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  1. xdakota80x


    I haven't played this game in months and it's nice to hear that nothing has changed. That means I haven't missed anything. Same bugs and same cheating issues present since launch
  2. xdakota80x

    Big update?

    This is my first time back to this board in a while. I see nothing has changed!!!
  3. xdakota80x

    Bad driving

    I don't think there are very many people left playing this. I know I don't play it anymore. This forum is slowly dying. I think the dedicated few of us keep checking in here to keep tabs on development, but as you can see many of the issues pointed out have been with this game since launch a year ago. Cries for fixes have gone unheard. Sadly, this game is as "good" as it's going to get.
  4. xdakota80x

    Ideas to improve the game

    Here's a suggestion. Do some testing before signing off on releasing an update!!!!!!
  5. Started playing with a controller. Despite having no control over the gear shifting the car randomly shifts into neutral for no apparent reason. This game is a pile of ****. Once again, new features introduced, new bugs appear. It's absolutely hilarious that no testing whatsoever goes into these releases. I'd get fired if I signed off on such **** during a release.
  6. That’s it I’m finished with this game !! What’s the point of playing when nine games out of ten you end up playing the cheats !! What’s the point of legitimately playing trying to collect the points to get a better car!!

    Thank you the players who play the game as it was intended to be played 

    And to the bots I say well done you won hope it feels good knowing that you can only win by cheating !!

  7. xdakota80x

    Shame on you !!!!!

    The top developers aren't working on this game anymore. It's obvious they have a small group on this game that are simply "keeping the lights on" because updates do come, but they're minor enhancements of existing features. The proof is that the gameplay is eroding. I'm seeing more and more posts of bugs popping up on top of bugs. This happens when you don't have a QA team to do proper testing. The code will eventually collapse in on itself.
  8. xdakota80x

    Update 8 is a step in the wrong direction

    The devs stated very early on that the paid cars are cosmetic only. They just didn't say that anywhere IN THE GAME! You had to learn on this message board or on Reddit that those cars didn't actually do anything different. SO they had this cash grab mentality from the start. Their plan was to slowly roll it out and gradually put features that were once free behind the paywall. I haven't fired up this game in quite a while. The easiest way to send a message that this game is **** and that it should be scrapped entirely is to simply stop playing it. I know I have.
  9. xdakota80x

    New parts!

    I can't upgrade the cards I already have, let alone them continuing to introduce new ones. Having to get over 100 of them just to upgrade for a mere 3 or 4 improvement points isn't worth it. I honestly don't even play this game much anymore, but I do keep checking in here to see what's going on with it. You're right, the current state of the game is awful. It's clear that the original development team has moved on to other projects. Whoever is in charge now doesn't seem to have any interest in creating any new core gameplay modes. They just keep rearranging or tweaking what already exists. Adding more laps to the races is nice and all, but with the AI as broken as it is you end up lapping the entire field multiple times by the end. It's pointless.
  10. xdakota80x

    Shame on you !!!!!

    I still have no idea what the points mean or how they're calculated. The don't seem to correlate to anything.
  11. xdakota80x

    Car setup

    It's my understanding that the paid cars are cosmetic only. If they're really better then they should be nearly impossible to beat when you face one in the duels, which is not the case at all. Again, the rating on my car is below 1000 and I'm winning a vast majority of the races I play. I wouldn't put much stock into things like gear change times and things like that. I really don't think any of that makes a difference in this game. It's not a simulation like the console version of this game. I think even the speed indicator is cosmetic. What people need to be paying attention to is the movement of your car in relation to the position of the AI or opponent on the track. I have a feeling that's how this game was programmed. The speed, R&D, etc....none of that matters. It's all how you navigate. I think these differences in speed we see against other players comes down to latency in their servers. That's why we start races 2 or 3 seconds behind sometimes. The servers are out of sync and the coding isn't good enough to compensate something like that. That's why we get the **** end of the stick right out of the gate on some duels. The reason the R&D system exists is because they needed to add in microtransactions somehow. It's designed to get the player to believe in these numbers and frustrate them with the slow pace of upgrading in order to entice you to spend money. It's the same thing with the liveries. A player believes that it's faster, or they heard a rumor that it is even though in reality it's just colors and before you know it you've spent 20 bucks on a bunch of colored pixels.
  12. xdakota80x

    Car setup

    I stopped upgrading my car altogether. There's no point. I "maxed" out my aero with whatever parts I had to get my car up to 980. I'm in league 1 and win about 75-80% of the time against cars rated 1400 and higher. Finished the last 2 events in league 1 gold tier. I don't know how much these numbers really matter. Even if you do well in these events you'll get 30 or so cards and hardly any of them are relevant. I can't remember the last time I've been able to upgrade a blue or purple part. It takes so many to be able to do it and with the devs adding new parts regularly it's becoming impossible to upgrade regularly. Don't worry about the R&D so much and instead focus on becoming a more consistent driver.