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  1. JoaoPedro418

    Stage degradation ... how it works

    Any new insights on this topic? Thanks!
  2. JoaoPedro418

    Stage degradation ... how it works

    This is exactly my question! So, when you set up a room with some friends to play a Rally, how stage degradation works?
  3. JoaoPedro418

    Stage degradation ... how it works

    Thank you mate!
  4. JoaoPedro418

    Stage degradation ... how it works

    Great to see it´s implemented on Single Player ... Curious to know how does it work on Multiplayer though - where we´ll be for the next months 🙂
  5. Hello fellow rally fans, Can anyone explain how stage degradation will work on multiplayer? I know the principle in real life, but how is it implemented on Dirt 2 multiplayer? Will it actually work as intended? Thank you.
  6. JoaoPedro418

    DLC means what exactly?

    I´m happy with this CM! Don´t bother paying for good content - it´s just fair. Can we assume that Season 2 and 3 will add more countries and cars also? Thanks
  7. JoaoPedro418

    If you were to add one DR1 venue as DR2 DLC...

    For me Greece has the better stages ever on a rally game. Technical, hard terrain, beautiful rally stages. Being in Portugal and gravel is my middle name 🙂 anything with gravel has my vote!
  8. JoaoPedro418

    DLC means what exactly?

    That´s great news mate! that itself will keep the game running for a long time. Dirt Rally was short after a while - we could run most of the stages with no co-pilot. Dirt4 was a nice idea (brilliant even) but the "tiles" were not enough to make the stages good enough. All very recognisable and repetitive in the same stage. Hope Dirt Rally 2.0 will be a huge success!!
  9. JoaoPedro418

    DLC means what exactly?

    Hi guys, long time rally fan here ... bought all rally titles out there in the last 35 years 🙂 love this sport! I have a question regarding DLC: Will we get new locations to add to the 6 existing at launch? Or we will get more tracks in the same 6 locations? Anyone can clarify this please? Thanks!