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  1. The idle mate.. The idle. Also did the R5 cars have proper Anti-Lag when redlining at the start before ? because atleast the 208 and Fiesta do have.
  2. because then everyone complains about rehashed content. On another Topic: Anyone already drove the M1 with the new sound ? Man that thing sounds so mean ! IMO on par with the 6R4. The Idle is godlike already.
  3. No offense mate, loved it as a kid as well, but that handling in a sim ? 😛 isnt a sim.
  4. Well considering what handling WRC 7 had (i remember you could barely slide with the handbrake) , and how this video looks.. yeah doesnt look like it got better. still looks super arcady, like DiRT 4 on crack. Just no sliding, except on 90 degree turns or hairpins, and then with total momentum loss. And the only Reason why DR2.0 doesnt have 2010´s nor current WRC cars are Licensing. Kylotonn has the monopoly. and to be honest.. this looks like a non competitor to DR2.0. Wont even come close. and you can have all the cars and stages in the world, if it feels like midnight club 2 handling engine
  5. well the M1 was more of a tarmac focussed car in real life, the manta felt more at home on gravel.
  6. Yees i really like that corner as well 😛 someone enlighten me how to embed videos please.
  7. oh man thats a steal right there 😄
  8. check the conversation of the two guys from about 8:40 onwards.. like he even crashes into the same location i always do in DR2.0 argentina :D.
  9. Awesome, Thanks christina 😛 !
  10. On PS4/Xbox on midnight, no matter where you live. on PC theyre not sure yet.
  11. Okay, I gave in.. I changed my order from Normal to Deluxe.
  12. Incredible What Some people think. Like no one is allowed to bugtest a game before Release because it's unfair for you. (and i quote, makes you a "peasant"??) I just hope these guys are trolls
  13. Nice to see that New zealand´s terrain and surroundings differ so much.
  14. Oh man stop thrilling me 😄 still have to wait till monday next week.
  15. Holy moly, 200 kph trough a 3 meter wide road with berms on each side... not bad 😛
  16. Nearly fell asleep watching him drive :D.
  17. On the german Wikipedia it says paddles where banned in ´11 and unbanned in 15 i think ?
  18. Tried to watch a bit more, but man that one hand always on the shifting lever makes me angry, like a true BMW driver. (No offense)
  19. The guy who posted the video wrote in the comments that he got it early due to a friend of him working in a retail shop.
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