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  1. RawTV

    No credits for challenges.

    50 credits lost.
  2. RawTV

    No credits for challenges.

    @CMF1Mobile , when will this bug be fixed?
  3. RawTV

    No credits for challenges.

    30 credits lost...
  4. After Update 8.6 I get no credits for completing challenges. XP/RP are still given, but no credits (lost 20 so far). I play on an iPhone 7+, iOS 13.2.
  5. Or players with a short name consisting of the full name's first 3 letters... Or players from India... Or players that are race-ready in 1,5 secs... Or players in grid start races... @ChrisGrovesMCM , you say AI opponents is a "failsafe to reduce the amount of disconnections and failed matchmaking players experiences - which nobody wants". That might be true. But... I think almost everyone would prefer "disconnections and failed matchmaking experiences" over "playing against AI opponents". Because we play duels to race real players! That's the whole point of them. (If we wanted AI and foolproofness we'd all be playing single mode instead.) So please give us disconnections and failed matchmakings! (We will love it.)
  6. RawTV

    Straight-Line Speed

    Ok... Did about 15 duels today. And the straight line speed/AI difficulty IS better. But there are two exceptions: 1. Generally I'm still too far behind in duels against bot opponents. Bot players seems to make the other AI cars super fast to. 2. The same goes for grid starts against bots. I'm always left far behind, even when my starts are "perfect". (When facing a real, human player tho, the whole grid performs normal.) I think you should just get rid of bot opponents in duel mode! (A simple – but brilliant – solution.)
  7. RawTV

    Straight-Line Speed

    Can confirm that nothing has changed in iOS, yet anyway.
  8. Hi Chris. If that fix was added, it wasn't a success... But, I think I have a better one for you! I've lost 3500 trophies since last update. Most duels are indeed impossible to win now. I'm 5–15 secs behind players that should be significantly slower than me – regardless of race type (grid, sprint or qualifying). But after about 2000 trophies lost, I started to notice that all of these impossible duels actually have something in common: The opponents are never real players! They are always AI – just like the rest of the grid (and, for some reason, also super fast). In other words: I'm now only competitive when facing real, human opponents. Anyway, here's my simple (but ingenious) fix: SKIP THE FAKE DUEL PLAYERS! Yes, it will lead to more match-making failures. But I'd much rather wait a few extra seconds to get a real opponent, than having another, instant AI one that can't be beaten. That's my 3,14 cents. (And now they're yours.)
  9. RawTV

    Straight-Line Speed

    You'll never catch me! (At 8176 now.) 🤓
  10. RawTV

    Straight-Line Speed

    "9725", hah! 🤓 I'm at 8400 now, down more than 1500 points in three days! (Winning the loosing competition anyway...✌️) Seems like I'm only competitive when facing a real player. But that doesn't happen often since last update. Approximately 19 out of 20 duel opponents are AI now (used to be about 1 out of 5). And in addition AI opponents have become unbeatable – winning by 5–10 secs every time. This is not fun anymore.