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  1. xdakota80x

    May 13 Status Update

    The flying cars were a fun new feature they added. I laughed pretty hard when I first saw that.
  2. I think it says a lot that the goal in these races is not to win the actual race. Has anyone ever really come in first place in a duel? I don't think I ever have.
  3. xdakota80x

    May 21 Update

    I'm convinced that the bugs have piled up so much that the developers have lost control of the game at this point.
  4. xdakota80x


    I just fired this game up for the first time in a couple of weeks. What the hell happened!?!? I had a grid start duel on Abu Dhabi. The parts boxes were stuck in the screen while searching for an opponent. The race starts and all cars shoot past me and I'm in 12th immediately. Then cars start floating sideways and I'm getting penalties left and right. The car doesn't steer either then the game crashes. Pixel 2 XL on Android. I knew this most recent update broke a ton of things, but holy hell! Also, racing line is completely messed up again (obvious code version control issue as this was fixed in the past), the car is like a magnet to the racing line even with minimal steering assist which makes it difficult to pass, AI is crazy fast (again a previously fixed bug that's back). THIS GAME SUCKS!!!!!!!!
  5. xdakota80x

    Upcoming Monaco Grand Prix

    Sometimes things just become outdated. I get the history with this track, but it's just not suited for modern racing anymore. Some tracks, like Indianapolis in Indycar, get better with age, but this one has not. I'd be fine if F1 let go of this race from the calendar. It's just not a good race to watch. It's a parade. They should cancel the race and just make this a time trial event. The qualifying is far more exciting than the actual race is. Everyone needs to stop pretending that Monaco is awesome. It's not.
  6. xdakota80x

    May 13 Status Update

    I dont understand how that happens. You designed something that can't be fixed? You may as well just leave it alone and let people figure out on their own that the only way to properly compete is to cheat. All of the lap times in the gold tier are going to be as a result of cutting the corners so if you want to be in that level you'll have to do the same.
  7. That's why I don't understand what the subscription is for exactly. You can easily top out at 9999 without it. You don't need it for R&D. I regularly beat people with a car rated at 1050. Replaying the events? The top times are so unattainable that you'll never top them. You don't even get more rewards if you do manage to find that extra 1 second. It's pointless.
  8. xdakota80x

    May 13 Status Update

    Hahaha! This game is a disaster. I've seen this happen with bad software before. If you're not properly fixing bugs eventually they start to compound and the code eventually collapses in on itself. Bugs can create bugs which is what it seems like is happening here. The Reddit thread has gone from people posting lap time videos to bug complaints. The devs seem to have lost control of this.
  9. There's a growing number of people here saying similar things. I think most of us are the original launch group of players. It's been at least two weeks since I last played this game. I'll wait and see what the next update brings, but I don't have high hopes. This game also takes up a huge amount of space on my phone and it's slowly reaching delete status. The huge amount of problems have the devs constantly on their back foot and it's pretty clear that this game will never be "right."
  10. xdakota80x


    Who are the people actively paying for this and why????? Why would you ever spend your money on this? This is a **** product. Stop paying for it.
  11. xdakota80x

    Clarity on event retry rewards please

    What is the point of replaying these then? Seems like your team didn't think this through fully.
  12. xdakota80x

    May 13 Status Update

    What's the point of replaying the events? Even if I better my time slightly it's not like I'm going to move up a full tier. The times at the top are nearly impossible to beat. I haven't actually played the game in over a week. I'm finding that it's more fun complaining about all of the numerous issues on here than actually playing it. There's no depth.
  13. xdakota80x


    They had a chance to be really innovative and deliver a true mobile sim. There are no other games like that out there for mobile devices. Instead, they copied the stale freemium model. Paywalls, timers on slot machine R&D boxes, shallow condensed versions of the race. How many dozens and dozens of other games have that exact same model? People need to stop sending these companies money until there's a major change in the mobile gaming world.
  14. xdakota80x


    I definitely don't play this as much as I used to. I've stated this multiple times that there's little to no depth to this game. They keep rolling out monetized "features" that nobody asks for. Their attempt at a full season mode is nothing more than window dressing on the existing events mode. Even the new F1 Manager game is lame. It has nowhere near the depth of Motorsport Manager and is fixated on this stupid 1 lap duel concept. I haven't spent any money on this, thankfully. Games grow old over time and it seems like this game was designed from the ground up to become stale after 4 or 5 months. I really don't think they expected people to top out on this game so quickly. I think this game came out in October and by November/December I was already seeing screenshots of people hitting 9999. I think the bug issues have gotten so out of control that the devs don't really know how to get it all under control. The grid starts still don't work properly and we've been complaining about that for at least 3 updates now. They've said several times that even they don't know how to fix the penalty system that they themselves built. It's basically admitting you created a broken feature. Then there's the whole hacking issue that has popped up recently, people cheating the events by shortcutting the tracks, people ramming you intentionally. Yeah, what a fun game this has evolved into.
  15. xdakota80x

    Where are the Spanish GP Rewards???

    I'm wondering why you're paying for this as well. As a member of this community you're well aware that this game is broken. If you were in a store and you knew an item you wanted was broken would you still pay for it? My guess would be no, so why on Earth would you pay for this?? Save your money.