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  1. xdakota80x

    Update 8

    The difficulty is way off. I do the same thing. In the lead by lap one. By the end of a 15 lap race I've lapped the field 10-12 times.
  2. xdakota80x

    Paying to retry?

    Remember when this game first came out? Everything was free. Now more and more elements of this game are going behind the pay wall. Usually it's the other way around. I've never seen a game get more walled off over time. Also, we've been complaining about the ghost car for almost a year now. It's still there.
  3. xdakota80x

    Paying to retry?

    Yeah I guess I didn't look at it that way. That does make sense.
  4. xdakota80x

    Paying to retry?

    I haven't had a chance to play the new update yet, but as I saw from the backlash on Twitter you now have to pay credits to retry a session? Is this true? What a load of BS. Those credits trickle out as it is and now they're finding ways to get you to spend them as fast as possible. Another example of how each update makes this game worse and worse.
  5. xdakota80x

    Events leaderboards

    I don't think he's working on this project anymore.
  6. Every game has a life cycle. This one may be near the end. Chris may not be working on this project full time anymore so that could explain his lack of responses. They may have something new in development. I honestly can't see anything new coming for this game that's going to be revolutionary in future updates. We'll never get a true season mode or a functional penalty system. The recent elite levels have just been tacked onto the current system, so that's not even anything exciting.
  7. xdakota80x

    Setup for Grid start

    Max aero always for every game mode. No reason to use otherwise. Grid duels have been broken since update 2. You have to aggressively block at the start to avoid falling back to 12th. Weave back and forth across the track. You'll have to do it several times as there's a rubber band effect where will fall back only to come charging hard aggressively in sector 3. The game just isn't programmed well. Remember, it's not a Sim like the consoles. It's a casual mobile racer like all the others out there.
  8. xdakota80x

    Development Ideas

    I think we're nearing the end of the life cycle for this game.
  9. xdakota80x

    Update 7 review ... the Good and the Bad

    The game is close to a year old at this point which is ancient in the mobile world for games. I can't imagine that Codemasters still has a full team of their best developers working on this. I'm sure most of them have been shifted over to other projects. I have a feeling we've reached the peak with this game.
  10. xdakota80x

    Season pass worth it?

    I'm starting to wonder if this game is maxed out. What I mean is that most of the new updates that we've been getting have been focused on cosmetic elements, like the stupid helmets, slightly changing elements of how the events are organized or editing the ranking system. This worthless season pass is the best example of empty "features." These updates are organizational in what they're hoping to achieve. There's no effort put towards the racing itself, which is what this game is supposed to be. There's still no race greater than 5 laps. There's no tire wear. No season mode. Development is limited to a luck of the draw card game rather than deliberate strategy. The purpose of the duel isn't even to win the actual race that you're in. It doesn't matter whatsoever where you place so long as you beat the human or not opponent. I just don't know that there's much left they can improve on unless they blow the whole thing up and start over. We're just going to keep getting these dumb, shallow additions. Have you noticed that there are fewer new people posting on here? Chris Groves doesn't even post anymore. I think there's still a decent pool of people playing this, but it's quickly eroding. I'm wondering if Codemasters has started pulling developers off this project. We're closing in on the 1 year mark for this game, so why would they keep a large number of their "best" developers on what is a relatively old game in the mobile world?
  11. xdakota80x


    I'm really amazed at how the people in the gold tier are posting those lap times that are sometimes 8-10 full seconds faster than what I can achieve. You'd think the internet would be flooded with videos of their laps, showing off. Instead, nothing. I see plenty of videos from average players, though, but never these mysterious top tier people.
  12. They're just cosmetic. This question has been answered dozens of times here.
  13. xdakota80x

    CM did not respond

    I personally feel there's little value in it. I know they're trying to monetize certain aspects of the game, as it's free to play. They need to make money somehow.
  14. xdakota80x

    CM did not respond

    Correct, the pass is focused around the events. They really need to reword the "Official 2019 Car" part of that because it's misleading. It's why people think you're paying for a better car. Chris Groves even confirmed that they're just the liveries. If you do choose to pay for them, then yes you can use them in the races. You'd have to do it before you actually tap into a race as there's no way to change your car once the race starts loading, only your setup.
  15. xdakota80x

    CM did not respond

    These questions have been answered dozens of times. They're not official cars. They're just the cosmetic liveries. They need to be purchased separately. I personally would never pay for that as all you're paying for is virtual paint, but you can spend your money however you want. There is no controller support. There was mention of it when this game was first released last fall, but there's been no word since.