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  1. F1Ken


    Grid starts and sprints come down to who can cheat better. Quali is the only race worth racing. At the start, if the guy starting in 6th immediately darts over and hits you, he should auto lose. Cut the corner at the Nouvelle chicane at Monte Carlo? Auto lose. Side by side down a straight and you ram your competitor? Auto lose.
  2. F1Ken

    Bad opponents

    All the time. I find that if you are playing a dude that paid for a car, he’s almost certainly going ram you.
  3. Looks like a lot of folks have already complained about all the same **** I came here to vent on. Nearly every single grid start, I’m already WAY behind my opponent by the first turn. On some tracks with long straights to start, like France, I’m literally 3 or 4 seconds back by the first turn, even with a perfect start. It’s ridiculous. By that time, I’ve Alonso been passed by all of the ai cars and they are guaranteed to have some wreck right in the middle of the track and screw you over even harder.
  4. F1Ken

    Least favourite track.

    Monaco sucks. Especially in a sprint race or grid start. 0 percent chance an AI car won’t screw you over.