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    F1 2019 UDP Specifications

    Yep, if UDP is not disabled or otherwise unavailable in the beta one may be able to just self-document them though (for personal use of course).
  2. cgfdoo

    F1 2019 UDP Specifications

    I asked Customer Support about this a few weeks ago after the beta was announced and this was their response, I hope we will see this at least once the beta drops
  3. Don't feel sorry man, it is not your fault and it just shows the passion you have for the game 🙂 It happens, move on and forget about it after making sure that all your passwords are safe.
  4. codemasterbeta@gmail.com? That looks fake...
  5. I was thinking the same, I looked at an email from Codemasters Support and while it resembles it, it does look strange with all those spelling errors etc. - though, the sender may have not been a native speaker and was just super excited to give someone access to the beta. But defo something @Faya & Co. would be able to sort out.
  6. They only closed the signup yesterday so they will most likely have plenty of applications to go through (judging by all the "I signed up" comments in here). Just be patient and enjoy the game once the beta is available to you.
  7. Well, if that email is legit, happy days for you 😉
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    It does already, it's called Online Multiplayer.
  9. cgfdoo

    F1 2018 UDP Specification

    @Hoo: since this will probably not make it into F1 2018 it would be great if the Event packet can be extended in F1 2019 to include a "Lap Restarted" event. I am working on a platform where players can send their Time Trial lap times + full telemetry to a website and I currently have to write code to detect lap restarts. It works most of the time but can be a bit flaky in certain edge cases. Such an event would make that a lot easier.
  10. cgfdoo

    Wheel Users: shoes, yay or nay?

    That's definitely encouraging 😄 I personally now gave up on the shoe idea and will keep practicing
  11. I bought a Logitech G920 for the Xbox One a month ago or so and as expected I am significantly slower compared to my performance using a controller. I'm so desperate to figure out why that I even tried wearing shoes instead of only socks when using the wheel. And to my surprise it at least made me more consistent and competitive with my best lap times on the controller. So here goes the odd poll because I'm curious: do you wear shoes (any kind really) when racing with a wheel? Does it make you faster/more consistent/slows you down a lot?