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  1. MaxHelldorado

    Bad things in F1 2019

    Ahahahah!! My bad... I agree at all. I forgot something, I wrote all the first things that came in my mind. Couldn't agree more!
  2. MaxHelldorado

    Bad things in F1 2019

    I know man, this is not my case by the way. It's a problem also when your car is side by side of the car of the opponent, he's always keep is line even in the straights preparing the next turn. They touch and push you adjusting their line, no matter what. Exactly! Tnx!
  3. MaxHelldorado

    Bad things in F1 2019

    Yeah I know, but I felt the need to write it down...hope someone listens to us! :)
  4. MaxHelldorado

    Bad things in F1 2019

    Hello everyone, I don't want to start a massive rant to Codemasters, but there are clearly a lot of problems in this 2019 game, these following are the ones I find unbearable. Before writing down my list, some additional info: I play on Ps4 pro, with a T300 wheel, Ai to 90%, no assists. I bought the Legends Edition. 1. Career -It suffers of the same issues of the last year version. Maybe more. The progression system should be changed in the next game. All the part of R&D is completely broken, too fast and when the car reaches the maximum level your team mate becomes an unbeatable god. -Why I can't choose to disable driver transfers? It's weird to see Hamilton in a Racing Point when he's leading the championship (??) At least try to fix it in a more realistic way. -Interviews were lame, still are -The reputation system is too rigid, why the team should blame me for not reaching the position on my contract when (for example) I've started from the bottom of the grid with a penalty? Or I score some good points? -Contract system is also kinda illogic. Why the team should not deliver good pit stops or slow the R&D progress? To teach me a lesson? -It rains too much. I've reached the point of no return with a six races straight in wet conditions. And one of it was Singapore! -Free practice programs need a change, a strong one. In the next year of course... 2.Gameplay -Ai driver follow their lines, whatever it happens. When I overtake them they always close the gap aiming for the apex of the turn, no matter if I'm there. And I'm not talking about insane divebombs, it happens in every occasion, they simply don't care, ruining my wings on every race. It's hard to not to be hitten. -The AI seems to not suffer of tyre degradation or ERS with low charge. They always keep their pace 'til the end. This is very, very bad. -ERS managing is insane, I liked the idea but it seems to be too demanding and unrealistic. -The question of rear mirror for the cockpit players like me, but this is a classic forum material. 4.Other stuff -T300 fails to have force feedback in every race, it works amazing with other games like Project Cars 2 or Dirt 2.0. In F1 2019 simply vanishes after few laps. -Highlights are bad, and the music is annoying. Why I can't turn it off? -Speaking of highlights, the player should be able to select lap or timing to navigate the replays and not fast forwarding all the race. I play 50% race and this is very uncomfortable. -This is a suggestion more than an issue: I would like to create my championship, F1 or F2 or classic cars, whatever, with the chance of using my career pilot. Just to get rid of all the R&D and interviews. -It would be great to be able to organize our setups. Folders, filters, stuff like that would be appreciated. -Customization of our driver is simply ugly. To say the least. - I lost hopes for multiplayer. I can't accept to race with people with assists. I don't care if I win or lose, I want a fair race. That's it, I like the game and I enjoy it very much, but please do something about this and the other legitimate suggestions by other people here.
  5. MaxHelldorado

    F1 2019 Game Ideas

    My 2 cents: 1- customizing helmets, like Gran Turismo Sport, with sponsors patches and stuff like that. 2-The chance to reset all the developing for all teams when a new season starts 3-Fix the actual Ers system. When you full develop the upgrades you can run a long 25% lenght gp at full hot lap. It's lame 4- the ai must be improved, better reactions to what happens in the race, and their ers shouldn't be forever charged at maximum. The tyre degradation and temperature should affect their pace too. 5-the contract system needs to be improved. It's strange that you win a championship with a place below contract and your value for team decreases anyway. 6-by the way, when you win a championship, or a race, give the satisfaction needed. There's only a cheap cutscene and nothing else from the team. A message, some kind reward to improve immersivity for the player. 7-give us a way to customize the appearance of our driver instead of that terrible pre made models (the female are terrible) 8-better replay options, more realistic cameras and the chance to jump to a certain lap of the race. 9- better and extended cutscenes on the starting grid. who cares for the planes? I want to see the driver getting ready for the race, with mechanics and so on around the grid 10- a general improvement for the models of people. they look very outdated and unnatural.