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  1. xdakota80x

    Shame on you !!!!!

    I still have no idea what the points mean or how they're calculated. The don't seem to correlate to anything.
  2. I think it also says a lot that the goal of each of these races isn't to come in 1st place. That's what racing is. Instead, the goal here is to dodge the AI and opponent as best you can in order to keep your safety rating from falling. And the only reason you want to do that is so you don't fall so low that you're matched up with the people that intentionally ram you. That's honestly the only thing I stress about in these duels. Keeping the damn safety rating intact instead of winning these things.
  3. This issue has been rehashed to death. Nothing changes. They've admitted themselves that they don't completely understand how to properly fix it so it's pointless to keep discussing this. It's clear that this is as good as this game is going to be.
  4. Exactly! Everyone was expecting an update of that version of the game. Instead, they chose to mirror the rest of the mobile gaming trend with the microtransactions and short one-off races. It's what makes mobile gaming suck. Every developer just follows the same trend along with the rest of the sheep. It's why every game out there, including this one, is a shallow cash grab attempt. It exists solely to get money out of you and not provide you with a quality gaming experience.
  5. I'm not even going to waste my time with it. The game is on the shelf again for me. I'll try it again when the next update comes out.
  6. You mean from Codemasters? They've been very silent since the last release, which in my and many other's opinion is the worst one yet. They're in hiding because they know it's ****.
  7. I have a conspiracy theory that they're using this game as some sort of psychological experiment on us. I can see them in a meeting saying "Let's design a game that's decent at first and then have a series of updates that gradually makes the gameplay worse and worse to the point that it's barely playable. Then we see how long people still continue to play it." It makes perfect sense to me. :)
  8. xdakota80x

    Meet the phantom takeoff bug

    This game is such a disaster. Monaco is hopelessly broken at this point. I also got launched into the water because of the bumps they introduced to the tracks. I clipped a curb and flew right over the fence. This game could be used in a college coding class as an example of what poor developing looks like. You can write an entire book about the number of issues this game has and how each "update" introduces another pile of bugs, and in some cases brings previously fixed issues back.
  9. My car regularly flies into the air because of "bumps". You guys are incompetent.
  10. xdakota80x

    Update 6 feedback hub

    Has anyone else noticed that this game drains your batter faster than any other app?
  11. xdakota80x

    Finally uninstalled!

    I fired this game up after having not played it in well over a month. I thought I would give this week's event a shot. So nothing has changed. The erratic AI behavior is still there. Brake checking in the middle of straights....I somehow end up with a penalty. I played 3 duels and was intentionally wrecked by the other player in 2 of them. The server dropped in the other race resulting in points lost for me. It's over. I'm done with this. The new console version comes out this week. I'll just stick to that. At least there won't be any microtransactions.
  12. xdakota80x

    F1 Live Ghost Racing in a future update?

    Properly executed???? What portion of this game says anything has been properly executed so far?
  13. xdakota80x

    *** is wrong with this game!!!

    People on Reddit are already posting videos of a major flaw in the France track. This week's event is already compromised. Every single element of this game has an issue. This is the ET of the mobile gaming world.
  14. xdakota80x

    Recent AI tweaks - got any feedback?

    Hahaha! They should leave the bouncing and flying cars in. It makes it more fun. They should just admit defeat and turn this game into a flying game. They seem to be headed in that direction.
  15. xdakota80x

    Lack of interest

    I don't play it anymore either. I guess I'll try again with the next update, but I've lost interest otherwise. I keep up with these forums because the battle of the bugs is entertaining. I love a good trainwreck and this game is the best example of one.