely mediocre compared2player and AI takendowns for EVERYTHING also u dont even get boost4going fast at all in a game all about boosting and if ur not boosting u not winning 11. IT SCKS THT JOINING MATCHES IN PROGRESS ALRDY STILL COUNT4UR RANK GOING UP OR DOWN 12.it also sucks dat doing extremely well in pvp and snagging first for ur team despite u losing still demotes knwing full well u put all u cld into making ur team win i mean i understand thts how most ranked matches in games go but2be pretty honest ur rank is HAN SOLO its isolated even if u had a buddy2play ranked wth they're rank is not directly tied2ur's in anyways besides losing or winning on the same team depending on ur winning n losing streak in pairs of 2s (2wins/2loses) if u lose then win or viceversa it resets 13.during rank mode ur rank will disappear as if its hidden not shwing whether or not u got bumped up or demoted 14.drafting gets u killed by over riding ur control of the car if u were steering away frm a near death wreck making u therefore wreck 15. codemasters u have alot of [removed]cheaters aka hackers in dis game u need2do something about it ur singleplayer is [removed]GREAT but clearly u use the same coding for both AIs n ur PLAYERS which is mostly the prob. resulting in all of the above **** im tlking about quite literally NONE of the AIs do the JEDI FORCEWALL [removed] like players do so ur doing something right there but plzzzzz fix ur mechs. they're definitely not working for multiplayer 16.Bikes need2be equal2cars THERES NO REASON PPL SHLD BE BRUSHING UP AGAINST ME AND I DIE ON CONTACT I SHLD BE ABLE2DESTROY CARS ON A BIKE WTHOUT AIR CRUSHES PERIOD 17. Rush ULT. due2the [removed] mechs. r EXTREMELY CHEAP considering they1shot u at full hp and again its a car game dats not even fair u literally move like wat 5miles faster than a regular boosting car not using rush n u telling me a bish no more than 3m away 1shots me YEEAAAAAAAaaaaaa no.... dats cheat [removed] 18. YEAAAAaa no im done with the hackers in this game cheating2win NOT only r there hackers on the enemy's team but there's cheaters on ur team as well im tired of getting wrecked by jealous cheating teammates its A [removed]CAR GAME MATE like no im tired of dis [removed] just make it so u cant push ur teammates outta the way or we phase thru them dis [removed] is rly getting outta hand i shldnt have2fight MY [removed]TEAM AND DA [removed]ENEMY TEAM AT DA SAMETIME 19. ur checkpoints in countdown suck ass i can barely see them AND Y DO U WNT SOMEBODY TO GO LEFT THEN INSTANTEOUSLY TURN ALL THE WAY RIGHT NO GAME DOES THT N EVEN IF U CLD DO IT UR STEERING AND BRAKES SUCK CODEMASTERS jezusness its almost like u nvr looked at nor played your game at all 20. Flipping is slow [removed] why [removed] is flipping slow [removed] even a motor sport game gets dat [rempved] right hell A ***** MMORPG GETS DAT RIGHT N THEY'RE NOT EVEN A ***** CAR GAME 21. I SHLDNT HAVE2STAY STILL 2DRAFT A CAR u litetally cant stay behind some1and draft them wthout staying completely in line n still wth them its called drafting 4 a reason 22. u can get your switch taken away from u before the red bar fills up 23. CODEMASTERS STOP MAKING UR PLAYERS AUTO ***** WRECK WTH AUTO CAR ***** ROLLS THERES NO REASON U ALLOW OUR CARS TO ROLL YET GIVE US NO ABILITY2 CONTROL THE ROTATION THUS MAKING US AUTO ***** 24. THERE'S NO REASON THE CATCH UP BAR ON SWITCH OR ANY OTHER MODE SHLD BE ******* ACTIVATING IF EVERYBODY IS IN THE BACK OF THE TRACK TRYING2KILL EACHOTHER DATS NOT EVEN ***** FAIR 2ANY1 25. codemasters code masters codemasters.....Y [removed] DOES MY CAR AND OR BIKE MOSTLY BIKE WRECK FOR NO REASON ON A COMPLETE FLAT PIECE OF LAND AS IF I ***** TRIPPED ON A ROCK IN A ***** MOTOR VEHICLE THTS SUPPOSE2 TRAVEL ON LAND IN THE FIRST PLACE MAKING ME AUTO WRECK DATS CHEATING 26. Bikes wreck instantaneously on landing a ***** wheelie dats ***** stupid fix dat [removed] 27. hackers regardless of current team affiliation if im correct r using cheats2spawn themselves behind ally's and ***** opponents to wreck them 28. SMITH BENDS gets 2dark 2see on switch for no reason let alone any other mode WHERE [removed] DA LIGHTS BRO IK THEM [removed] THERE U GOT LIL BOX LIGHTS ON THE TERRAIN 29. i suspect hackers r hacking the game2add points2they're so they can net 1st place idk if dis is completely tru but lets b3 honest if ur plying bike in overdrive landing tricks n ur ult. multiple times and wrecking [removed] and boosting yeaaa i think ur cheating if ur first place in a ***** car and im doing far more than yo [removed] 30. all the cheaters r working together simultaneously as if they kno everything u do and where u r they r rl ppl cuz of they're aggression in their driving but idk they seem2 omnipotent in trying2take me out regardless wheter they're a teammate or not