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    Club liveries! Post'em up! :)

    Here goes. Club: Makeeta M-Sport (MKT) Platform: PC
  2. After 2.5 hours worth of restarts I have emerged victorious in both Endurance and Open Wheel challenges this week. I think you should embed a new medal in the RaceNet system for getting past the first lap and those 11 overly-idiotic AI with an intact vehicle. I'm far from being a pro but I'm not a novice either, and I've had my fair share of racing games from the uber-arcade-ish ones to the SimBin simulators, but this is the single hardest and most frustrating thing I've ever done in a racing game. Dirt Showdown with IndyCars and LMPs. @Loore, guys... seriously, now. Have you tried the darned things? I truly doubt you would deem everything to be A-ok if you did. Come on, you've messed the AI up, at least take it out of the online modes. No sense in ruining those.
  3. Week 5: Touring - Race / Endurance - Race / Open Wheel - Race / Tuner - Race / Street - Time Attack / Party Mode - Checkpoint. So, yeah, that's happening. The odd four races out of six events.
  4. You completely misunderstood my point. I did work out how to get around them and I'm usually 1-2 sec. off the Platinum pace in Endurance, Open Wheel and Tuner (when it applies) and I get Platinum rather easily in Touring or Street. So what's your case or mine have to do with the fact that the AI is not well optimized in terms of difficulty? The thing is (and here's where you missed my point): I don't care about the crappy medals. I care about an enjoyable racing experience. How is working your way through slow-as-**** traffic that's gonna block, brake-check and ram you senseless for 1/2 a lap out of 3 racing at all, really? The current state of the AI in RaceNet is the real-world equivalent of being the only LMP1 car, starting last in a sprint race with a full field of overly-aggressive GTs in front. That's not racing, that's a sure-shot full blown carnage waiting to happen. If people want the AI to stay, then sure, I'm not in a position to contest that, but you have to at least accept the fact that the difficulty NEEDS to be increased so that they won't act as mobile chicanes.
  5. Tony031R

    Club livery won't appear in the list

    I've come across this issue a couple of times too. I noticed this only happens when you enter someone else's session. If you create, the livery always shows up properly, but if you enter a custom session, particulary on Race 2, 3, 4... out of 5 (par example), at times the RaceNet Club Livery won't show up at all in the list and your name will be displayed with empty brackets in the lobby (ex.: [ ] Username instead of [XXX] Username). Is this a common issue for others too? If so, will it be adressed in a patch?   
  6. Tony031R

    Boost Pack?

    Thanks, Loore. That's great news!
  7. Tony031R

    Boost Pack?

    I don't know if this was intended as a fix for the online cash-flow problem. but if it was... it doesn't work. Just bought it earlier tonight and the repair costs for a fully upgraded Cat.C Honda Civic still exceed the amount of reward cash you get after a 4-5 car race by quite a large margin... I'm not sure what happens if you race / win in a full session though. The 50% boost might make a bigger difference there. It is a helping hand for those who want to up their rankings a bit faster, but I don't see it as a mandatory DLC, to be honest. I just hope this isn't Codemasters' follow-up to the "we're looking into the repair costs" statement.  
  8. Tony031R

    DLC Wishlist - Cars and tracks

    I could make use of an "Endurance Pack": Track-wise: Nurburgring NordschleifeCircuit de la SartheI was playing RACE 07 prior to the release of Autosport and I always found it tricky to keep it all together for the length of a lap as I don't think I ever managed to get the car settings right. Autosport could prove to be less punishing from this point of view and that is exactly what would make Nordschleife a great, great deal of fun to drive around on. Game modes: Endurance Mixed Real life races are designed to have both GTs AND Prototypes on track. It makes for a lot of the unique experience endurance racing is. I would like to see a "Mixed" class added that allows you to split a 16 car field between GT 1, GT2 and GT Ultimate. Cars: Audi R18 e-tron quattro (GT Ultimate)BMW Z4 GT3 (GT Group 2)Nissan GT-R Nismo GT3 (GT Group 2)Lexus RC-F GT500 (GT Group 1)Assuming no one can get near Porsche or Ferrari licenses...
  9. Tony031R

    Q&A Thread - Part 2

    Hi @Loore. Q: Will GAS register and show the fastest lap / PB clocked on a particular circuit with a particular car as Race Driver GRID used to in the Race Day screen? If so, will it work for Online as well? Q: I suppose we will be able to apply sponsors to the online liveries we create. Will GAS give us freedom of choice like GRID 2 or will the sponsors "contracts" have to be earned? How many sponsors will we be able to apply to a single livery?
  10. Tony031R

    The 'I purchased Autosport' Thread

    Going to add my name here as well. Just secured my copy on Steam. Honestly can't wait to get on with some proper online Touring to see if this is actually as good as it looks so far. Pretty curious about the online livery patterns coming with the Black Edition as well (as I always thought both Race Driver: GRID and GRID 2 could do with some higher quality patterns). Money well spent, hopefully. :D