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  1. LucasStinziano

    Change Co-driver language

    Thank you very much. I can't believe it was under my nose the whole time
  2. LucasStinziano

    Change Co-driver language

    Do you guys know if it's possible to change the language of the co-driver on Steam? Changing the game language in the Steam settings does nothing regarding the co-driver. Since I'm in South America, my copy of the game was downloaded in Spanish; but I want to try out the English and Italian co-drivers, simply because I'm not a big fan of the spanish one. Any help ?
  3. LucasStinziano

    FF feels dead in DR2 as compared to DR1

    I really hope they work on that FFB. And I have the same exact problem with the wipers as well.
  4. LucasStinziano

    DiRTy Gossip

    The release time for Steam is tonight at midnight,my copy is already preloaded. My question is when I'll be able to play it, midnight UK time, or midnight local time ? Thanks.