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  1. tvvang

    FFB - thoughts and impressions

    Seems a common issue with all CM games
  2. tvvang

    Dirt rally 2.0 on Xbox gamepass

    Xbox gamepass is a subscription based service.i think it's about £8 a month however MS constantly run offers where you can subscribe for a month for £1 sometimes offering 3 months for said £. New games are added every month and a few leave. MS have also started this service on PC.
  3. After being on sale weeks after release and countless times since it's now heading to Xbox gamepass on September the 26th.If that doesn't spell financial failure I don't know what does. Il give it another download and see if its worth playing now that should put a couple of coppers in CM pocket.
  4. I can see the slider but its grayed out on console
  5. tvvang

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

    Dirt rally 2.0 showed up with 20% off for gold on Xbox marketplace deals tab.dont think it has gone live my guess spring sale.