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  1. @mikevoltz1: From my experience, no. If you select No, the whole content related to the expansion packs you own becomes unavailable to select. Including the Touring Legends cars and their category. The other three Car Packs (British, Road & Track, Coupe) work without a problem though. No compatibility issues there.
  2. Though we've all got it figured out by now, thanks for your reply, @Loore Hope the introduction of filters is going to work out. It would definitely sort this DLC mess out. An honest reply is what I was looking for in the first place.  I don't see a problem with that. It's not like I started this thread for CM to tell me exactly what I want to hear. I asked for information. :)
  3. Tony031R

    Another Codemasters DLC Screw-Up

    I knew this was going to happen again since the moment I started this thread - http://forums.codemasters.com/discussion/3411/a-couple-of-questions-regarding-dlc-allowance-in-online-custom-cup Obviously, there's been no reply from CM because the answer to the first two questions I posted would have been a clear "no". And that would drift people away from buying their product, again, obviously and for very good reasons. If you only have one or two expansions, you're going to have to host, in order to be able to play with the people who own all three expansions. GRID 2 all over again. Divided community all over again. Multiplayer going to the bin again.
  4. Just logged in on RaceNet to check my car stats and to my surprise this is how the Audi A4 Quattro Touring Car shows up:  @Loore‌  I don't expect a fix, obviously, since it's not a major issue and it would probably go to the bottom of your priority list below other issues that also didn't get a fix. Like upgrades actually working or RaceNet Challenges actually being more Time Attack focused and so on. But I chose to put this here because it's another proof you guys don't really test stuff before you put it out and charge us for it.  So, yeah, another CM product that works properly from every single point of view, I reckon... Well done! *slow clap* The day when I'll see something, ANYTHING Autosport-related that works without a single issue will probably be the day when time stands still.
  5. Tony031R

    Sprint Pack

    @Phil88TC Some people like a straight line showdown once in a while. To each their own. My point was: Since these two expansions (Touring & Drag) are the only ones who look like they're going to be adding NEW (unseen before in GRID 1 or 2) content, I wonder if they'll be more expensive than the "recycled content" ones. Think about it. The Season Pass is 30E and it's marketed as being sold at a discount for the 8 DLC packs it includes. The Black Edition Pack is not included in the season pass. The Garage Slot Pack is free to those who bought the season pass. So far we had: Two car packs @ 3E each = 6E Boost Pack = 3E Sprint Pack = 6E That's 15E so far. The next car pack includes recycled content for sure so it will probably cost 3E as well. That's 18E. So that leaves 12E unaccounted for + the discount applied for the Season Pass (we don't know the value of the discount), which won't apply to the packs bought individually. So added up that's going to be what? 16E? 18E? 20E for two expansions bought individually? Quick logic and it's safe to say these last two expansions will be more expensive than the DLC we've had so far.
  6. So, after buying the Sprint Pack DLC last night, I set off to create a Custom Cup session. I hit "Yes" on the "Allow downloadable content" screen and created the session WITHOUT using any of the Sprint Pack tracks. The players I invited to the session couldn't join because they didn't own the DLC. Makes sense why, all good. Went back, selected "No", recreated the session, and went on with our racing. Now, the players who I race with regularly don't have any intention to buy the Sprint Pack as they're not point-to-point racing fans. However, we all intend to get the Touring Car Legends Pack. My questions are: If I own the Sprint Pack AND Touring Car Legends Pack and act as the host using just Silverstone and Donington and NOT the point-to-point tracks, will the other players who don't own the Sprint Pack still be able to join the session? Will the game be able to make a difference between which expansion is allowed/used and which one isn't?  Will the session have to be created (and DLC allowed) by the player who only owns the Touring Car Legends Pack / less DLC packs in order for it to work, just like in GRID 2? Seriously, I don't want to have to give up the host role just because I own more expansions than the players I race with. I don't want to create a session with no one able to join it just because I own an extra pack which my fellow racers don't and which I won't even use online. Wouldn't it be a better idea to allow us to select exactly which expansions are allowed? It's only going to be three of them, afterall. Come on... these DLC compatibility issues completely ruined the online mode for GRID 2. Are we REALLY going to have to experience this again?
  7. Tony031R

    Sprint Pack

    I'm guilty of buying it. However, I'm aware it wasn't particularly money well spent. I ran a couple of times on California and Cote d'Azur last night, in various disciplines and, yeah, I will have to second what someone already said in this thread. Without the erratic GRID 2 handling, these tracks REALLY transformed from the pain in the arse that they were into actual challenging routes. The cars stick and they're very nice to drive while the routes remain hard to master. In a nutshell: The GAS handling made them proper. The only MAJOR problem with it is that it's solely recycled GRID 2 content. So, no, it's not worth the price. Even though the tracks feel different, they're still the same layouts and for someone who spent hundreds of hours in GRID 2 this really can't be an appealing DLC by no means whatsoever. You're most probably already bored with these routes and it's understandable why you don't want to pay 6E to have them basically imported, with nothing new added whatsoever. It's 3 out of 3 so far, in terms of DRC (Downloadable Recycled Content - I'm going to call it that from now on) and we're on route for more of the same with the Road & Track Car Pack. I'm curious what the Touring Car Legends and Drag Racing expansions bring in terms of ACTUAL NEW CONTENT and how pricey those will be. :)
  8. An amazing job would be a finished job. Autosport isn't that, unfortunately. However, as I always said, Autosport is without question the best option out there at the moment if you don't own a console along with Forza or Gran Turismo and if you don't have a system that can run Assetto Corsa or Project CARS flawlessly. It's a HUGE improvement over GRID 2 and in my book it's definitely an improvement on GRID 1 as well. The handling is great, the graphics look great, the game is well optimized in terms of fps and performance, the track selection is good and I really can't complain about the car selection either. Also, the fact that CM listened to their fan base for once is a sign that they might actually be learning something. The game core is excellent but there is a considerable amount of glitches and bugs that slipped into the final version of the game. And that will inevitablty alienate parts of every developer's fan base. The thing is, frustration grows and shows faster and more proeminently when you give people a great game that's being spoiled by bugs, rather than a bad game altogether. When it gets to that point, fixes, patch delivery and constant support begin to matter A LOT. I'm on PC and after the latest patch addressing repair costs and stats reset, I can say the game experience (for me at least) has improved considerably. So, I wouldn't really call the guys on consoles frustratingly waiting for a patch "idiots". Yeah, I like the game, I'll keep playing, I'll patiently wait for the rest of the issues to be fixed as they aren't game breakers anymore, and I'll probably get the next GRID title as well, whenever it will come out. But then again, I'm on PC and my platform at least enjoys support. If I was a console-head, this post would have probably been written in a very different note. :)
  9. Tony031R

    Club XP system - Is it fair?

    You're right, in a way. But custom lobbies paying less XP isn't the only solution. Linking the amount of XP rewards to the race length would sort at least part of the problem. If one lap races would pay a third of what 3 lap races pay and 3 lap races would pay a third of what 10 lap races pay and so on, I don't think anyone would mind. It's a simple system based on the amount of time you spend on track. Race less, get less XP. There's always going to be the occasional player who finds a way around it, but it wouldn't be so proeminent. Obviously I don't expect CM to take action, but for future titles, in theory at least it should work.
  10. Here's a story: A while ago I was invited to join one of the leading RaceNet Clubs in GRID Autosport on PC (obviously I won't say which club and who invited me because "name and shame" isn't really the point of this thread). I accepted as at the moment I was pretty excited to be part of one of the best "outfits" on the leaderboards, but I was a bit skeptical regarding to why the chose me, as I'm far from being one of the fastest drivers out there. I was assured this isn't an issue as that comes with time and practice. I thought: "Ok, that's great!"... I got filled in on the rules of the club: having to race only under that club's colors, clocking in at least 30 min. of gameplay per day, adding certain members of the club on Steam, joining the club's group on Steam... basic stuff and nothing out of place so far. After this whole "procedure" I got invited to their private session, in order to meet the team and, I quote: "help us get the top spot on the Tuner leaderboard". That's when they let me in on their little XP-collecting secret: private sessions, 1 race, 1 lap, uber-short circuits (in this case Okutama Sprint), collisions off, AI on, difficulty: Very Hard, repeat. Dozens of times, over and over again, with the sole purpose of collecting XP and jumping places on the leaderboards as quickly as possible. As I found absolutely no fun in that whatsoever, three or four races in and I called quits, cut my links with the club, and went back to my little "position-100+ on the leaderboards" club. Now... I'm not saying what they do is cheating (it obviously doesn't really qualify as being that). I'm not saying the members of that particular club aren't good (most of them would probably run rings around me on any track, in any category, regardless of the race length). But, really... IS THEIR SYSTEM FAIR TOWARDS OTHER RACERS? With my own club (and I'm sure it applies to others too) I'm probably going to get around 15-20.000XP (from both members) per 5 races of 3 laps each. While I get that, these guys will probably log in 10 times as much XP racing 30 sec. per lap, 1 lap races. So basically if you care about your position on the leaderboards it's "do as they do" or you've got virtually no chance of getting near the top spots, as they already got XX millions more than your average club in XP. I know what most of you are going to say: "ignore them" / "the leaderboards don't mean anything" / "XP just shows how much time you spend in game, not how quick you are" and you're right! But this situation, for me at least, renders the whole existence of club leaderboards completely pointless and proves that the "same amount of XP for all race lengths" system is faulty to-the-bone. Seriously, didn't Codemasters see this happening when they came up with these utterly-stupid XP algorythms? Feel free to share your take on this...
  11. I actually had to double check that, but you're right. I think I got fooled by the tuning setups as I usually run shorter gears on the Cruze to compensate for the lack in acceleration. I absolutely love the balance on that Civic, to be honest, and most times I found it more "pleasant" to drive than the Cruze. My problem with it is that I never managed to get the setups quite right. It's pretty much a game of compensation as for me it always feels like it has too much grip on the corner exits.
  12. The general consensus is that the 320 is fast in a straight line and accelerates quicker while the Cruze has lower top speed and acceleration, but flies through the corners. In the Cruze you have to be careful how you enter a corner, in the 320, how you exit one. From here on out it's a matter of preferences. In the right hands, I guess the 320 is the fastest car (RWD and all), but if you ask me, I clocked all my fastest lap times in with the Cruze. I prefer the "high downforce" feel it has and overall, for Races at least, I believe it's the better car as it allows you to be more consistent than the BMW. Haven't tried the Focus yet, to be honest, but my first purchased car was the Civic. Raced it to level 80-something and it's definitely slower than both the 320 and the Cruze.
  13. I will shamelessly bump this. Anyone else with the same issue? Happened last night again.
  14. Tony031R

    Racenet AI

    Call me ungrateful but... since when is that a problem in RaceNet Challenge? If I had a dollar for every time I got crashed into from behind, I'd be poor as **** now. Really. The AI swerving into you on the straights, side-swiping you in the corners, tail-clipping you or brake checking you 4 miles before the braking zone even starts, being generally unaware of its surroundings nor your position on the racing line, while both ahead or behind, and basically causing a Derby-style bloodbath in every single first turn on every single track. These are the actual problems with it. Maybe in Career mode, on the higher difficulty levels that's an issue, but in RaceNet Challenge? Come on...Half the players on those leaderboards could basically run circles around the AI after the first lap at the most. The AI isn't a threat when it's racing behind you, it's a threat when it's racing in front of you.