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  1. F1Ken

    New update

    2 questions: 1. Who the heck thought the combining of assists and totally screwing it up was a great idea? 2. Did the developers actually play the game? I mean, the car is essentially undrivable on the lowest assist or off and boring as **** with the higher assists. Just terrible. Hey guys, let’s address some stuff that worked pretty good and ignore the stuff players are complaining about. - Codemasters developers This isn’t hard. Put the assists back how they were. Punish cheaters.
  2. F1Ken


    Cmon codemasters. Set my track record and lose by over THREE SECONDS. Dude not braking around corners that absolutely demand that you brake in.
  3. F1Ken


    About a month away from the game and I see codemasters has done literally zero to fix the cheating issues. In fact, it’s gotten way worse because most everyone realizes that to win, you almost HAVE to cheat. Especially if you are racing a cheater. Stuff that should be easy to fix, codemasters hasn’t touched. Side by side down a straight and your opponent swerves over to ram you, no penalty and now you’re screwed. T bone you into a corner, nothing. Bots still suck, 1000mph in the straights, 2mph in the corners. Ridiculous.
  4. F1Ken


    More Bogus junk: lha42 is a filthy cheater in a grid or sprint duel. In the grid duels, he will immediately cut over and ram you every single time. No consequences. And then in a quali duel I just had with him at Abu Dhabi, he goes 1:22. My track record is 1:26. He performance rating is almost virtually equal in number and pattern. There is simply no way to do that track in 1:22 unless you are simply not braking in some corners that absolutely demand it. cmon codemasters. Do better.
  5. F1Ken


    Who thought it was a good idea to have bot cars go the speed of light down the straight and slower than continental drift in the corners?
  6. F1Ken


    I see there have been a few updates since I last played that have made literally zero difference in the cheating. Honestly, how hard is it to give a penalty to some hack that swerves over to hit you going down a straight? It’s not. Yet, people still do it. No penalty. just had a grid start duel. My German track record is 1:09. My opponent just had a 1:08 in a GRID START DUEL. Performance rating 300 under mine. C’mon codemasters. That’s just ridiculous.
  7. F1Ken


    I think the bots aren’t necessarily coded to cheat, but they will put you off the track if you battle them side by side and you take their line. The actual cheating is done by live players, and to compete, you almost HAVE to cheat right back at them. My fav scenario is when someone cheats right at the start and I still come back and win. Usually once I pass them, they DNF. Weak. one solution for grid start and sprint duels would be to make you opponent unable to affect you directly like it’s handled in quali duels.
  8. F1Ken


    My Shanghai track record is 126.98. Just dueled against a bot that went 125.82. What’s the point of that? I’ve played long enough that when I lower a track record, it’s in very small increments. In this case, I would have to better it by more than a second. Cmon codemasters, that’s just ridiculous. Would have been better to just DNF. Also, at this point in non-quali duels, everyone is basically forced to cheat. Since pushing your opponent off the track doesn’t result in a penalty most of the time, people do it. That forces everyone to do it. Cant be THAT hard to fix and yet, still not fixed. lets see, what else? Baku, beating my opponent by over a second at the beginning of the last straight, still lose. I don’t care how high his performance rating is; if I’ve whipped him by over a second through all those corners, no way should that be a loss. Bots - what’s with the insane speed on the straights and the crawling through corners? Again, been a problem since the beginning. End of rant. For now.
  9. F1Ken


    Grid starts and sprints come down to who can cheat better. Quali is the only race worth racing. At the start, if the guy starting in 6th immediately darts over and hits you, he should auto lose. Cut the corner at the Nouvelle chicane at Monte Carlo? Auto lose. Side by side down a straight and you ram your competitor? Auto lose.