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  1. lababablob

    No racing line option added in Update 5

    “I agree with...everything.” “Free game for everyone?”
  2. lababablob

    Impossible times in Azerbaijan event

    Missing sector bug. There are 1:05s now lmao
  3. lababablob

    Well, that´s it for me I guess

    They changed the handling model. Cars are same speed. This change suits RR3 players better (myself)
  4. lababablob

    Baku Event

    I’m quite intrigued. A 1:05. Missing sector perhaps. My fastest time has been 1:35.0, so maybe they are missing the first sector?
  5. lababablob

    suzuka event

    I must be pretty **** in 2nd sector then, I’ve cut the chicane and managed to re-enter the track in 7th gear 250 kph and only managed 1:22.7. My car was rated 1303 during that attempt. What are your sector times? My first sector is ~26.5, 2nd is ~39.0, and final sector ~16.6 during my best attempts and that only makes a 1:21.2. How are you doing 20s?
  6. lababablob

    Steering lock at Sochi track..

    Same at Singapore, I have to crawl at Turn 13 while AI ruins me from behind.
  7. lababablob

    this is ridiculous

    Same at Paul Ricard. Good luck overtaking with DRS and turning for the chicane
  8. I’ve abandoned all duels, they are impossible to win. I’ve tried all I can’t with my car to maximise straight line performance and I’m still a Mobile chicane on the straights
  9. lababablob

    Latest update

    Power doesn’t increase your straight line speed! Focus on your best Aero pieces for straight line speed.
  10. lababablob

    Have the duels been fixed yet?

    I’ve lost all duels, dropped a few hundred and stopped playing duels
  11. lababablob

    Fastest Way to Gain Cards

    What are some ways y’all have come up with to get cards ASAP? Obviously, there’s the tactic of saving the ones that take longer to open for the night - but has anyone discovered any other ways to free up more slots?
  12. lababablob

    Straight-Line Speed

    Thank you for noticing and launching an investigation into it. I do believe that steps should be made to make future updates and changes smoother.
  13. lababablob

    Least favourite track.

    Azerbaijan - First and second corner are car parks, castle section is also a car park Bahrain - Always slower than the other guy except turns 3-4 (downhill curvy section) Singapore - Always hit wall at turn 13 (not ordered) Monaco - sometimes understeer, sometimes perfect, sometimes cut swimming pool section France - exit onto Mulsanne tricky as hell, DRS opens and I reflexively hit it, have to train myself to wait until there's more grip. Also for some reason steering with DRS to pass on Mulsanne is impossible. Car doesn't turn. Also - no DRS on start/finish straight. Why?
  14. lababablob

    Straight-Line Speed

    In all duels, my straight line speed is always at least 20 km/h difference to the bots and sometimes my opponent. It is extremely uncompetitive in Grid Start, since you get mugged off the line while your opponent can keep up with them. By the first corner I'm usually last, and the cornering speeds of the bots are SOOO SLOW. I tried all I can do get the highest straight-line speed possible to counteract this but it is impossible. The bots need a serious improvement in cornering, and need a huge decrease in straight-line speed. I did some experimenting at the Azerbaijan circuit, where I get to the corner right after Sector 3 starts, and drive down the straight all the way to the wall, to see my straight-line speed setup differences. Here are my findings. 328 km/h (quickest) with this: 325 km/h (slowest) with this (but highest power and Performance Rating): 327 km/h: 326 km/h: 327 km/h: so Aero matters more than Power, which I find rather interesting. In the next video I am using the highest speed setup I have (with Rare Exhausts) in a duel. See how I get completely destroyed off the start? Even in Qualifying? IMG_0618.MOV Another one, this time a Sprint race: IMG_0619.MOV It's rather disgusting, tbh. How can I expect to be competitive??? Cut corners, that's how. Take the other guy out. (sorry) No other option. Monza. what a joke. I got so frustrated. IMG_0620.MOV Please fix this stupid insane straight line speed off the line and bots...………..