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  1. cgfdoo

    Wheel Users: shoes, yay or nay?

    That's definitely encouraging 😄 I personally now gave up on the shoe idea and will keep practicing
  2. I bought a Logitech G920 for the Xbox One a month ago or so and as expected I am significantly slower compared to my performance using a controller. I'm so desperate to figure out why that I even tried wearing shoes instead of only socks when using the wheel. And to my surprise it at least made me more consistent and competitive with my best lap times on the controller. So here goes the odd poll because I'm curious: do you wear shoes (any kind really) when racing with a wheel? Does it make you faster/more consistent/slows you down a lot?
  3. Howdy, I wanted to share a little something I am currently working on on the side: a platform to record and compare your telemetry data, primarily for those doing time trials a lot (like me). It is mainly for myself to analyse my driving more and to find the bits I need to improve my driving and lap times. The charts still need some work, for example I want to get more data points into a single chart so it is easier to see several bits of data from the car. Additionally I'm looking into ways to automatically find areas for improvement in the data, for example braking points, too much throttle etc. and much more community bits, like challenging other users, setting goals etc. On a side note: does anyone have good resources on F1 telemetry as in books/articles that dive a bit deeper into what charts are important and what should be compared to what? The most things I found so far were pretty shallow and didn't go into the level of detail I would have liked. The technical bits for those interested: the desktop client to record the data is written in JavaScript (React) and Electron as the wrapper for later x-platform deployment, I also have an earlier version of the client that used Swift. The backend runs on PHP, using Laravel and again React for the graphs.
  4. Nice work, are you open to pull requests? Adding an automatic data dump to a CSV file might be a nice addition. I'm working on something similar as a side project, in Swift and Python though.