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  1. RawTV

    Listen to the Players

    Word! Please reverse this idiocy.
  2. RawTV

    Can’t collect daily parts boxes

    Same here. And I’m not a VIP (in this game anyway), so it’s not related to that.
  3. RawTV

    F1 mobile freezes at loading screen after update

    Please fix this! Reinstalling works. But just for one session (and it also deletes all pb:s).
  4. This bug showed up today. When pushing the play button, the screen goes black for 2-3 sec and then shows the static ”down load now-pic”. No credits are rewarded.
  5. RawTV

    No credits for challenges.

    50 credits lost.
  6. RawTV

    No credits for challenges.

    @CMF1Mobile , when will this bug be fixed?
  7. RawTV

    No credits for challenges.

    30 credits lost...
  8. After Update 8.6 I get no credits for completing challenges. XP/RP are still given, but no credits (lost 20 so far). I play on an iPhone 7+, iOS 13.2.