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  1. How is this possible? the lifecycle of the PS4 in ending ... how can it be that DR2.0 is the worst looking racing game of the current GEN? Everything is blurry, blocky, HDR completely broken making this game nearly unplayable on the PS4 PRO. Nearly 10GB of patch?? for what?? Game still looks terrible! Terrible job Codemasters.
  2. JoaoPedro418

    Test Footage of the Patch Beta Leaked!!!

    What is that? RBR mixed with something else? Looks awesome!
  3. JoaoPedro418

    Investment around DR2.0 down the drain ...

    Melodramatic?! Sorry ... but no. Play DR2.0 on a PS4 PRO and oled and you´ll see what i mean - looks terrible! Low res, blurry mess. Put Project Cars 1 and 2, GT Sport, F1 2017 and 2018 - they all look near photorealistic on my setup BUT DR2.0 is just 10 years old to my eyes.
  4. JoaoPedro418

    Investment around DR2.0 down the drain ...

    But why show videos misleading the customers? The PS4 Pro version is the worst racing graphics i´ve seen in more than 10 years - it´s really that bad.
  5. Well, i feel a bit let down with DR2.0 ... i love the game but the negatives are getting under my skin after a week playing it. So i have made a big investment recently just to get the best experience possible, it´s not happening: - T300RS - force feedback is weekly implemented; - TSS Mod+ - handbrake is not progressive, it´s only on/off, just a lot money wasted; - OLED+PS4PRO - 1080p graphics, blurred images, terrible to watch; Come on Codemasters, you can do better than that. Dont´say PS4PRO doesn´t have the power! How many AAA titles are out there that show the true potential of this console?? What´s your saying about this? Thanks
  6. Totally agree with the OP. This is becoming a game breaking issue for me. It´s nearly impossible to see the track ahead on some stages, some are really dark no matter what settings i change on the tv and others too bloomy. There is no consistency graphics wise. Also, the graphics seem downgraded even when compared to Dirt 4. Please do something about this Codemasters - this is a real issue. And no ... it´s not my system, i have a PS4 PRO and a OLED B7 - perfect for gaming!
  7. JoaoPedro418

    Codies ... you have done it!!

    T300RS + TSS mod+ Not perfect yet but far from broken IMO.
  8. JoaoPedro418

    Codies ... you have done it!!

    Just a quick note to say that Dirt Rally 2.0 is just awesome!! The level of detail is amazing, physics, tyre model, road surface, sound, ... all very impressive indeed. I have only one small grip with it - HDR - it seems it needs some work on the PS4 PRO. It´s hard to find a balance between dark and bright areas. Also, we should have a explanatory text next to each option in the game, telling us what that option means (some are self explanatory, others aren´t). Really happy with the work done here. RBR was still, and after all this years, the king of Rally games ... not anymore. I will definitely pay for all the additional content released on Dirt Rally 2, more tracks and cars will keep this game running for years. Cheers JP
  9. JoaoPedro418

    Stage degradation ... how it works

    Any new insights on this topic? Thanks!
  10. JoaoPedro418

    Stage degradation ... how it works

    This is exactly my question! So, when you set up a room with some friends to play a Rally, how stage degradation works?
  11. JoaoPedro418

    Stage degradation ... how it works

    Thank you mate!
  12. JoaoPedro418

    Stage degradation ... how it works

    Great to see it´s implemented on Single Player ... Curious to know how does it work on Multiplayer though - where we´ll be for the next months 🙂
  13. Hello fellow rally fans, Can anyone explain how stage degradation will work on multiplayer? I know the principle in real life, but how is it implemented on Dirt 2 multiplayer? Will it actually work as intended? Thank you.
  14. JoaoPedro418

    DLC means what exactly?

    I´m happy with this CM! Don´t bother paying for good content - it´s just fair. Can we assume that Season 2 and 3 will add more countries and cars also? Thanks
  15. JoaoPedro418

    If you were to add one DR1 venue as DR2 DLC...

    For me Greece has the better stages ever on a rally game. Technical, hard terrain, beautiful rally stages. Being in Portugal and gravel is my middle name 🙂 anything with gravel has my vote!