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  1. paint21

    The DiRT Roadbook

    Man some DR2.0 in the Lunch brake thats the dream 😛
  2. Maybe fiddle around with the option below that, maybe +3 or +4 @davmanypsp http://blog.codemasters.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/Multi-Input-Device-System-for-DiRT-Rally-2-0-Master.pdf this PDF is helpful for setup as well.
  3. paint21

    Season 2 Info, will there be a season 3

    My secret hope is still Corsica after all the DR1 locations.
  4. paint21

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Server Connectivity Issues

    you may want to check your router settings or Firewall if the service gets blocked in some way. Doesnt seem normal, especially since its across multiple games.
  5. paint21

    Repairing the car week event

    if you press triangle on ps4 or Y on xbox in the event menu (so where you can press start) you can see a stage forecast with weather conditions and stuff and there is a icon on the stage image that will show if it will have a service park or not. If it has one, you can repair for 30 minutes without any penalties and i think up to 45 Minutes with penalties, that are quiet severe. You can upgrade the efficiency of the Repairs by training your engineers in the my team section. Its often that you cant fully repair a car if you have stuffed it up real bad. Try to get the most crucial parts fixed (-> intercooler,alignment, engine) and leave the body damage for the next service park.
  6. paint21

    Season 2 Info, will there be a season 3

    season 1 was all rally content.
  7. Dude just get off your high horse seriously. "Wasting time" So FFB FIX is wasted time ? Hardcore for career is wasted time ? Leaderboards fix is wasted time ? Are you kidding me ? "All this wrong with the game" Literally half the fixes of that list are some minor Graphic bugs or things considering Tyre wear. Which in my opinion isnt exactly the feature that improves Immersion and the experience the most. Seriously i have the feeling your some kind of payed WRC 8 Employee who is instructed to spread misbelieve with the Level of ******** in your postings. Sorry for this Wordchoice but in my Opinion this kind of Behaviour is just obnoxious.
  8. They never stopped happening. At least for me.
  9. paint21

    Version 1.07

    The Console Patches have different Numbers. 1.3 was 1.06, 1.4 is 1.07 etc.
  10. paint21

    Season 2

    but you know that 70 € is deluxe right ? Standard was 45 or smth. which isnt full price nowadays. (steam that is )
  11. paint21

    The Tyre Thread

    also since the time taken to change a tyre drops once you upgrade phil the tyrehandler.
  12. paint21

    patch 1.06 and still FBB not fixed on dirt 2

    If you read the thread carefully and not induced with any meds, You would get that all they are saying about FFB is, And what some forum members already suspected is: "We know you have problems with the FFB, We´re working on a Different Version of the FFB(I wouldnt call it FIX in this context TBH). The current FFB has been designed without any Effects that arent caused by any Part of the Suspension, Tyres or Ground (As there were in Dirt Rally)" This is not a direct Quote by Christina, Its a summary on my behalf. I think, This is a very plausible Explanation for the Problem we have experienced here. The problem with Sim racing, Unless you have a VR Headset, Motion Rig and Direct drive wheel and even then only to a certain extend, You cant replicate the forces and the Feel you get trough sitting in a moving car, In Germany we call it "Popometer" Basically Ass-o-meter. Now when you take away these "Artificial" Effects, All you´re left with are the vibrations and forces that are transmitted trough a real steering wheel, If you dont have any other point to orientate it will feel weird.
  13. paint21

    Everything frustrating with Dirt Rally 2

    The funny thing is, Letting out the first 2 weeks after release, 99 % Of the people i´ve heard talking about career Resets are some entitled White knights who wont play the game at all because they MAY be reset, And like 1 % Of people that actually got reset.
  14. paint21

    read and think,,,

    Maybe someone can explain to nasodoku what a quote is.
  15. paint21

    read and think,,,

    Someone get a Greek Translator here.