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  1. Cobalt765

    Dirt Rally - How to play against a friend

    Got this sorted. I had steam overlay disabled due to problems with F1 2019. Once I enabled it and restarted everything it worked fine.
  2. I'm very new to Dirt Rally (1). Me and a mate picked up the game and I'm looking to have a race against him somehow. I've gone into PVP and also online events and also on racenet but can't seem to invite friends. Is there a tutorial or can someone help me out, how to invite a mate to play?
  3. I read somewhere that someone is having issues with the night races. A bit over a week ago I had my first crash on what was a bit of a dodgy graphics card. Suspecting it was the card I got a new one but turns out the crash was at Bahrain at night so I suspect it is a similar issue and not the card at all. Incidentally, now I've got a new card, I seem to be having more problems.
  4. Cobalt765

    DX12 issues - Nvidia, AMD or both?

    Thanks for you comprehensive answer. In summary, I just need to be patient and keep my game, drivers and OS up to date and hopefully one of these will fix it but no idea which one?
  5. I'm wondering whether the issues relating to DX12 are related more to Nvidia cards or AMD cards or maybe both. In my experience, Nvidia seems worse. Maybe its just a game issue. To fix these issues, what updates are we actually waiting for? Graphics drivers or game updates? Whos responsibility is it to fix them?
  6. Cobalt765

    F1 2019 crashes after serveral minutes

    We probably need to know the PC specs, what you were doing when it crashes, and what actually happens when it crashes. More information needed.
  7. Cobalt765

    Crashing when using OBS Studio

    I only unchecked to try solve, checked it again after crashed. What GPU have you got AMD or NVIDIA. My GTX 1060 tends to crash whereas my RX480 seems ok.
  8. Cobalt765

    need help game keeps crashing

    This doesn't appear an isolated problem. A few of us at Octane Online Racing get crashes when we tab out of the game or press the windows key to go to desktop. For me it happens when OBS is running. Doesn't actually need to be recording or streaming. The fact its just running crashes the game. I've started a new thread on this but might be related.
  9. I've got a bit of a weird problem where I have 2 PC's side by side. Both running F1 2019 and same version of OBS Studio. Hardware is different including GPU. The problem I'm having is that when I'm running OBS, not necessarily streaming, just have it open, when I hit the windows button to go back to desktop in F1 2019, the game crashes. This is repeatable and happens every time. When I uncheck the anticheat box in OBS, it crashes before getting to the first screen. I've checked all settings in OBS on both machines and they are identical. What could cause this crash? Could it be another program in conflict somewhere? Might it be worth a windows reinstall or perhaps uninstalling anything that is not on the working machine? Crash report attached. F1 2019 OBS crash.txt
  10. How do I do this, where is the file located?
  11. Cobalt765

    D3D Device Has Been Removed

    Thanks for that, I did have a read however the fact that 2 of us had it same day with no changes to system seemed more than a coincidence. I've capped my frames at 60 fps to see how that goes. I was really only reaching max 70 anyway.
  12. I had 2 instances of this message today after F1 2018 crashed, once was during a league race. Another league member also had the game crash with the same message. Nothing else was different with our systems and the 250 odd hours we've played. My GPU is RX580 8gb, his is GTX1060 3gb, not not even related. Any ideas or fixes? Is this a codemasters things or a PC specific thing?
  13. Cobalt765

    My car AI on others screens

    Does everyone that plays multiplayer have to do this. I've only had trouble with 1 or 2 people out of the 15 I race with.
  14. Cobalt765

    My car AI on others screens

    I've been researching this but can't find where I see if I'm on open. Nothing in the router settings which I think is where it would be? I've seen some tutuorials about port forwarding and DMZ but this seems a bit extreme. I've done port forwarding before but dont' expect I'd need it for F1.
  15. The last couple of weeks I've had an issue where my car has an 'x' next to it on one person's screen in a league multiplayer race. Last week someone had an 'x' next to their name on my screen. The thing is that the car keeps lapping but it isn't in the actual place on track that the human controlled car is. For example tonight I was coming 8th on the first lap however someone ran in to me on their screen when it showed I was 11th. I wasn't even in that spot. Is this a common issue and is there a fix.