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    Post Update 5 Topics to Address

    @ChrisGrovesMCM you should fix this awful penalty system. It is exploited by players to steal duels. You cannot give the penalty to front player if the one behind hits him willingly. F1 rules are clear, and maybe your team should read them before writing code
  2. Artadian

    Post Update 5 Topics to Address

    1) It is impossible to replay past events. The app returns a "server connection error" and restarts. But connection is good and it works for duels and everything else 2) when I had the chance to replay Barhain event, my classification and points were completely wrong (I ended in silver even with race time 2 minutes less than the best silver) I wrote to in app support, but it seems you added too many bug and you have too few people. No answer from them in 5 days
  3. Artadian

    Steering lock at Sochi track..

    yes happened today
  4. Artadian

    suzuka event

    No, someone asked how people could do those timing and I answered that the only way is to cut the final chicane
  5. Artadian

    Post-patch 3.5 topics to address

    @ChrisGrovesMCM the latest patches seem going in the right direction, thanks Said that there is still in my experience a big issue in grid races. After a lot of tests I have been able to find a behavioural pattern in how bot AI react (more than 40 grid races in the last 24 hours) If you start on grid position 6, now with a good start you are able to keep your opponent behind you. And if you are able to defend your position until first turn, there are very good chances to win the duel. Other cars are still faster but not as fast as before. (winning % around 70%) If you start on grid position 7 everything changes. If your opponent is in front of you at the first turn, there is no way to win (sometimes if you lucky the opponent could strikes other cars but it is not so common as before). On some circuits you still get 4/6 seconds at the end. (winning % around 5/10%) Also I noticed that if for any reason you can put a good gap between you and your opponent, its performances fall down and you win easily. So to me seem that AI reacts differently based on the gap accumulated in first seconds of the grid race. Could you pass this info to developers? Thanks Paolo
  6. Artadian

    suzuka event

    Yes. It is 3/4 seconds less if you enter back in track with 230/240 km/h
  7. Artadian

    suzuka event

    just cut the final chicane and you can get very close to that time. At least 1.20.5
  8. Artadian

    Straight-Line Speed

    Exactly, fixed my a...
  9. Artadian

    Straight-Line Speed

    fixed my a... @ChrisGrovesMCM 15 duels this afternoon - 7 grid starts: all lost, Sochi I'm still 5 sec behind at the end of first straight, Silverstone the same. Other circuits better, but put off race by crazy bots - 4 racing duels: 3 lost, Abu Dhabi 2 times because the car loses power at -1 sec from start and the bot opponent gains almost 1 second , Spielberg because even in great advantage I was hit by a bot at the last turn - 4 qualifying: all won as before If you call it fixed... Addon: 4 more lost grid races, I had a good start at SPA but one of the bot kicked me out at the first turn 2 fast races lost for the gap of 1 second you have even before the lap begins How many thousands points I have to lose @ChrisGrovesMCM to give you info about how much the game is messed?
  10. Artadian

    Grid Start in F1 Mobile

    @ChrisGrovesMCM while I appreciate your point of view, that players (customers) have the right to have a fair and enjoyable experience, I'm rather disappointed by some of the things you say. Let me say that your QA process is far from acceptable. Resurfacing bugs mean that the developers team doesn't know the code they are working on, or they write patches without testing the collateral effects of the modifications. I'm a software engineer and even if I know that perfect software is not easy to achieve, I also know that some bugs are unacceptable. The grid bug with monster bots resurfaced yesterday is disappointing, because it is clear that it affects a lot of players and it could have been detected with better internal tests before the release. Why you don't get a slice of players and use them as beta tester to avoid to release patches like the latest one? I don't think it is good for Codemaster to be associated to such low quality software. Sorry for the maybe unpolite words but this are my 2 cents to the discussion
  11. Artadian

    Latest update

    @slayton I'm in the same situation. Very angry and frustrated. Lost 600 wheels points in 1 day. 80% of duels are grid duels with bot, so no way to win. The quick races are suicidal because even if you can compete some crazy bot kills you behind a turn. It's a game but seeing a developer team so numb make me think how they could be even able to get the project from Codemaster. Suddenly we are back to ****** Up2. Even worse maybe because not I'm not able to compete in quick race duels on some circuits where I was able to win 80/90% of the times. Keeping alone the fact that grid races with bots are now a lose lose (3 seconds gap after 3 turns, bots that overtake you ad double speed...) Maybe they want to sink the game and chose the "send away the players" strategy. We work in mobile development, on project not big as this one, but believe me, those issues are not bugs. Some of them like the % of grid races you get now (70/80% of the duels), the performances of opponents in grid duel, can be fixed in a quick way if they would. They deliberately changed the game parameters for some obscure reason. Crazy but true.