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  1. Cobalt765

    My car AI on others screens

    Does everyone that plays multiplayer have to do this. I've only had trouble with 1 or 2 people out of the 15 I race with.
  2. Cobalt765

    My car AI on others screens

    I've been researching this but can't find where I see if I'm on open. Nothing in the router settings which I think is where it would be? I've seen some tutuorials about port forwarding and DMZ but this seems a bit extreme. I've done port forwarding before but dont' expect I'd need it for F1.
  3. Cobalt765

    My car AI on others screens

    The last couple of weeks I've had an issue where my car has an 'x' next to it on one person's screen in a league multiplayer race. Last week someone had an 'x' next to their name on my screen. The thing is that the car keeps lapping but it isn't in the actual place on track that the human controlled car is. For example tonight I was coming 8th on the first lap however someone ran in to me on their screen when it showed I was 11th. I wasn't even in that spot. Is this a common issue and is there a fix.
  4. Cobalt765

    Graphics Auto Settings

    When I put in my new RX570, the graphics were automatically set by the game with a mix of medium and high settings so was labelled as Custom. Since then I've fiddled with it myself but want to go back to the auto preset as it seemed to work the best however I've forgotten what they were and there doesn't appear to be something to click on that selects it for you. How to do activate the auto settings again?