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  1. You either enable the UDP Broadcast option in the game or your app needs to act as a proxy and forward the UDP packets to your other device(s)
  2. *retreats in shame* bug found 🤦‍♂️
  3. @Hoo any news on this one or is it just me experiencing this issue?
  4. From what I can tell it appears as if the DRS Assist and ERS Assist fields are always 0, regardless of either being on or off. Anyone else seeing this?
  5. Turns out I was just being a massive doofus, a little bit of moving some of my logic around and handling "late" packets better, solved the issue for me. Best guess is that it was a pairing of a bug in my code with packets being out of order more often compared to F1 2020, at least on my hardware. Carry on, nothing else to see here.
  6. Just started using the deluxe edition on PC and I’m experiencing weird, mid-lap session type changes in TT sessions (haven’t tried other session types yet) and my teleportation detection code triggers randomly with “teleportation distances” being all over the shop, sometimes a few meters to hundreds of meters. the teleportation thing might be on me but is anyone else seeing that kind of behaviour? While I know that there is no guarantee for UDP to arrive/arrive in order, this never happened to me in F1 2020, only in the 2021 Version. I’ll debug my own stuff some more tomorro
  7. This is the most striking argument for me, it is very easy to allow people to "configure themselves into a corner" by giving them too much (fine grained) control over the experience. From a developer perspective, would you fix a bug that only occurs if you have a certain, 1 in a million combination of driver stats? Probably not, it is not worth the time and effort. Would you be disappointed, as a paying customer, if Codemasters ignores your bug report about it or closes it as "won't fix"? 100% you would be. As you can see, no one really wins here. In a perfect world this would work and
  8. Not to go too much off-topic here, but why would you need that with Broadcast Mode available in F1 games? For compatibility reasons with older/****** network hardware?
  9. I am pretty sure that this has been a thing since at least F1 2018
  10. I've been working with telemetry data that the game sends for about 3 years now and love seeing what everyone is building and how it provides so much additional value for players. I started with a little DIY project with F1 2018 (if you want to read about it, you can find it here) all the way to the 2021 beta and to building a platform that now has over 1k users with over 50,000 laps submitted to the website for everyone to compare themselves to and learn from other drivers through telemetry data. Every year, when a new version of the game is about to drop, I get anxious. Anxious about ma
  11. Really depends on what you are planning to do. If all you want is move a circle around the track to show where the car is along the track, then the racing line generated from any lap should be sufficient in my opinion. There is actually an open source repository of maps that you can use for that (see https://github.com/f1laps/f1-track-vectors). If you want to be "pixel perfect" then you would need to do something similar to what @LonelyRacer suggested above and somehow extract the data from the game files, this might land you in difficult waters though relating to the licensing of that da
  12. Would definitely be cool, I would even be fine with only getting updated docs for the fields ahead of time to be honest, that would at least allow us to write some of the code ahead of time - anyways, there is still plenty of time until July to run a (public) beta program so I wouldn't sweat it just yet.
  13. The m_driverStatus field of the LapData packet will tell you the status of the car (in garage, flying lap, in lap, out lap, on track) and the m_gamePaused field of the Session Data packet will tell you whether the game is currently paused.
  14. I am using it and haven't seen any problems so far. Maybe a bug in your code? It is hard to say without any of your code to look at. Can of course also be a bug in the game on whichever platform you're playing on.
  15. Coasting is when both, brake pressure and throttle application, are less than 5%/5bar, can be quite good to get right to maximise your potential.
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